UCSF Acceptance Rate, Requirements, Tuition, And More

UCSF Acceptance Rate

The University of California San Francisco has an acceptance rate of 2.2% as of 2021 admission. This year, UCSF received 7,345 applications and among these applications, 507 applicants made it to the interview process. Of those interviewed, only 161 enrolled. It means only 31.8% of the interviewees ended up enrolling at the school. So, it clearly indicates how selective UCSF is!

Key Takeaways

  • The University of California San Francisco also known as UCSF is a public land-grant research university located in San Francisco, California
  • The University of California San Francisco was established in 1864 as Toland Medical College
  • UCSF is one of the best medical schools in the United States and according to U.S News, it ranks #2 in primary care and #4 in research
  • The University of California San Francisco has four major campuses in San Francisco and another one in Fresno, California
  • If you want to apply for UCSF medical school then you must have a GPA of more than 3.2

UCSF Overview

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is one of the world’s preeminent medical and life sciences universities. This university has four major campus sites within the city of San Francisco and one in Fresno, California. The four campuses are – 

1. Parnassus Heights campus

2. Mission Bay Campus

3. Mount Zion Campus

4. Fresno Campus

UCSF only performs biomedical and patient-centered research in its Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Dentistry, and the Graduate Division. It has 3,000 full-time faculty and among these faculty members, there are – 

1. 6 Nobel Prize winners

2. 53 members of the National Academy of Sciences

3. 100 members of the National Academy of Medicine

4. 3 MacArthur Foundation “geniuses”

5. 18 Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators

6. 38 NIH Innovator and Young Innovator Awards

7. 9 members of the Royal Society

8. 65 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

9. 68 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

10. 2 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences winners

11. 4 National Medal of Science winners

12. 6 Shaw Prize winners

13 Lasker Award winners

Worldwide Ranking Of The University Of California, San Francisco (UCSF) 

#11 in Best Global Universities

#2 in Neuroscience and Behavior

#3 in Clinical Medicine

#4 in Biology and Biochemistry

#4 in Cell Biology

#4 in Immunology

#4 in Molecular Biology and Genetics

#4 in Oncology

#5 in Microbiology

#6 in Surgery

#7 in Infectious Diseases

#8 in Public, Environmental and Occupational Health

#10 in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging

#14 in Endocrinology and Metabolism

#14 in Pharmacology and Toxicology

#15 in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

#16 in Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems

UCSF Medical School Application Timeline

Below is the UCSF medical school application timeline – 

1. May 3, 2021: AMCAS application opens

2. May 27, 2021: AMCAS application can be submitted

3. Early July 2021: Application review begins

4. October 15, 2021: AMCAS application deadline

5. December 2021–April 2022: Admissions decisions released  

UCSF School Of Medicine Tuition & Fees

NameCalifornia ResidentsOut-of-State Students
Medical School Tuition$36,062$48,307
Graduate Program (non-medical school)$12,990$28,092

List Of UCSF Medical School MD Programs

1. Four-year MD program

2. Five-year Medical Education for the Urban Underserved (PRIME-US)

3. Five-year San Joaquin Valley Program in Medical Education (SJV PRIME)

4. The Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/Ph.D.) 

5. The MD/Ph.D. in History of Health Sciences 

6. The MD/Masters in Advanced Studies in Clinical Research (MD/MAS)

7. The UC Berkeley/UCSF Joint Medical Program (MD/MS in the Health and Medical Sciences)

8. The MD/MPH, a joint program with UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health

UCSF Medical School Admissions Requirements

If you want to apply for UCSF medical school then below are some course works that you have to submit – 

1. Biology: One year with lab (may include biochemistry)

2. Chemistry: One year, including at least one semester of organic chemistry with lab (may include biochemistry)

3. Biochemistry: At least one course

4. Physics: One semester

These are basic requirements. Most of the students who have applied for this school have taken at least one upper-level biology course and one full year of organic chemistry. Moreover, UCSF also encourages the applicants to pursue academic breadth. For the 2021 – 2022 application cycle, UCSF will accept applications without an MCAT score. It means UCSF won’t use any MCAT scores when deciding which candidates to interview. You must have a GPA of more than 3.2 to apply for this university because UCSF doesn’t consider applicants with GPAs below 3.2 favorably for admission.

List Of Top UCSF Alumni

1. Andy Baldwin – bachelor for the tenth season of The Bachelor

2. Richard Carmona – former Surgeon General of the United States

3. Priscilla Chan – pediatrician, spouse of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

4. John Allen Clements, first to isolate pulmonary surfactant and to develop it artificially

5. Terence Coderre – Professor of Medicine and the Harold Griffith Chair in Anaesthesia Research at McGill University

6. Zubin Damania, physician, comedian, internet personality, musician, and founder of Turntable Health

7. Haile T. Debas, former UCSF Chancellor; former Dean, School of Medicine; founding Executive Director, Department of Global Health Sciences

8. Jennifer Doudna – Adjunct professor of cellular and molecular pharmacology, Nobel laureate in Chemistry (2020)

9. Laura J. Esserman, surgeon and breast cancer oncology specialist, named in TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2016

10. Paul Ekman, who showed that human emotional expressions were universal and developed the Facial Action Coding System

11. Richard Feachem, founding Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (2002–2007)

12. Diana E. Forsythe, anthropologist noted for her work on artificial intelligence and medical informatics

13. David E. Garfin, made significant contributions to electrophoresis in both the engineering and biology communities.

14. Jere E. Goyan, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

15. Walter S. Graf, cardiologist, a pioneer in the creation of emergency paramedic care system

16. Joseph Goldyne – M.D., fine artist, printmaker, painter, curator

17. Nola Hylton, radiologist, and pioneer in the use of Breast MRI

18. Janet Iwasa, cell biologist, and animator

19. Yuet Wai Kan, Lasker Award (1991) and Shaw Prize (2004)

FAQs About UCSF Acceptance Rate, Requirements, Tuition, And More

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into UCSF?

If you want to apply for UCSF then you must have at least a 3.0 (B) grade point average. However, the more your GPA the better your chance will be. You will only be able to apply for one graduate program per application cycle/year.

How Difficult Is It To Get Into UCSF?

It is very difficult to get into UCSF because it is a highly selective university and it has an acceptance rate of only 2.2%. Moreover, UCSF also has some high eligibility requirements. 

Is UCSF A Prestigious School?

Yes, UCSF is a very prestigious school. This university’s researches have been ranked among the top in the world. It ranks 11th among the world’s top universities!

Is UCSF Only A Medical School?

No, UCSF is not a medical school but it exclusively focuses on health. UCSF comprises top-ranked professional schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. Moreover, it also has world-renowned graduate programs in basic science, social/populational sciences, and physical therapy.


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