Vivid Seats Fees & Review 2022: Are Vivid Seats Legit?

Vivid Seats Fees & Review

Vivid Seats is a trusted and one of the most popular ticket brokers where you can check for the absolute best price of the ticket as well as buy tickets online. Vivid Seats offers a buyer’s guarantee to prevent scams so you can buy tickets tension free from Vivid Seats.

Key Takeaways

  • Vivid Seats is a live marketplace so the price of the tickets is subject to the movement and fluctuation of the market
  • In February 2017, ESPN made Vivid Seats its official ticket provider, replacing StubHub
  • In August 2018, Vivid Seats was named the official ticketing partner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA
  • Vivid Seats basically works as a third person between the seller and the buyer to make sure the transaction happens legally

What Are Vivid Seats?

What Are Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is an American online ticket exchange and resale company established in 2001 by Eric Vassilatos and Jerry Bednyak. Currently, Vivid Seats is the third-largest online ticket reseller and it is also a member of the Internet Association. Vivid Seats is a live marketplace so the price of the tickets is subject to the movement and fluctuation of the market. So, the time, event, location, availability, and demand can hugely affect the price of the tickets. Over the years, Vivid Seats has made a partnership with various companies and organizations, some key partnerships are – 

1. In February 2017, ESPN made Vivid Seats its official ticket provider, replacing StubHub

2. In April 2017, Time Inc. made Vivid Seats the official ticket provider for Sports Illustrated 

3. In 2017, Vivid Seats entered into partnerships with the University of Tennessee, the University of Rhode Island, and the Preakness Stakes

4. In August 2018, Vivid Seats was named the official ticketing partner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA

Overview Of Vivid Seats

Official Website
OwnerEric Vassilatos, Jerry Bednyak
Location111 N Canal St, STE 800 Chicago, Illinois 60606 USA
Customer Service Contact+866 848 8499

How Do Vivid Seats Works?

Vivid Seats is a privately owned LLC and it uses professional ticket resellers and individual sellers to offer deals to the public on an enormous number of different events. So, Vivid Seats basically works as a third person between the seller and the buyer to make sure the transaction happens legally. Once the transaction is completed, Vivid Seats ensure the tickets are delivered virtually or physically to the buyer. Many people are concerned about the online reseller sites but with Vivid Seats, you can have peace of mind thanks to Vivid Seat’s 100% Buyer Guarantee.

Vivid Seats Ticket Prices

There are some negative complaints about the pricing of Vivid seats. Due to some reasons, tickets for Vivid Seats are one of the trickier topics. The pricing of Vivid Seats is roughly the same fees as Stubhub does. For example, Stubhub charges sellers a 15% commission on their sales and buyers; in some cases, the commission can go up to a whopping 25%. On the other hand, Vivid Seats might charge anywhere between 15% and 24%. The only drawback of Vivid Seats is, you won’t be able to see the final ticket price until checkout. Apart from that, Vivid Seats is working with ticket brokers to receive lower ticket prices or give discounts to the customers. Vivid Seats also has rewards and discounts for loyal customers.

Vivid Seats Shipping Information

The shipping costs and time varies depending on the type of ticket you have purchased as well as your location. There are six types of delivery options available at Vivid Seats, they are – 

1. Mobile e-tickets – You must have an IOS or Android phone and the Vivid Seats app downloaded

2. Email / Instant – You have to print the copy of the ticket by yourself

3. Physical Shipping – You will receive an email stating the shipment date. Tracking numbers included with all physical shipments. 

4. Special Delivery – This type of ticket will be available on the day of the event. 

5. E-Transfer

6. AXS Mobile ID

Shipping cost largely depends on the method of delivery, and you will find the total cost including the shipping costs at the checkout time. Moreover, the shipping time depends on the ticket availability date, not the purchase date.

List Of Payment Methods Supported By Vivid Seats

Below are the payment methods that you can use to buy tickets from Vivid Seats – 

1. All major credit cards – (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)

2. Google Wallet – App only 

3. Apple Pay – App only 

4. Android Pay – App only

5. PayPal – Online orders only 

6. PayPal Credit – App only        

Is Vivid Seats Legit Or A Scam?

