What Does It Mean To Make A Bank? (Full Details!)

What Does It Mean To Make A Bank

This is slang used to tell someone that you make a lot of money. Making a bank is just like saying you cleaned up nicely. You are getting a lot of money entails that you have made a bank. 

Key Takeaways

  • An accountant is someone who is employed by a firm or an individual to perform financial calculations
  • To become an accountant, you must have a bachelor’s degree as well as a proper license and certification
  • As a business executive, you could hold several positions in a company

Professions That Would Help You Make A Bank

Professions That Would Help You Make A Bank

Majorly, the key to making a lot of money is having different sources of income. Let us list some of the major professions that earn you a lot of money. 


An accountant is someone who is employed by a firm or an individual to perform financial calculations. Accountants don’t just work for firms or individuals, sometimes you could be an accountant or a small business or even yourself if you are self-employed and have a business of your own. An accountant has a lot of responsibilities, for example, the accountant is supposed to know how analyzing and preparing different financial reporting systems are done. They also help small businesses grow by staying in their financial lane and big firms to stay a the top while helping them spend money wisely. Sometimes accountants work for a very long time during a particular season of the year.

To become an accountant, you require some things, bachelor’s degree should behold enough but a master’s degree will gr you higher-paying jobs. Also, you should have a license and certification in regions that require such. 

The minimum salary for an accountant is 70,500 dollars while those with a Master’s degree who earn higher could get 500,000 dollars. Although this depends mainly on your experience as an accountant. Hardly ever does an accountant get a salary that pays up to a million. Outside that, we could say that accountants make a bank every year. 

Business Executive 

A business executive is someone who makes a bank, most business executives live in the best houses you can find. As a business executive, you could hold several positions in a company. For instance, you could be the CEO, you could be the CFO or COO in one big firm. The people holding any of these three positions are those people you see with the latest Porsche and Giorgio Armani Suits, everyone calling them sir or ma around the office. The founder of a business could be a CEO because whoever found the business knows all about the business and the industry. 

Although this isn’t necessary as someone who has a formal degree in business and enough training could taketh place as CEO of the company so the business could operate more effectively and get more profit than it used to. With the bonuses that these business executives earn, they get huge salaries each year. Like every formal job, a degree is needed, for instance, a master’s degree would do you a lot of good while a bachelor’s degree could get you thus far. A business executive is someone who has a lot of works to do, most times they are very busy and so it requires a mentally stable individual. You could earn. A minimum of 104,000 dollars and a maximum of 5 million dollars every year. 

Computer System And IT Manager

A computer system manager who is also known as the IT manager is the one who takes charge of everything concerning the computer systems and processes of a company or firm. Most of the computer and IT-related systems that he or she is to take care of are the things like hardware purchase planning, putting in software, taking care of the network, and working on troubleshooting. IT managers don’t just stop at getting their one-time education because they have to take lessons continuously to stay up to date on the new systems that are available on the market. They learn new techniques online with tech products. To become a good IT manager, or before any company employs and keeps you as their IT manager, you should have a bachelor’s degree or better still, a master’s degree with online education modern knowledge so you could retain your job and make your bank continuously. This profession would hardly get you a million-dollar salary, but it would stress you a lot with a lot of working hours and long-term education. A minimum of 143,000 dollars and a maximum of 500k dollars is what they earn annually. 


Engineers are very well respected people in their field because the job requires a lot of creativity and intellect. Although there are different categories of engineers in the world today, some of the design aircraft, cars, roads, railways, satellites, space vehicles, sky scrappers, and a lot of things. There are also chemical engineers who work with fuel and drugs at times. Look, an engineer just has a general job of trying to solve problems or make life easier for citizens. Engineers study mathematics, physics, chemistry, and a little biology to be good at what they do. 

To be a good engineer, most times you have a bachelor’s degree with additional three years of experience in the field. The only thing with engineering is that the employer might be a little hard to get but they make a bank with 120k dollars to 155k dollars annually. 

Instructional Designer 

An instructional designer creates the content for an online session. All the learners within the whole corporation adhere to the curriculum that he or she has drawn out. They work together alongside an expert on a particular subject for him or her to generate good learning experiences to every individual so they can learn from what the class has to say. In this field, a bachelor’s degree is needed, extra training that depends on the specific area that you focus on. They earn within the range of 77k dollars to 93k dollars. 

Entertainment Professional

This is where people who are professionals make a bank. In this field, these guys clean up more money than most. Only the Arabs and the businessmen are either than these people in the world. For example, the actors, the musicians, TV or radio host for shows. even the writers are seen to be part of the industry most times. Those who turn out to be very successful in the entertainment industry, they know how lucrative it is and how much they earn. Sportsmen are also part of the entertainment industry, and they are more stable than any other part of the entertainment industry. He actors, musicians, and others rarely have stable parts in the industry. Also, as an entertainer, you should need a manager that would help you seal deals. One thing about the entertainment industry, it is very difficult to make it there. These people have some of the highest competition in any career world, this is so much so that if someone younger than them does better, they might be kicked out. 

A table showing some slang used to say money and its reference

Slang Reference 
BenjaminsThis is as a result of Benjamin Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill. 
BaconThis is used when you are asked to bring home some cash. 
Bank This is a term used when speaking about making money
BandsThis is used because most people band their cash when they have plenty with them. 
Big onesThis is used when you have more than 10 thousand on you
BankrollsThis is having several bankrolls of money in your hands
BillsHave plenty 100 dollar bills in your possession 
Big bucksThis is the word you use when referring to huge payments, maybe for compensation or something 
Biscuits This has an unknown history, guessing it is because having money is sweet just like a cookie 
BisquickThis is the same as the biscuit above, the only difference here is the money is only gotten faster here.

What Is A Slang Word Used In Place Of Money?

Bank. This is a very common slang used to replace the dollar in a sentence. According to history, the word was gotten from the early American colonists who most times traded deerskins or buckskins. 

What Slang Do You Use For A Lot Of Money?

Rolling. Rolling is very common for people who have a lot of money, people who make a bank. Most times they take large piles of money and roll them, this is what originated the word rolling. 


We must have figured it out by now that money is one of the things in the world today that has a lot of slangs.


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