What Are Sodexo Coupons Or Passes?

Sodexo Coupons

Nowadays, coupons have become an integral part of our life. Moreover, the use of coupons is also increasing day by day because of increased competition in the business. Customers also look for coupons whether they are shopping online or offline. Coupons are popular because they are cheap and offer better deals when shopping. In this article, we will discuss a different type of coupon, the Sodexo coupon.        

Sodexo coupon is also known as Sodexo Meal Pass which is provided by Sodexo, leading food services and facilities management service provider in India. Usually, Sodexo provides restaurant vouchers, meal passes, leisure passes, etc. in the form of coupons. Sodexo meal pass allows a customer to purchase ready-to-eat food and non – alcoholic beverages from any of the Sodexo affiliated outlets. These coupons are only distributed, managed, processed, and sold by Sodexo.

How Does Sodexo Works?

Before, we know more about the Sodexo coupon we should know how Sodexo works and how they benefit from these coupons. It will help you understand their purpose in giving this Sodexo meal passes. There are three parties involved with the Sodexo coupons. They are the Sodexo, the outlet where you are going to redeem the coupon, and the 3rd party is “You” the customer. When you get a Sodexo coupon, you will go to a restaurant or shop to redeem it. The restaurant or shop owner collects these coupons from the customers and then gives the coupons back to Sodexo. Then Sodexo gives the money to the owner after holding a commission of 5% to 7% for themselves. This way all three parties are benefited from the coupons. So Sodexo earns money from commission, the restaurant owner earns money from the increased sales and the customer is benefited through tax rebate.

Advantages Of Sodexo Meal Passes

Sodexo meal pass has many advantages for merchants, employers, and users. Let’s check them out.

Advantages For Employer

1. A personalized meal card which is highly impactful as it is used by your employees every day

2. Easy-to-order and implement employee benefit with a single integrated web tool

3. India’s largest meal network with nationwide acceptance at 1,00,000+ outlets across 1700+ small towns and cities

4. Assured data security due to closed-loop network and in-house security experts

5. Employees can suggest an outlet of their choice to be added to Sodexo’s network

Advantages For Users

1. Employees benefit from tax savings of up to ₹12,000 every year

2. Personalized, PIN-based card that can be locked and unlocked on an app for added security

3. Additional savings of ₹8,000 through Sodexo-exclusive deals and offers

4. Easy payments acceptance across popular food portals like Zomato, Freshmenu, etc

5. Sodexo-Zeta Mobile App to track spends and receipts, make payments and manage meal card on-the-go

Advantages For Merchants

1. Get access to 30 lakh daily shoppers

2. Loyal consumers give guaranteed sales at stores, across 1,700+ cities

3. Co-branded promotions lead to higher visibility and sales

4. Enable secure transactions

5. Accept payments with new digital payment solutions

6. Get on-time guaranteed payments for your transactions

Where To Get Sodexo Coupons And How To Use Them?

Usually, Sodexo coupons are given by companies or organizations where you work. For example, Amazon India has offered Sodexo’s digital meal benefits to its more than 100,000 employees across India. The companies buy these coupons from Sodexo and then give them to their employees so that they will be able to avail themselves of tax rebates.

The employees can use these coupons in various grocery stores, restaurants, and cafeterias that accept Sodexo coupons. You can use the Sodexo meal pass instead of the money to buy different types of meals and beverages from selected restaurants and stores. There are 18,000 Sodexo Affiliated outlets available across 1,350 Indian cities. You must have your signature on the coupon if you want to redeem it. Without the signature, you won’t be able to redeem the coupon.

FAQs About Sodexo Meal Pass

1. Is There A Minimum Employee Requirement To Partner With Sodexo?

No, there is no minimum employee requirement to partner with Sodexo. Sodexo coupon is a customizable meal pass and can be avail as per the needs & policy of the organization.

2. Does Sodexo Serve Prisons?

No, Sodexo doesn’t provide services within any federal prison, detention center, or correctional facility in any operating country. 

3. Can I Use Sodexo On Amazon?          

If you are an Amazon employee working in India then you can use the Sodexo coupon in selected restaurants or stores. You can use the coupon to buy foods, drinks, etc.

4. How To Opt For A Meal Pass For Employees?

If you want to avail Sodexo meal pass for your employees then you have to contact the Sodexo through their Contact US page.

5. How Much Amount You Can Load On A Sodexo Meal Pass?

You won’t be able to decide how much you can load on your Sodexo coupon. Usually, it is decided by the HR of the company that you are working for. So contact your HR if you want to know the monthly load value of your Sodexo Meal Card.

6. Can I Use My Card As Soon As I Receive It?

You can’t use the Sodexo coupon as soon as you receive it because the coupon is dispatched in an inactive mode for security reasons. You have to activate the card before using it.

7. How To Activate The Sodexo Meal Pass?

You have to activate the Sodexo card before you can use it. The process is very simple. Follow the below steps – 

1. First, open a browser on your computer
2. Now visit https://activation.sodexobrs.com/ from your browser
3. When the page loads completely, enter your registered mobile number or email address
4. Then, enter the 12-digit card reference number & the Captcha
5. Now click on “Get Activation Code”
6. You will receive the activation code on your mail or via SMS on your phone
7. Now enter the activation code in the right box
8. Click on “Activate Card” and your Sodexo meal pass is ready for use

8. Can The Sodexo Coupon Be Used To Pay Bills?

No, you cannot use the Sodexo coupon to pay the bills. You can only use the Sodexo coupon to buy foods and drinks from restaurants and stores. 

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