Top Event Management Software 2017

Are you looking for the best tools to lead an event management campaign?

Do you want to streamline everything from scheduling to managing RSVP’s?

Scheduling, planning and managing large events and conferences need coordination all the way. Coordination and proper planning ensure the success of an event. If you fail to coordinate between multiple parties, you’re likely to face havoc. You could end up dealing with costly consequences.

So, isn’t there any solution?

Yes, there is!

You can start utilizing event management software products. The Event Management Tools can help you accomplish a wide range of tasks.

For example: if you need to handle live polls, Q&A or RSVP tasks, there are Event Management Tools like Google Drive, Facebook Events and Trello.

In this article, I discussed top 10 Event Management Tools you will need for a successful event management campaign. Let’s see what else you’ll learn from this article:

Event Management Software

What You Will Learn From This Article:

  • Why you will need an Event Management Tool
  • What to look for when choosing an Event Management Tool
  • Top Event Management Tools for Organizers and Planners

If used properly, Event Management Tools will introduce you as a skilled organizer and planner.

Why You Will Need an Event Management Tool

Here are the top reasons you’ll need an Event Management Tool:

  • If you’re an event organizer, then you have to arrange all the necessary requirements for a successful event management campaign. However, juggling all the planning and organizing activities is bound to stumble over a bump. To ensure the success of your event planning, you’ll need Event Management Tools.
  • Event Management Tools are effective for handling mammoth tasks! Coordinating event schedule planning, audience response solutions, sourcing, booking and billing can be hassling. But, event management tools will ease your work and introduce speed.
  • No matter how skilled you think yourself as an event organizer, you must admit that sometimes you also fail to keep up with all the details and hefty tasks. Event management tools are here to streamline every task involving planning and organizing.

What to Look for When Choosing an Event Management Tool

Before you start exploring the list of top event management tools, check out the tips listed below:

  • Make sure you understand what kind of tools you need. Are you looking for a tool that could help you in your project management or your attendee engagement?
  • Check whether your Event Management Tool is mobile-friendly.
  • Check further reviews of each tool in software stores or user communities
  • Are you looking for an all-in-one tool for event management or just a specialized tool for particular tasks.
  • Before going for a paid version, utilize the trial version and see if you can adopt

Top Event Management Software

If you think you have Excel to handle Event Management tasks, then you should know Excel isn’t enough. Just explore the event management tools listed below and compare them with one another and with Excel. Below is list of top Event Management Software:

1. Trello

Trello is an interactive Web application, which extremely efficient in collaborating and managing tasks among teams. Instead of the timeline-based structure usually found in other tools, you’ll work with boards, cards and lists. That feature sets Trello apart from other Project Management Tools.

So, all you need to do is just add cards to a shared board and everyone will see what needs to be done, what’s going ahead and what has been done. Trello features four tiers of service: free service, plus three tiers of paid accounts named Gold, Business and Enterprise.

What I like about Trello

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Strong visual interface
  • Collaboration features
  • Excellent mobile apps

What I don’t like about Trello

  1. No time-tracking components, reporting tools and Grantt Charts by default

2. Google Drive

If you thought Google Drive as only a cloud-based storage service, then surprise awaits you. Yes, Google Drive is a tool with immense functionality. It lets you create, edit, modify, store, then collaborate on documents.

if you thought Google Drive as only a cloud-based storage service, then surprise awaits you. Yes, Google Drive is a tool with immense functionality. It lets you create, edit, modify, store, then collaborate on documents.

Whether you’re going solo or working as a team, Google Drive is truly impressive at helping you create and edit files. Google Drive has a sophisticated online design that became more intuitive over the years. You can see thumbnails of documents in the middle. Along the left rail, lie a menu of your folders, photos, shared files, recent and starred.

What I like about Google Drive

  • Desktop-to-desktop file syncing
  • Office-suite collaboration service
  • Robust free storage space

What I don’t like about Google Drive

  • Confusing navigation
  • Offline editing isn’t simple

3. BaseCamp

BaseCamp used to be a pioneer in free project management suites. But, it’s no longer a free service option. With the premium version, you’ll enjoy a reliable service. The premium version allows you to set up an account and start managing your projects right away.