Is Vivid Seats Legit Or A Scam

Vivid Seats is a completely legal ticket brokerage and it has been in the business for more than 20 years. Vivid Seats only offers service in the United States to those who reside there. The best part of Vivid Seats is, it offers a buyer’s guarantee that prevents scams and ensures safe and secure transactions. The Buyer Guarantee of Vivid Seat states – 

“We guarantee that your tickets will be delivered in time for the event or your money back. If the event is canceled then we will reimburse customers 100%.”

According to – 

“Vivid Seats are a legit and safe ticket exchange resale site that started in 2001 allowing licensed brokers and individuals to sell tickets to over 900,000 sports, concerts, and theater shows in the US”

Moreover, in 2020 and 2021, Vivid Seats was named to Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service. So, these statistics indicate the legitimacy of the Vivid Seats.

Customer Reviews Of Vivid Seats

Positive Reviews Of Vivid Seats

Kelly Said – 

“The agent was kind, courteous, and took the time necessary to resolve my issue. She went above and beyond to help me.”

Lisa Said – 

“We had issues reserving tickets online & had to call. We were assisted by Jenny with purchasing tickets for an event at the Westbury Theatre. She was amazing and went above and beyond with assisting us. Thank you!”

De Harris Said – 

“The customer rep. Was wonderful. He was very helpful and to think I was only calling to inquire but he convinced me to buy the tickets which were great. I hope all rep. could be more like him. So great, very pleasant and had plenty of patience. Great company as long as you keep people like him”

Adam Toma Said – 

“Very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to use her personal discount to help me save during these tough times. I am extremely satisfied by her patience, her willingness to help, and her winning attitude. She’s made my experience very pleasant, and Vivid Seats should recognize her for her high level of service.”

Jamie Slack Said – 

“Excellent experience. My agent, Kim, found the best seats at the event and I even received a discount. I will definitely continue to use Vivid Seats!!! Totally satisfied.”

Michael Said – 

“Sari was very helpful, patient, and informative while I asked him several questions regarding how Vivid Seats operates and what would be my wisest decision. He then helped me select the best route for me to go in purchasing tickets with a discount. I won’t be reluctant to call in the future when finding tickets for an event.”

Lauren Said – 

“Brenda was superb with her patience and response to my questions! I enjoyed her assisting me and I had no questions that I felt she didn’t have the ability to answer! Thanks, Brenda, for your help! I appreciate you!”

Negative Reviews Of Vivid Seats

Alex Salamon Said – 

“I order tickets for a preseason spring training game. Unfortunately, it was canceled. Attempting to get a refund has proven to be impossible. Have called, emailed chatted with a robot, and no refund! Absolutely the worst customer experience!”

Janet Johnston Said – 

“If I could give lower I would. Not only are service fees hidden they have no knowledge of the venues they sell tickets for. I purchased two seats and at the venue, there was only one empty space. After weeks of trying to speak to someone who actually knew anything, I was told it was the venues’ responsibility. Don’t trust them and would never use them”

Courtney Samoly Said – 

“This company is a scam. Never use them. I did not receive my tickets. When I inquired about them, they just pushed out the delivery date. If you have legitimate tickets from a legitimate seller, then just send them to me. Their business practices are unethical.”

Deborah Raupp Said – 

“I bought tickets two years ago and they have rescheduled the concert twice. I can no longer go as the tickets were for my daughter and me and the concert date is her due date. They refused to reimburse me and hung up on me when they could no longer help me.”

Scott Sutphen Said – 

“This company is a total rip-off! They advertise one set of tickets and send you something different for outrageous prices. Horrible company, awful customer service. Took me for $235.00. Complete false advertising! Avoid at all costs.”

Kelly Watson Said – 

“I got some tickets though Vivid for a concert, when I got there, they won’t let me in, said I needed a bar code, not a QR code, after being on the phone with Vivid for an hour (show already had been going on for 30 minutes) they told me they couldn’t help me and I would have to file a claim. Do not use this company.”

Final Verdict

Finally, Vivid Seat is a legit platform but it has mixed customer reviews. Though the number of positive reviews is more than the negative reviews many customers have complained about the refund and shipping time of Vivid Seats. Apart from that Vivid Seats is a safe platform to buy tickets. Now the choice is yours!


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