What Are Website Alternatives To Alibaba Main Suppliers From Turkey? (Listed & Explained!)

What Are Website Alternatives To Alibaba Main Suppliers From Turkey

If you are looking for answers to any or all of your online shopping questions, you have come to the right place here at this blog! Online shopping is something that is quickly becoming one of the most accessible things in today’s world. Not too long ago, just about ten years ago, it would seem like a funny concept but now it’s hard to imagine living without this comfort and ease. One fantastic benefit of Internet shopping is that you can browse products with just a few clicks and start buying whatever immediately suits your needs with just one more click! Although there are plenty of websites available at your fingertips that you can use when shopping online – some might not be as reputable as others and will lure you into dubious deals so please make sure to analyze all possible options you’re interested in before making any final purchases. 

Online shopping websites offer many bonus deals, discounts and other promotions for their customers; all of which are designed to increase the amount of time visitors stay on the site. They also help build a strong database of customers and promote items that may have otherwise not been able to be sold. There are many online sellers who want to get your income but how can you choose which one is right for you? Well, our team has done the hard work for you! We studied different types of online discount sites in-depth and have now prepared a report detailing them containing some key information about each site. We hope this will make your decision easier – so please read on below for more details. So, let’s get started! 

Website Alternatives To Alibaba Main Suppliers From Turkey

Alternatives To Alibaba Main Suppliers From Turkey


Gittigidiyor, a reputable web-based shopping platform since 2001 and a go-to place for many who are interested in buying goods online, is widely popular among Turkish consumers. With over 230 million users overall , Gittigidiyor offers goods across categories, whether it’s “Luxury Goods” or more casual products like the ever so often needed “Dust Bags”. The site is also worth noting for their “Star Opportunities” campaign which allows people to save big on items that may have been discontinued or a one of a kind product as it gives an opportunity to both merchants/manufactures and ordinary customers alike to sell (or bid on) these special items!


Morhipo is an online fashion retail company founded in 2000 and has since been providing customers with everything they need to keep their wardrobes up to latest trends. Morhipo’s discounts of up to 90% have made it one of the most famous online shopping sites amongst Turkey citizens and others. If you don’t have much time on your hand and hate doing your shopping by visiting crowded stores, Morhipo is there for you. You can easily order what you want from the comforts of your own home or when out walking or taking a bus using Morhipo’s dedicated mobile app. 


A rather popular and world-famous e-commerce company that deals with both men, women and children’s products is Trendyol. This site offers a wide range of fashionable products to choose from while also featuring information on the latest trends. If you live in Turkey, the latter can be really helpful as you know whether or not those boots will go out of style in the upcoming spring season or not.


Tozlu.com, one of the best alternative websites in the clothing category, was founded in 2011. This site is famous among shoppers because of its variety and convenience of choosing from all the possible products that one could need here. One of Tozlu’s strong points is definitely it’s variety in hijab fashion which attracts a lot of people and makes this website special because if you want to find anything related to hijabs on sale or at special price, your sure going to find it on Tozlu.


Kitapyurdu, one of the giants in the industry of book portfolio, has covering of a wide range of genres anywhere from lifestyle to health to philosophical and psychological genres to business and personal development. Customers will also be able to get magazines and stationery at Kitapyurdu. 


The sales of sports equipment, gifts, and electronics is the main distinguishing feature of D&R online book shopping website. They are more like Kitapyurdu. Furthermore, they are known for frequent discounts that are not comparable in the market. 


Online shopping websites like Trendyol, n11, and more like them often sell products that are discounted due to the fact they’re old or out of season. However, Akakce don’t want you to miss out on the chance to purchase many of these great deals that expire quickly. When you see a deal you like at one of Akakce, be sure to take action fast because these discounts don’t last long!


The name says it all. As the name suggests, this website is all about providing you with sportswear, clothing and footwear that will help you improve your current skills and take part in almost any sport. This website also offers a wide range of accessories too, to make sure you’re not left disadvantaged when taking part in any sport. Be it Nike, Under Armour, Adidas or Puma products – this is the place to get them.


Perfumes and accessories can also be found on the Boyner online shopping site, which focuses mainly on clothing. The biggest difference from its competitors is the presence of an outlet inside the site.


The company, which has been in the Turkish market since 1996, opened its first online store in 2005. On the site where you can find countless home decor, kitchen and garden items, there are also products of leading European brands.


If you’d love to get few things for your home or you just want to add decorative value to suit your needs or preference without the need of a professional designer, then Evidea online store is the right place to go! Through this online shopping site, customers will be able to follow up with the latest trends in home décor. 


One of the online shopping websites in Turkey is N11. It delights its customers with the big discounts it offers on the 11th of November every year. In N11, you will find many different categories of products from clothing to technology, from dress shoes to accessories for sports and many other things. n11 also works with various merchants such as Nike, Gant, Timberland and New Balance who offer you not only great prices but also free shipping. Another special deal offered by them is usually running on Black Friday when they give 20% off coupons they send via email to their subscribers (everyone can subscribe) which are available throughout the whole year!


 It is one of the top e-commerce sites, and we can all be thankful for this. It has more than 12 million items in its inventory and carries a vast assortment of items. The best way to describe how it struts its stuff is as an online shopping mall where one can shop from multiple brands by price, category, or rating. This website – whether you like it or not – has gained popularity. In fact, it was selected as the best online shopping site in Turkey in 2013 and continues to gain the trust of customers. 

Closing Thoughts 

In addition to this, it’s worth noting that we didn’t mention product brands’ homepages in this blog, because we did not have the time to re-post every single one of them. However, if you are interested in more information about the products and brands mentioned in this article that aren’t featured on our website anymore do check out the online shopping websites where we’ve included links for you to find additional information about discontinued products and the brand overall.



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