The tool is really effective at establishing communication among distant teams, especially those residing in different time zones. The Catchup button helps you view the summarizing activity of the day.

What I like about BaseCamp

  • A wide range of plug-in services
  • Quick startup process
  • Manages visual assets

What I don’t like about BaseCamp

  • Can’t sync with Google Drive, Dropbox without additional services

4. Slack

Slack is really an underrated application. It not only fosters communication among team members easier but also makes it stronger than ever. On Slack, teams establish conversations through Channels.

Slack is really an underrated application. It not only fosters communication among team members easier but also makes it stronger than ever. On Slack, teams establish conversations through Channels.

The learning curve of Slack can be really intricate. It may take weeks to learn the ropes of Slack. I have to admit when I first viewed the Slack app, it seemed cluttered in a way. At times, it felt very chaotic.

What I like about Slack

  • A wide range of tools and options
  • Customizable notifications
  • Can be integrated with many other office tools

What I don’t like about Slack

  • Expensive pricing plans

5. Evernote

It’s a great productivity service for taking all kinds of notes, syncing, and getting things done. It syncs across many devices. The feature is really essential for a note-taking app.

A free account with Evernote will allow you to integrate it with only two devices, and in any browser. You may struggle with Evernote for awhile. In layman’s terms, it’s a tool that allows you to record and store all your thoughts, photos or whatever you upload in the cloud.

What I like about Evernote

  • Easy note-taking and note-syncing
  • Incredible search modules
  • Simple and minimal design

What I dislike about Evernote

  • Limited free level of service
  • Expensive plans

6. Feedly

Feedly completes more than one task. Tired of leapfrogging from one site to another fresh content? Well, it sure is time-consuming. Feedly can save your time. It also can help you handle third-party content.

Search Feedly by subject or keywords to locate relevant content sources, then list the different themes and create a sidebar for the themes. Mention sources to the relevant tabs. The app features a News Feed for displaying most recent content from each source.

What I like about Feedly

  • Simple and easy-to-navigate RSS reader
  • Stories can be tagged
  • Site discovery tools

What I don’t like about Feedly

  • Needs a Google account to access

7. Facebook Events

How could someone possibly make an Event Management Tools list without Facebook? Facebook is really an incredibly powerful option for reaching out to your target audience. Everything about Facebook is straightforward. So is its Events.

The ease of use of the RSVP tool makes Facebook Events really popular. You can create a Page for your event where administrators can include pictures and relevant information. And, attendees too can interact with the Page by the Wall.

What I like about Facebook Events

  • Simple and straightforward
  • People can invite others to join the event
  • Widespread distribution

What I don’t like about Facebook Events

  • Lack of privacy

8. Eventbrite

As long as your event is free, you can utilize the tool’s premium features for free too. It has a simple, useful registration process. The app offers color options that you can use to edit your registration page.

What I like about Eventbrite

  • Charges slim to none for non-profits or free events
  • Simple user interface

What I don’t like about Eventbrite

  • Limited customization opportunity for the event’s interface

9. Evite

It really is a popular RSVP website. It’s free and easy to use. It offers useful tools to help you send customizable graphic invites. There could be “yes,” “no” or “maybe” responses involving with an event. You could track all of them with Evite. You can also track who hasn’t viewed your event yet.

What I like about Evite

  • Quick and easy to setup an event
  • Great customizable ability

What I don’t like about Evite

  • No PayPal

10. Asana

Asana managed to gain prominence quickly. It is an effective tool in integrating project management, task management among any teams. It offers an effective smartphone app, plus a Web application. Asana managed my large-scale tasks effectively.

What I like about Asana

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Effective for managing any size teams

What I don’t like about Asana  

  • Can’t manage graphic-intensive projects

Bottom Line – if you’re constantly haunted by the ever-growing to-do list, then it’s time for you to utilize an Event Management Tool. Listed above are top Event Management Software Products that will help you do things faster, smarter and more effectively.

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