What Do I Do If Ups Says Delivered But There Is No Package (Explained!)

ups delivery issues

In the event that you have shipped a package but are still unsure of the delivery status, you can contact UPS to find out more information on any package deliveries. The sender of the package will then alert UPS of your concern and update you on the tracking/delivery status.

Key Takeaways

  • Delivery issues can stem from many factors like hardware malfunctioning or sending packages to the wrong address, etc.
  • If your UPS package is reported as missing or stolen then you should immediately contact UPS customer service or visit the nearest UPS warehouse and discuss the problem in-person
  • Every package that goes through the UPS system has an expected delivery date and time
  • If you file a missing package claim then it could take up to 10 days for UPS to solve the problem

What To Do If UPS Says Your Package Was Delivered (Even Though It Was Not)

What To Do If UPS Says Your Package Was Delivered

If the delivery agent has completed their task, then the shipping carrier’s tracking system will show where the package was left (for example, at the front door, in the mailbox, etc.) If the shipment doesn’t require a signature to be delivered, then it can be left at any spot around your home that is convenient for the UPS driver.

If your driver completed the delivery and received a signature then it is likely that either a neighbor or someone on a nearby street signed for the package. However, even in this case, UPS systems will indicate an accurate area where the shipment was left.

To protect your package, they may use a plastic bag to shield it from the rain. Therefore check nearby fellow neighbors or anyone else in your building where you think you might have accidentally dropped off your box. Keep in mind that other residents may have unintentionally gotten the wrong box, and if it has yours in it- maybe they’ll be kind enough to hand it over once they realize their mistake.

Who To Call If Your UPS Package Is Not Delivered

ups package delivery issues

If you have confirmed that the tracking status says it’s been delivered but there is no package where it was mistakenly left, you should reach out to UPS directly! They will typically ask for your shipping information as well as a brief explanation on why/where the package was mistaken and from there, they will determine what happened to it.

As a seller, you should let customers know they can contact you if they experience problems receiving their product. If a customer calls you with an issue, and the driver who was supposed to deliver their order to them either reports that he/she was unsuccessful or delivers an empty box, then it’s vital to help customers know how they can get in touch with you so you can better assist with an investigation into the situation.

Whenever a driver claims that they have delivered an order and were unable to complete a delivery, the company will almost always want to see proof of completion. Since drivers are tracking their deliveries from their scanning devices and the company can verify that information, management is able to determine whether or not a driver has completed delivery on a particular item once there is confirmation of delivery. 

Delivery issues can stem from many factors like hardware malfunctioning or sending packages to the wrong address so whenever something isn’t where it was supposed to be; even if this problem is at our end, these two scenarios usually lead to some kind of obvious explanation of what happened.

Can UPS Find Your Lost Package?

Customers should make it a top priority to find their lost packages. After all, UPS is an organization with a reputation to uphold which means they have a vested interest in resolving customer complaints as quickly as possible. This means that individuals and teams will be involved in looking for missing packages, from the company’s customer service team to execs and drivers. If the driver confirms that no package was left in their vehicle, then an investigation will kick off about where on the route our missing package could have got to.

It usually takes several days until a complaint is investigated by the carrier company. Afterward, you will want to open a missing mail case with the USPS if they can’t reimburse you in any other way. In most cases, missing mail cases are packages that were scanned but not yet put on the truck for delivery, or there wasn’t enough time for them to be sent out and delivered on time since there isn’t always an early mail delivery anymore.

What Happens If UPS Loses Your Package?

If a package is reported as missing or stolen and was shipped via UPS, you can contact UPS who may be able to help locate it. But packets shipped internationally will not be tracked down by the company afterward. Packets sent via USPS are tracked even after they arrive at their destination and are insured from loss or damage (except when the packet needs to go through Customs). Packets sent via DHL are also covered in case of loss or breakage unless that involves government regulation but will be recorded for cross-referencing if necessary when passing through customs.

Every package that goes through the UPS system has an expected delivery date and time. If your parcel appears to be stuck, that likely is where you’ll be notified as an online or phone customer, or maybe via a text notification if you use their free tracking service. For orders not insured by the post office, you’ll have to wait out until they find your package, but with insurance, you can make a claim when it doesn’t arrive in good time. The best advice we can give is to avoid filing false claims – it will cost you more in the long run!

To file a claim, you need to successfully go through 3 step processes which you can find below:

Step 1: Provide Package Details: UPS recommends that you provide them with as much relevant information about your package as possible including the following example: 

1. Consignee contact information: This will include the name, phone number, and e-mail address.

2. Number of lost or damaged items

3. Tracking/Reference number

4. Merchandise value and currency

5. Pickup date

6. Package weight

7. Description of the problem

Step 2: Merchandise Description: If you have your purchase order, receipt, invoice, or any other form of identification that lists the exact goods you have received then attach it to your mail when shipping them out.

Step 3: Photo Documentation: Try to upload photos of damaged packages and contents, the interior of the original box, cushioning, packaging materials, shipping label with tracking number, and BMC. You may also add details like available sizes and dimensions of the box.


When Can You Report A Problem With Your Package?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on USPS.com, Track USPS Online, or Examine Your Package to find more information on reporting a damaged package, package loss, or any unpaid C.O.D payment. The terms and conditions will contain the most accurate information in regards to time frames in which you can initiate a claim. Concise, correct, and to the point!

How Long Will The Claim Process Take?

Once you’ve filed your claim and have all of your merchandise documentation ready it will take an average of 10 days for the process to conclude. In order to help you speed this up, be sure that everything is listed as clearly as possible in terms of sizing and condition (you’ll be able to upload a photo if things are damaged.)

How Long Will UPS Take In Order To Investigate The Damage Or Find Your Lost Package Or Uncollected C.O.D?

On reporting damaged goods, once you’ve filled out all necessary information (most notably evidence of damage such as pictures) it will take up to 10 working days for the investigation to be complete. The amount of time is determined by the country in which you live.

Final Words 

Just like we said earlier, you should contact the sender of the package to initiate a trace process and he or she will help oversee this process on your behalf if you still are not able to locate the package, The sender will then follow up with you about your shipment as it progresses in its journey through UPS.



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