Can You Use Twitter Logo for Business Cards?


Among all the social media platforms, Twitter is one of the largest social networks on the Internet where businesses share their brands globally. If you have a Twitter account then you can include the direct link to your account in the contact section of the business card. Moreover, you can use the Twitter logo on your business card to represent your Twitter handle. As long as the objective of using the Twitter Logo is to represent the Twitter handle then there is no problem with using the Logo on the business card.

Key Takeaways

  • A business card is a type of small printed card that bears all the information about a company or an individual
  • Usually, business cards are shared during the formal introduction as a convenient way of communication in the future
  • A business card contains information like the name, mobile number, email address, and other social media profiles
  • If you want to show the Twitter logo on a business card then you have to collect the logo first from the internet
  • While using the Twitter logo on the business card, you have to follow the company’s requirements for displaying the logo
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How To Show The Twitter Logo On A Business Card

Nowadays, many people want to include information on their main social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you want to show the Twitter logo on a business card then you have to collect the logo first. You can easily get the Twitter logo from the internet. Once you have the Twitter logo, you can display it prominently on the business card. While using the Twitter logo, make sure you follow the company’s requirements for displaying the logo. Now follow the below steps!

Step 1: First visit the Twitter logo webpage to view the Twitter policy of using its trademark logo. It will help you display the logo correctly on your business card. Then, go to the Twitter website to get the Twitter logo.

Step 2: Once the Twitter website completely loads, place your cursor over Twitter’s logo and then right-click the logo to download it on your computer. Remember the location where the image downloads so you can find it easily.

Step 3: Now open a photo editing software and also open your business card template and Twitter logo. Now copy the Twitter logo and paste it onto the business card template as a separate layer.

Step 4: Resize the Twitter logo so that it can fit into your business card. Then move the Twitter logo and position it immediately to the left of your Twitter profile URL on the card.

Step 5: Finally, adjust and edit other portions of the business card template as required and then merge the layers and save the business card on your hard drive.

Importance of Adding Social Media Icon to a Business Card

Thanks to the internet, the ways of communication between the customer and the company has changed and now many customers prefer to contact the brand via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Therefore, the companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, etc. are adjusting their business cards accordingly. So, now it has become very common to see social media links along with the phone and email address on business cards. There are many reasons including the social media icons in a business card that have become important. They are – 

1. A business card with social media icons automatically obtains a level of reliability

2. Business cards with social media icons make the business more approachable and easy to access

3. Potential customers can explore the brand through the social media links

4. Business cards with social media icons can expose your business to many people

5. Including the social media information in the business card makes it very easy for the customers to directly communicate with businesses

6. Having social accounts in the business card means a business wants to interact with its audience

7. Including social accounts in the business card is a very effective and free marketing strategy

8. If the social accounts are included in the business card then it gives the customers a chance to give reviews and ratings to a particular business

9. Including social accounts in the business card increases brand recognition

Requirements To Use The Twitter Logo

If you want to use the Twitter logo on your business card then you have to fulfill some requirements. They are – 

1. You have to use the Twitter icon only blue or white color

2. Twitter prefer the icon free of a container but you can use square, rounded square, and circular containers if requires

3. If you are using the logo over an image then always use the white version

4. You are not allowed to animate the logo; moreover, you can’t embellish or accessorize the logo with word bubbles, or other creatures

5. The clear space around the logo should be at least 150% of the width of the icon

6. The Twitter icon must have a minimum width of 32 pixels

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Legal Twitter Trademark Guidelines

The legal Twitter trademark guidelines apply to the use of Twitter trademarks. They are – 

1. You may not alter the Twitter trademarks in any manner, including, but not limited to, changing the proportion, color, or shape of the Twitter trademarks, or adding or removing any elements from the Twitter trademarks.

2. The Twitter trademarks must appear by themselves, with reasonable spacing between each side of the marks and other visual, graphic, or textual elements. 

3. The Twitter trademarks should not be placed in any way that interferes with the readability or display of the entirety of the Twitter trademarks.

4. You may not use the Twitter trademarks in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement by Twitter without express written permission and license from Twitter. 

5. You may not use the Twitter trademarks to disparage Twitter, its products or services, or in a manner which, in Twitter’s sole discretion, may diminish or tarnish Twitter’s goodwill in the Twitter trademarks. 

6. You may not use the Twitter trademarks to refer to any other product or service other than Twitter. The TWEET and RETWEET marks must only be used to reference Twitter’s Tweet and Retweet products.

7. When creating a product, app, website, or other services that use or interacts with Twitter, use a unique name, logo, and design that cannot be confused with the Twitter trademarks. You should not apply for any trademarks or domains that include Twitter trademarks or any other confusingly similar variations. 

8. You must display the following statement in materials that display the Twitter trademarks: “TWITTER, TWEET, RETWEET, and the Twitter Bird logo are trademarks of Twitter Inc. or its affiliates.” 

You acknowledge that all rights to the Twitter trademarks are the exclusive property of Twitter, and all goodwill generated through your use of the Twitter trademarks will inure to the sole benefit of Twitter. You will not take any action that is in conflict with Twitter’s rights in or ownership of, the Twitter trademarks.


FAQs About Can You Use Twitter Logo For Business Cards

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Is The Twitter Logo Copyrighted?

Yes, the Twitter logo is copyrighted, so you have to use the Twitter logo properly. Twitter has specific guidelines about the use of its brand images. So, as long as you are maintaining the guidelines, there is nothing to worry about the copyright claim.

Can You Use Social Media Logos On Business Cards For Digital Marketing Purposes?

Yes, you can use social medial logos on a business card for digital marketing purposes. Moreover, you can also use the social media logos on your website and physical marketing materials like posters and invitation cards.

What Type Of Logo Is A Twitter Logo?

The Twitter Bird is one of the most recognizable logos in the present world. The bird used in the Twitter logo is based on a mountain bluebird. The wings of this bird are made up of three overlapping circles. It is a copyright logo and the Twitter authority is very protective of their logo. Therefore, you can’t modify the logo in any way.

Can You Change The Background Of The Twitter Logo?

Yes, you can change the background of the Twitter logo to match the design of your business card. However, you have to keep the Twitter logo blue and white only. It is not allowed to change the color of the logo.

Can I Animate The Twitter Logo?

No one is allowed to animate the Twitter logo. In fact, you are not allowed to make the Twitter logo talk, chirp, or fly. It is against the Twitter trademark guidelines.



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