Is It Legal To Transfer Money From Business Account To Personal Account?

Transfer Money From Business Account To Personal Account

Yes, although it is necessary to keep up with your business finance. It is best to find out when you can make a withdrawal from your business account to your personal account. 

Trying to keep up with your business finance can be quite the speckle except you work for yourself which will make the whole business and personal income line faint. It is necessary that you put together your affairs and monitor them closely. Speaking from the perspective of everyone in the world, it is most exciting when you get the chance to control your finance mostly when you have a lot of it. 

Most times when your situation is otherwise and you don’t have the freedom to be in control of your finance, some legal actions have to be taken before you can get access to your finance. This is a very annoying situation but if you do anything that contradicts the laws holding your finance, the consequences end up becoming negative for you to handle. 

Many people withdraw from their business account to a personal account today but the whole situation of the business is what determines if this is legal or not. 

A figure giving details on how different businesses work regarding the issue of transferring money from the business account to a personal account. 

Ownership SystemLegal/No
Sole proprietorshipIt is totally legal to transfer money from your business account here because the business account in this system is just so you can understand your accounts.
Single-member LLC It is also legal here, your business account isn’t here so you can have a proper account of the business money, also your business account here helps protect  personal stuff from the business assets. The catch here is for you to avoid co-mingling with funds. 
Single owner S corporation Legal, the single owner corporation has a law that lets them pay the owner salary, even though the other funds is still yours.
PartnershipThis aspect of the business would only fall back to the agreement that the partners signed, if the withdrawal is allowed by the agreement, then so be it. 
Limited partnershipFor this kind of business arrangement, the partnership agreement is what also matters here. Plus there is also a general partner that is responsible for disbursing any profits made. In essence, this kind of business doesn’t allow you to withdraw money as you like.
Limited Liability PartnershipThis system of business follows the same rules as the Limited Partnership.
Multi-member LLCEvery aspect of withdrawal in this business encounter would involve the agreement of every member of the team. 
Multi-owner S corporation The rules here are the same as the Single S corporation and the multi-member LLC.
CorporationThis is only done with the approval of the board members because money here is only disbursed via payroll.

Reasons Why People Take Money From Their Business Account

Reasons Why People Take Money From Their Business Account

For those in the business world, you would know that there are numerous reasons why people need to take money from their business accounts, we are referring to legal reasons. Money in the account is used to do other business transactions, and not to fall the company in any way. 

Transferring money from one’s business account to a personal account can also occur if the company signs the check and gives it to the CEO to go deposit in his or her company account. Whatever way or reason this happens, the documents should be available with enough details to back up the whole event. 

Here are some reasons why money is being withdrawn from business accounts to a personal accounts:

Sometimes this is done to pay dividends to the owner of the firm. Sometimes the stockholders would agree on direct deposit. 

To take out capital from the firm, this is only when there is above one ownership. This would need the signature of the agreement of all the owners on a piece document. 

• When paying the owners who work as employees, it is more like a salary package, it is mostly written in an agreement package. 

In situations where the owner must have spent some money on the goods or something, the company would have to pay back because the whole event would be documented somewhere as proof. 

An owner could have some assets which he or she can sell to the company, in a situation like this l, money would have to be deposited to a personal account from the company’s account. 

Sometimes, the owner of the company might take a loan from the company to pay back, he isn’t given at the same rate that others are given though. 

Here Are Simple Ways For A CEO To Get Money Out Of Company Account To A Personal Account

Simple Ways For A CEO To Get Money Out Of Company Account To A Personal Account

1. Create A Business Account Separate From Your Company’s Own

This is how you start, open up a separate business account, and make sure you are using all the payment methods that the bank let out by the bank, especially the online methods. The use of this separator business account is to ensure that you have separate transactions and can organize your business capital. 

2. Getting Paid By Your Company 

The easiest way to get money from your business account is to make sure that you are getting paid salary from this said business as you work for the company like an employee. Keep in mind that this isn’t the same cash you get from the profit made by your company, it is easier and is the fastest way to get money from your company. 

3. Getting Dividends

You all know what the dividends are, this is a legal way to get money from your company easily. The money used to pay dividends is gotten from the profits remaining after all the taxes and expenses are being done. 

The profit you get from making sure you get your hands on the dividend fund can be useful when thinking of opening another business, the remaining is another way of getting the salary or another withdrawal. 

4. Getting A Director’s Loan

This is a two-way Kind of deal, sometimes you could get a loan from the company when you need some money and also loan the company some money when they need it from you. Although you must endeavor to pay the loan you got from the company back because a charge could be made against you as it is against the law to take a loan as the director of a company and not pay back. Laws are guarding the business world. 

Is It Legal To Send Money From An LLC Business Account To A Personal Account?

Well, yes you are allowed to because, in this kind of business, the owner doesn’t get paid in any way even if he is worth the payment. What is done most times is to just write a check for yourself and get the money you want. 

How Does The Company See You When You Use Its Money For Personal Use?

You are seen as a scandal, you handled the company funds with no respect, to them to are a fraud. 


Transferring or taking money out of your business account for personal use is such a complicated issue because, in some instances, you could get in real trouble. The article gives you an insight on how to avoid trouble and make it a legal process. 



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