Walmart Return Policy On Mattress  (In-depth Information!)

Walmart Return Policy On Mattress

Walmart will accept returns of mattresses within 90 days of purchase as long as the mattress is in the original packaging and hasn’t been opened yet. Because it’s seen as unhygienic to re-sell used mattresses, you will only be given store credit should you request a return on one of these items.

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to return a purchased mattress from Amazon then you have to make sure the mattress is in its original packaging
  • While returning a mattress, you can get a full refund or in-store credit that you can use later
  • If the mattress is opened or already used then Walmart won’t accept the return
  • Without a receipt, you can return a mattress to Walmart but in that case, you have to pass the refund verification process from Walmart

Walmart Mattress Return Policy In 2022

Walmart Mattress Return Policy

Walmart will accept returns of mattresses within ninety days of purchase. However, if the product is received in an opened box, or not in its original package and packaging, Walmart will be unable to refund you or give you store credit. If a receipt is provided, you can select to either receive a full refund, or in-store credit towards the purchase of a new mattress that’s currently being sold at Walmart. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns “as is” if they are already opened and used.

What’s The Walmart Return Policy For Mattress In-Store?

Does Walmart have an official policy on mattresses in store? Yes, it does! If you purchased the mattress from a store location, there’s no need to fret because your product comes with a 90-day exchange or refund policy. That should give you plenty of time to try out your purchase. And if you happen to be looking for display models, make sure they’re not broken as some employees at these stores may not be as careful when you’re trying things out.

Walmart wants to ensure that you get the best value for your money – if you aren’t happy with the quality of your mattress, they want to know! The store wants to reimburse you in full so that you can find another way to score one of their private label products at a discounted price. Regardless of how much money is left on your gift card or VISA, Walmart will issue a refund accordingly to whom ever (credit/debit) permitted the purchase. If it was paid for using cash then there’s no reason why one wouldn’t be reimbursed from the exact amount ahead of time. 

What if you opened the package and removed the mattress from the box? 

If you have purchased a mattress, you can still return it to a Walmart store. However, since the manufacturing and packaging has already been completed on the item, you can only exchange it rather than get your money back on an opened mattress box. To be eligible for an even exchange or return because of defective factory workmanship or materials, the original receipt and blanket seal should be included with the returned product.

Have you lost the receipt? 

The return policy for Walmart allows for customers to return mattresses even without a purchase receipt. The customer must pass the refund verification process from Walmart before they will allow a refund or an exchange. Customers are required to have government-issued identification on them in order to make a return or an exchange at Walmart.

Can I Return Mattress Accessories from Walmart?

Can I Return Mattress Accessories from Walmart

If you purchased accessories for your mattress and want to return them, make sure to return the accessories with your mattress. However, if you bought accessories separately, you can either initiate a credit or an exchange within 90 days from purchase of your mattress.

Can you still return a mattress purchased from a third-party Walmart Marketplace seller?

No! Mattresses sold by third party Walmart Marketplace sellers cannot be returned to Walmart. Items sold by only qualify for a return at the place of purchase while items sold and shipped via a third-party Marketplace seller neither can qualify for an exchange or refund at a physical Walmart location. 

A customer may still contact the Marketplace seller directly to arrange for an exchange or obtain an RMA if their Walmart Marketplace seller is open to returns. Since the manner in which customers and sellers voluntarily manage the merchandise they trade is completely out of our control we want to let you know that even though we don’t have control over it, it is imperative that you do what it takes in order for you get taken care of properly.

It’s worth noting that many sellers on the Walmart Marketplace may not accept mattress returns; this means that it’s a good idea to contact each seller directly before trying to return an airbed built by one of these makers. By using the seller’s customer service tools and reading the seller’s instruction manual, you’ll know what they accept in terms of returns and exchanges.

Can I Return An Opened Mattress To Walmart?

90% of the time, Walmart will not accept returns on mattresses that have been removed from their original packaging to be double-checked or tested (even if they have never been used). This is mostly due to a large amount of policy abuse. The unfortunate situations of price tag tampering and customers unwrapping mattresses in order to take advantage of the return policy are common. However, there are still some instances where you may be able to return an item that has been opened and/or used.

Can You Return An Air Mattress To Walmart?

Walmart permits returns of an air mattress within a reasonable period, provided that original proof of purchase and the product are still in reasonably good condition. If you have an air mattress that is not defective, but you just don’t like it, you may return it to Walmart for a store credit or exchange. 

Whenever returning something to Walmart without its packaging then make sure for your safety’s sake you wrap it up in enough packaging so that nobody gets injured when handling the item. But I want to emphasize here this should be done sparingly as Walmart will keep track of how many things you return to them without their original packaging and will limit future returns if they notice excessive abuse of this system by someone.

Can Walmart Deny Returns Of Mattresses?

All Walmart stores will accept mattress returns if the majority of their requirements are met; however, if a customer does not meet all of their policies, a store has the prerogative to refuse the return. This should be taken as a sign that they may need to visit another store in order to get something accepted. It is inadvisable to make a scene while shopping at Walmart, and it is also important to remember that each business has certain rules which dictate how its employees should perform during return/exchange procedures.

Do You Have To Return To The Same Walmart?

Walmart returns can be done almost anywhere – but the purchase details are consistent across the company. If your local Walmart store is closed, you should go to the nearest location that’s open and then speak to a service desk associate in person about making a return. You may need to bring your receipt with you or show it on your phone if they’re unable to locate it immediately.


Walmart does not have a policy against taking back opened or used mattresses. However, this is done on a case by case basis and must be approved by Walmart management. At Walmart, employees are trained to ensure the hygiene of products being placed onto shelves. Walmart allows for customers a 90-day return window from the original purchase date.


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