Top Project Management Ideas

Top Project Management Ideas

Some of the top project management ideas are A Dinner Awards Event, Staff Retreat, Football Competition, Assembling Of Cupboards, Recycling Plastic, Using Dye On Clothes, Making People Fill out A Survey, Having A Three-Month Breakfast Show, Throwing A Carnival, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Top project management ideas are those actions and activities that a project manager, in collaboration with a product manager and others, carries out to boost a product or service
  • There are different reasons for a project management idea, such as sales, visibility, etc.
  • Project management has 5 stages: Ideation Stage, Planning Stage, Execution Stage, Monitoring Stage, End
  • The project budget is the amount set aside for the project, and the project manager has to work with that budget
  • Quality control is the process of checking if the project meets expectations or not 

Stages in Project Management 

Ideation Stage: At this stage, you bring up ideas that will solve the challenge of the product. Suppose they are many products in your niche, and it seems like competitors’ products have swallowed that of your brand. Therefore, the team agrees that there is a visibility problem and comes up with different solutions. And a project manager is assigned to each of the solutions. The work of the project manager is for the duration that the solution will last. 

Planning Stage: After the ideas are dropped and a project manager is assigned, planning begins. It could be the project management planning with suppliers and other people involved in the project. The idea here is to ensure that there is a smooth execution process and nothing goes wrong. 

Execution Stage: Once the project manager is happy with the progress of the planning stage and is sure that the team is ready, then it is time for the execution stage. The team launches the idea with fingers crossed, hoping that it solves the challenge they have projected. 

Monitoring Stage: Of course, the team will not sleep after the execution stage. Typically, a project can go on for weeks. So, the project management team monitors to see if the idea turns out positive or negative. They check to see if changes are happening. If there are positive changes, it means that the ideas were successful in solving the issue. If there is no change, it means everyone has to go back to the drawing board.

End: The outcome of the monitoring stage determines if the project ends. If there are positive changes, it shows that the ideas worked and that the project was successful. So, it leads to the end of the project. If there were no changes, everyone had to deliberate on more ideas. 

Below Is A Table With Some Terms That You Should Be Familiar With In Project Management:

Terms Definition 
Feasibility Study Typically, the project manager with other team members will research the likelihood of the project being a success. The process is called a feasibility study. 
Project timelinesThere is usually a stipulated period of the project to last. In addition, the project manager can break the project down into different sub-groups and set deadlines for them. 
Project BudgetIt is the amount set aside for the project, and the project manager has to work with that budget.
Risk Management It is a process of identifying things that can affect a project and putting facilities to curb them. 
Quality Control It is the process of checking if the project meets expectations or not. 
Project Manager A project manager is a person in charge of the project and all team members report to the project manager. 

Project Management Ideas

Project Management Ideas

Below are some project management ideas and their application:

A Dinner Awards Event: Irrespective of your industry, you can always use this project management idea, especially if you are trying to foster a bond or relationship with other brands in the industry. The idea is that you set up a project management team to plan a dinner event where awards will be presented to outstanding businesses in the industry. It is something that most of the businesses in that niche will appreciate. After all, who does not like to be recognized and even have a good time? Following evaluation, you can later decide if you want the dinner awards event to be regular, annually. 

Staff Retreat: Again, this is another top project management idea that any organization can employ. So, your employees have been working hard all year. Don’t you think that they deserve a treat? Of course, it would not be out of place to plan for a staff retreat. Here everyone gets to mix and mingle, and it fosters a better working relationship. In some big companies, people do not even know their colleagues in other departments. But, having a staff retreat will allow everyone to meet. It is one top project management idea that has proven to work overtime. 

Football Competition: Any company can decide to host a football competition. But, allow us to streamline the application process to a jersey manufacturing company. So, suppose you own a jersey manufacturing company and are looking to get more visibility in the region. Therefore, you can decide to have a football competition project and execute it in different ways. For example, you can plan to host a football competition in the region, and your company will provide the jerseys for both teams. Now, you are sure that people will enjoy the event, and they will also get to learn about what your company does. Not only will you get visibility, but it will also lead to sales. 

Assembling Of Cupboards: Now, let us say that your company is into woodworks, and you are also trying to get more visibility for the business. Ideally, no one would want to think of giving out items for free. But, it is a way of gaining publicity. So, you can have a project that entails assembling cupboards and sending them to some organizations and schools. It is a thoughtful act that the receivers will appreciate, and they will even begin to preach the message of your business. So, you are indirectly paying for their advertising services as they will keep talking about your business for a long time. 

Recycling Plastic: For example, you are a recycling company but need to carry out projects that yield results. One top management idea you can employ is going around the city to pick up plastic while talking about the benefits of recycling. If you do this consistently for about three months, it will leave a mark in people’s minds. Yes, they become aware that an organization is always going around collecting plastic for recycling. Soon, you will see them bringing these items to your location. 

Using Dye On Clothes: The concept of tie and dye is popular in many African communities. Now, imagine that you run a dye company, and you are looking to boost sales and gain more visibility. In this light, you can decide to start using your dye on some clothes and selling it to the public. However, you must ensure that you use the dye creatively, ensuring that it appeals to the target audience. People are usually curious to try something new, so they would not mind purchasing such clothes. Now, they have dyed clothes, and they are also aware of what your brand does and will not hesitate to get dyes when they desire. 

Making People Fill A Survey: Did you know that carrying out a survey is a top project management idea? You are trying to understand what people think about a product, or you want to know what they are expecting from your brand. Thus, you can assemble a project management team that gets people to partake in a survey and analyzes the responses. Many businesses globally engage in a survey. 

Having A Three-Month Breakfast Show: If you run a food business, you will agree that the market is heavily saturated and there are many competitors. So, we know that you will want to do things differently and stand out. Hence, we suggest that you have a three months breakfast show. Running such a show will boost the popularity of your food business, and people will also learn a lot from it. 

Throwing A Carnival: Typically, one would think that only businesses can partake in project management, but even cities can have different projects, and one can be having a carnival. Suppose the city is looking for investors. Having a carnival is the best way to attract different people to the city. Now, people get access to premium entertainment during the carnival, and they may decide to invest in the city. So, it ends up becoming a win-win situation. 


Below are some frequently asked questions around top project management ideas.

What Are Top Project Management Activities?

Some top project management activities are what we have listed above. 

What Is An Activity List In Project Management?

An activity list is usually prepared by the project manager and shared with all members of the team. It is a list that has a breakdown of all the activities during the project and their duration. 

What Are The Common Risks In Project Management?

Some of the commonest risks in project management are:

1. Operational risk 
2. Cost risk 
3. Market risk 
4. Communication risk 
5. Technology risk 


Project management ideas usually differ based on various industries. But, we have highlighted some ideas, and some are generalists. So, pick any of them and tweak them to your satisfaction. 



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