Walmart Protection Plan Review (All You Need To Know!)

Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart’s protection plan works in the same way as any warranty plan as it gives a sense of assurance and guarantees to its customers. The idea of this protection plan is to give customers backing and help if their devices or items get spoilt.

Understandably, things could get spoiled due to one reason or the other, and it can even happen immediately when you buy the item. But you do not need to worry when you buy things from Walmart, and they have issues if you have the Walmart protection plan.

You can have peace of mind as you can be sure that Walmart will cover the expenses.

What Is The Walmart Protection Plan?

What Is The Walmart Protection Plan

The Walmart protection plan is the care plan that Walmart offers its customers. The goal is to take some burdens off the shoulders of the customers, ensuring that they have a wonderful experience as they do business with Walmart.

Some people are usually skeptical about engaging organizations in their care plan as we see that some organizations back away from the deal with time. However, Walmart has had a clean track record so far, and we see that customers do not have issues with them as they follow through with the Walmart protection plan.

Interestingly, Walmart partners with Asurion to carry out its protection plan for customers.

So, let’s say you have just purchased a new TV from Walmart, but it isn’t coming up again, and you have bought the Walmart protection plan. Of course, you would want to reach out and get their help as you do not want your purchase money to waste. In such a case, you would be curious about how to reach them.

How Do You Reach Concerning Its Walmart Protection Plan? 

One can reach Walmart concerning its Walmart protection plan in two ways. It can be through their Solutions Hub platform or by calling them on 877-968-6391. Of course, the method you use in reaching them depends on your preference. However, we are sure that you will connect with them and get the solution you desire.

We love that there is a 24-hour customer service system for the Walmart protection plan. Therefore, you can always reach them whenever you desire. They understand that complaints could come at any time or day. So, they always have people on the phone lines to attend to customers.

Getting the Walmart protection plan is also not hard as long as you have your receipt. Once you have your receipt, you can get the plan within 30 days of purchase. For example, you bought your new TV 20 days ago. So, you can use the receipt and get a Walmart protection plan. However, you cannot get this plan if the 30 days time frame has elapsed.

Some Items That Are Covered Under The Walmart Protection Plan

Items That Are Covered Under The Walmart Protection Plan

Below are some items covered under the Walmart protection plan:

1. Jewellery: Many people are jewelry lovers and cannot help but get a new jewelry piece when they visit Walmart. However, we all agree that pieces of jewelry are prone to having issues, so getting a protection plan for them is important. With the Walmart protection plan, you can care for your jewelry, like a wristwatch, if it stops working due to mechanical failure. In addition, you can also get care for your watch if it stops functioning effectively due to liquid damage or if it breaks. Yes, Walmart would cover the repairs it breaks due to wear and tear through wearing or has defective components. But, Walmart would not cover the repairs if it breaks from intentional damage. In addition, Walmart also has no mandate to do anything if your watch is stolen. Now, you know what is acceptable by the Walmart protection plan when you buy a Walmart wristwatch, allowing you to know your demands when you call them.

2. Tablets: Gadgets have proven to be one of the items that tend to stress customers. We see that people encounter issues with their gadgets, and they always wish that they had a care plan to cover such expenses. After all, gadgets like tablets are not cheap to get. And, we can all agree that fixing any issue on a tablet would also be expensive. So, those who get their tablets from Walmart would eagerly get the Walmart protection plan as they know that it may ease their worries later. The protection plan covers all, but it would not cover any intentional damage or theft. You will get a care plan for your gadget if it has touchscreen issues or a cracked screen. 

Walmart will also come through for you in battery failure and liquid damage cases. We can also tell you that you would rarely get such a care plan package from other places.

3. Phones: If we ask people to list the different issues they are likely to encounter when they get a phone, we are sure they would write different things that could fill up a paper sheet. Therefore, it is only suitable that the Walmart protection plan would also cover those who buy phones from Walmart in case of any issues. So, if you are under such a category, you can get a care plan if your phone has to charge port issues. Once you get across to Walmart and present all verification forms, they will cover all repair costs. If there is also touchscreen failure, liquid damage or a cracked screen, you are also covered under the Walmart protection plan. You can see that Walmart targets important aspects of phone repairs to ensure that its customers are not stressed. So, you do not need to worry about fixing your phones.

4. Laptops: Still on gadgets, it would be inappropriate to not talk about laptops, as most people need them. We even see that some people will not get a laptop that doesn’t come with a warranty. So if you are buying from Walmart, you can get the Walmart protection plan. We often get people asking why they should get this protection plan to know its benefits. With the protection plan, you get Walmart to cover some of the expenses you might spend on fixing a spoilt laptop. For example, Walmart will cover the fixing expenses if your laptop has a cracked screen or battery failure. However, they will also find out how the issue happened as they do not have a care plan to cover intentional damages. Instead, their care plan covers mechanical failures such as hard drive failure and liquid damage. If you have issues in any of these categories, you are covered.

5. TVs: We have seen many people buy their TVs from Walmart, showing that it is a top preferential store. And the Walmart protection plan comes in as a warranty to help those who need it. TVs may also develop some issues that feel frustrating, and you may feel like you’ve wasted your money to get the TV. However, you can contact Walmart and apply the protection plan to take the stress off your shoulders. For example, your new Walmart TV has remote issues, and it has been disrupting your regular life. You can contact Walmart to help you rectify such an issue. Sometimes, it could be that your TV won’t power on and it may make you panic. Instead of panicking, you can contact Walmart and have it fixed. Your television is covered for mechanical and electrical issues and failures. But it is not covered for accidental and intentional damages or theft.

6. General Merchandise: Walmart has an array of items for people to buy, and they are all covered by the Walmart protection plan. It is why we urge that you get the protection plan as it can cover your items and give you ease. Typically, your items are covered for mechanical and electrical failures. They are also covered for power surges or supply failures. Also, if the failures are from normal wear and tear, it is covered by the Walmart protection plan. But, you cannot expect Walmart to cover the expenses if it is from accidental or intentional damages. Also, they will not cover the item if it was stolen.

7. Outdoor Power Equipment: You need something to take care of nature, which is why your outdoor power equipment comes into play. And, we see that Walmart’s protection plan also covers such equipment. So, if your equipment has a motor failure, you do not need to worry as the care plan will take care of everything. Typically, if any of its issues fall under electrical or mechanical damages, you can be sure that Walmart would cover all expenses spent to take care of the fixes. 


Some of the frequently asked questions about Walmart’s protection plan are:

Are Walmart Protection Plans Any Good?

Yes, we would say that Walmart’s protection plans are good as they strive to have extensive coverage.

What Does Walmart’s Protection Plan Cover?

Walmart’s protection plan covers any damage that happens naturally, including mechanical and electrical damages.

Can You Return A Walmart Protection Plan?

You can cancel your plan within 30 days of purchase. 


It is always best to get Walmart’s protection plan to ensure that you ease yourself of repair expenses.


Everything you need to know about Walmart protection plan

Walmart protection plans

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