Can You Transfer Money From EDD Card To Bank Account?

Transfer Money From EDD Card To Bank Account

Yes, this is possible, money from your EDD card can be transferred straight to your bank account if you choose to do so. It could be a personal or checking account, the money would still be transferred. This could be done easily too, a direct transfer would do the trick. It would just be like transferring money from one bank account to another. Use your mobile app or ATM and boom, you are set to transfer the money in your EDD card to the bank. 

As soon as your EDD card is given to you, the first thing to do is contact the Bank of America,  they are the ones in charge of issuing this card. You can reach them by calling any of their numbers which can be gotten easily online. Better still, an online contact option is also available so you can make them arrange a direct deposit. When you contact them, you can tell them to just set up the whole thing for you. Some things are required before setting up a direct deposit. They are:

1. A debit card that is registered in your name. 

2. A email account that works well.

3. The bank account and routing number of where you want the money deposited.

What Is An EDD Card?

What Is An EDD Card

EDD stands for Employment Development Department is part of the California state government. The department offers several services to those without jobs, business owners, and workers. In other words, the Department gives benefit to all. Some of the benefit programs they run in the department are as follows; Disability insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Paid Family Leave. The program’s sole aim is to offer stable finance to workers and their families. They give you the EDD card because this is where all the financial assistance is sent to the workers. 

As we have mentioned before, the bank of America is responsible for giving out the EDD card to those who qualify for the benefits. The benefits are given to you through the card. Each time money is being deposited into the EDD card, the bank sends you a mail to notify you of your newfound riches. The notification might not come in immediately after the money is deposited. It is like this because the bank has to process the whole thing first. The notification might come in a few days letting you know that your funds have arrived. 

The EDD card acts as a normal debit card because it is used just like the bank debit card. You can pay for goods and services in a store or even online. It is used for different transactions. Furthermore, nobody is restraining the amount of withdrawal you can make, if you wish, you could take out all your benefits. 

Transfer From The EDD Debit Card To Your Bank Account 

As soon as Bank of America has made the transfer into your EDD debit card after the whole process is done, the money can now be transferred to your bank account via their online platform. Money can be sent from the card to other accounts. This means the transfer process is very easy because it is like sending money via your regular bank account. 

Also, using the money in your checking account, bills can now be paid, your other cards could be recharged, and you could secure the funds in a mobile wallet. Through the bank of America mobile app, an online account for your EDD card could be created. We have mentioned bank of America a few times here, bank of America doesn’t own the card, they just issue it. This means that you don’t need to have an account with them before you can get the card. Now, you don’t even need to have an account with any specific bank before getting this card, this card could act as your debit card and a direct deposit can be placed on it until you decide to cancel it. 

A table showing what you need to qualify for the EDD card

Last EmployerThe last employer doesn’t just mean the man who employed you. They need the company name, supervisor’s name, address, and mobile number. 
Employment history The employment history should show the places you have worked for in the space of the last 18 months. The name of every company, their addresses, the employment dates, and other details about the job including why you stopped working there.
ID cardTo identify yourself, you can snap a selfie, upload it, and your identity can be verified with this. 

How Long Does It Take Before The EDD Card Gets To Me?

As soon as you are deemed to be qualified for the ED card, the bank of America sends you the card that same week or the next, depending on when your benefit payment is set to arrive. Immediately the card is sent out, EDD immediately sets all the payments in place for you. The card could delay for about five business days. Sometimes it doesn’t take up to that, either way, the EDD card is delivered to your doorstep as long as you provided the right information. 

After this whole process, the payments made by the department would now show in your card account. A notification would arrive showing a message from the California debit card for unemployment and disability advantages. The debit card comes alongside some instructions on how to do some things using the card. The bank of America issues the card would always advise everyone to activate their EDD card on the day they get it. The information on how to do this comes with the card. 

How Do You Get Money From The EDD Debit Card?

The EDD debit card acts similar to. Every other debit card is used nowadays, there are several ways to get money from the card. One of them is by doing a direct deposit with an account, not just any account, your bank account, then you can place a withdrawal from the bank. You can also get your money from any of the banks that allow visa cards. You can enter into any bank and take out the money from the counter. Your transactions can be tracked online via your account, and when the money enters, you withdraw immediately. 

One other way to withdraw the money is by using an ATM, just like any other debit card, it is accepted in most ATMs. Many ATMs are available in the country at your disposal. The bank of America offers free service via their ATM to people with this card. Every month, you get two free withdrawals via A using this card. As long as the ATM accepts a visa card, you are good for withdrawal. 


The EDD card gotten from the Employment Development Department is just like the normal debit card you use. The EDD card allows you to transfer money to your account with the help of the bank of America. Because the bank of America has decided to sponsor this movement, the debit card has become one of the normal debit cards used every day by different people. It is a Visa card that could be used to buy online, get an online account, and transfer funds. 



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