What Are The Top Contemporary Issues In Management?

Top Contemporary Issues In Management

Some of the most common contemporary issues in management are lack of communication, poor teamwork, absence of structure, time management, inadequate support, etc. Basically, contemporary issues are problems that are currently present within the business setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Most managers remain under stress and pressure from top executive officers to finish the project within the deadline
  • Managers mainly face various challenges that are related to productivity and communication
  • If a manger knows how to handle the contemporary issues then it will increase his confidences
  • A decrease in productivity is a very common and dangerous contemporary issue because it can affect other team members and reduce the overall productivity

Various Management Terms

Cash flow Cash flow refers to the money that moves in and out of business. It accounts for what the company gets as profit and what it sends out to suppliers and others.
The non-disclosure agreement (NDA)It refers to an agreement between employers and employees or organizations and suppliers. Usually, the NDA is the legal stand on what the parties involved shouldn’t disclose to others.
Vision statement Vision is the goal that the business owner had in mind while establishing the business. 
Human ResourcesIt refers to the people that make up the organization and how to cater to them.

Top Contemporary Issues In Management

Top Contemporary Issues In Management

In no particular order, some of the top contemporary issues in management are:

Time Management: Most times, the manager is usually under stress and pressure from top executives to execute a task within a stipulated period. However, the personal task does not absorb the manager or management staff from doing their managerial duties. So, they have to find a balance between managing and overseeing the affairs of their team while still ensuring to give the best result in their task. It is an issue that many managers struggle with as they find it difficult to manage their time efficiently. Only a few have been able to strike a perfect balance with everything.

Brain Drain: We see that people usually have high expectations from managers, but it is best to keep in mind that they are also humans. A manager is not a machine or robot. Thus, they will experience brain drain at some point. After all, it is not easy managing a team of different beliefs and personalities. Now, the issue is not in experiencing the brain drain but in how they bounce back. While it is normal for a manager to get brain drain, the manager should bounce back quickly to continue managerial duties. A solution to this issue is to have resting moments periodically. 

Lack Of Teamwork: Understandably, it is harder to get work done when team members are not in agreement. We would want to liken such a situation to that of a broom. Everyone would agree that you cannot use a broomstick to sweep. No, it has to be in a bundle. It is the same way all team members have to come together to get work done. But when there is constant disagreement, and everyone is not on the same page, no one will do no work, and it becomes an issue for the manager. So, managers always have to think of ideas that will foster team spirit. 

Communication: Communication is a peculiar problem for everyone, not just managers. It is why having effective communication skills is always emphasized. As a manager, if you cannot communicate effectively, it will become an issue. Sometimes, a manager will not pass the proper instructions, which affects the team’s project. Sometimes, managers complain about how it is difficult to send information across to a large team. But, that should not be an issue if the manager utilizes communication channels. It is always best to keep in mind that you can find solutions in the most unlikely situations. 

Lack Of Organizational Structures: It is a challenge that managers usually face, especially when new to the organization. For example, imagine getting a new job as the managing director of an organization. But when you get there, you realize that the company lacks efficient organizational structures. Of course, it would be discouraging and would make your job harder. Now, you have to start from scratch and put things in place. As a result, it leads to pending jobs and usually adds more stress to your work. It is best to always note that not all businesses will have efficient structures in place. 

Employee Well-Being: Being a manager goes beyond being in charge of a team, and you are also in charge of their welfare. It means that you are responsible for providing the structures that they need to ensure that they deliver great work. For example, if your team needs safety boots while working on a particular project, you must ensure to get them for them. Of course, you will need to talk it out with the top executives, but that is where your persuasive power comes to play. You will need to give them reasons why it is necessary to get the items. As a manager, your team depends on you, and you must not let them down. 

Lack Of Trust And Support From Team Members: One of the hardest things you will deal with as a manager is when there is no support and trust from your team. Often, managers experience it when they are new to the organization. So, suppose the team members have been with the business for a long time, and you are new. Of course, they will doubt your leadership capacity, and they will prove difficult. It is never easy going through such an ordeal, which is why it classifies as a top contemporary issue in management. 

Recruiting The Right Staff: Another issue is getting the right employees to make up the team. As a manager, you know the details of the project, and you have an idea of the type of team members you will need. So, you have the pressure of ensuring that you recruit only the best, else the project will flop and put a dent in your records. 

Keeping Up With Trends: As a manager, you should keep in mind that the world is constantly changing, and you need to keep up with trends. Sadly, many managers do not have this understanding, and it becomes an issue. Managers need to know when to get the latest technology and much more to make their work easier. 

Enforcing Compliance: It is one thing to be in charge of a team, but it is another to get your team members to get the job done. Yes, we can also liken this to a case of dealing with difficult humans. So, you will need to come up with techniques that can get them to do the job. 


Some frequently asked questions are:

What Are Contemporary Issues?

Contemporary issues are those ongoing challenges as it relates to different sectors. For the sake of this article, contemporary issues are those problems that people in management globally face. 

What Are Contemporary Management Techniques?

These are the structures that will be put in place to tackle hurdles and ensure the smooth running of the business. The goal is for the business to keep striving and never shut down.

What Are The Contemporary Management Tools? 

These are the tools that can help solve some management challenges, and they include:

1. Outsourcing 
2. Strategic planning 
3. Vision statement


Irrespective of the region you stay or work, you are bound to face at least one of these challenges while working in management. So, start preparing yourself that being informed helps you to tackle them. 

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