What Does OGP Mean At Walmart? (Detailed Explanation!)

OGP Mean At Walmart

OGP at Walmart means Online Grocery Pickup. It is a process of ordering things, especially groceries online, and having them delivered to your doorstep. It is a convenient method introduced by Walmart and many people have keyed into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • With Walmart OGP, you can order product from anywhere you want and get the order delivered to your home address
  • Walmart OGP allows you to shop online which will be very convenient in rush hours
  • The reviews of Walmart OGP will let you know if the product is usable and trusted
  • If you are concerned about privacy while shopping online then Walmart OGP will be the best option for you

Advantages Of Using Walmart OGP 

Advantages Of Using Walmart OGP 

Many people love using Walmart OGP because of its numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include:

1. Convenience: Understandably, all humans love the ease, and they will always go for the convenient option. Therefore, the ease of using this option is one of the top reasons why people love it. Now, a person can always place an order for groceries and other items even from the comfort of their homes. For example, you just woke up and discovered that you are running low on food items. However, you also feel drained and do not have the energy to step out to the closest Walmart. But, that does not mean you will starve or stay without food items. With this option, you can purchase the food items online and get them delivered to your home. Many people, including older adults, enjoy the convenience that comes with Walmart OGP, and they do not waste time recommending this option to other people. Once you get started with this option, it would be hard to turn back. 

2. No Pressure: If you are a regular Walmart shopper, you will agree with this option as shopping at physical Walmart stores usually brings pressure. If you are confused, allow us to tell you how it works. Sometimes, you may go to a Walmart store but end up buying things that were not on your shopping list. It could be that you saw someone putting it in their shopping cart and your curiosity got the best of you. Or, a fellow shopper recommended the product urging you to buy it. However, there is that pressure that comes with shopping at physical stores, and people try to stay away from it. Therefore, since Walmart OGP allows you to shop online, you can be sure of staying away from such pressure. We see that some people do not know how to say no to others, which is why they succumb to such pressure when shopping at physical stores. 

3. It Saves Time: Many people complain that shopping is time-consuming and we agree with this claim. Thus, people have always wished there could be a solution to not shopping physically at Walmart. Luckily, the Walmart OGP comes as that option as it allows you to buy things through online methods without going to anyone. You will agree that it is time-consuming navigating to the nearest Walmart store. Asides from that, you will also spend time navigating the various aisles to pick the items you desire. In addition, you will also have to join long queues at the checkout counter. By the time you are done, you will also have to think of getting home. All these can take a toll on a regular shopper, but you will not experience it with Walmart OGP. Instead, you scroll your phone, pick the items you desire, add it to your online shopping cart, and checkout. This online process will not take more than 10 minutes. 

4. It Lets You Get Online Reviews: When you want to get an item from Walmart OGP as with any other online store, you are sure to see reviews on each product. Of course, the store will give a brief description of the products. However, these reviews are from customers who have bought and used the products. The reviews let you know if the product is usable and trusted. Some people say online reviews have helped them avoid bad shopping situations before. Therefore, it is only right that you get such reviews before buying things. However, you cannot get reviews about a product if you decide to shop physically. People are usually in a rush at Walmart stores, and they are not looking to converse. Thus, you can only hope for the best when you get a product as these people did not give you any feedback. This reason stands as one of the top reasons why people love Walmart OGP.

5. Privacy: We also love that you can have your privacy when ordering with Walmart OGP. So, you are sure not to get any judgmental stares or have people making snide remarks while shopping. Walmart stores are usually open areas for everyone, so you cannot think of having privacy as you shop. Therefore, it gives room for almost anyone to talk to you and give their opinions on what you are getting. However, we know that not everyone likes such a system and would prefer their privacy while shopping. So, if you love to have your privacy while shopping, it is best to use Walmart OGP so that no one knows what you are getting. It could be that you are shy to get it at the store as you think that people will laugh. However, these should not be on your mind when using Walmart OGP as it eliminates such stress. 

6. You Can Easily Gift A Friend: Using Walmart OGP must not always be for you as you can also use it to gift a friend. For example, your friend feels under the weather and you want to send fruits to the person. However, you have a busy schedule for the week and do not have the time to shop for these products and send them to your friend. However, you also know that you have to do something. Thus, you can decide to use the Walmart OGP to get food for your friends. Once you go to your profile or dashboard, you pick the food items and send them to your shopping car. Then, you put in the name and phone number of your friend and Walmart will deliver it to them. Therefore, you are being a good friend through Walmart OGP, and it helps strengthen the bond between you and your friend. You can see that Walmart OGP serves as a platform for surprising your friends. 

Disadvantages Of Walmart OGP 

Disadvantages Of Walmart OGP 

Everything that has an advantage will also have a disadvantage, and Walmart OGP is not an exception. However, the product will still classify as an exceptional product if the pros are more than the cons as in the case of Walmart.

Some disadvantages of Walmart are:

1. Absence of physical inspection: Have you ever been a victim of receiving a spoilt item from an online store before? We are not saying that it will happen to you, but it is something that can occur when you use Walmart OGP. You get to physically check whatever you are getting when you shop physically. For example, you can check to ensure you are not getting soft and rotten tomatoes and more. However, you cannot do such when buying from Walmart OGP. So, you have to stay hopeful and pray that you do not get damaged items. But if such happens, you can always request for a refund from Walmart. 

2. Delayed delivery: Shopping from Walmart OGP helps to save time and more. However, it does not come in handy for people who want immediate delivery. For example, it could be that you are cooking and you have run out of spices. In such a case, you might want to dash to the nearest Walmart store to get the spices and continue cooking. But if you decide to use Walmart OGP, they may not deliver the item within your cooking time frame and it becomes a problem. Some people say they only use Walmart OGP when they do not need items urgently as it would piss them off to keep waiting. 

3. Fraud risk: People usually complain about how online shopping is risky as it leaves you open to fraud, and Walmart OGP is not an exception. Unfortunately, we have seen some cases where hackers got into Walmart’s systems, accessing peoples’ card information and more. It is why you will hear some people complain about how they keep getting debits they cannot account for. However, companies, including Walmart OGP have people and systems in place to fight against such fraud risk and ensure that customers’ details are safe.

Walmart OGP Salary

Below is a table showing the salary of some Walmart OGP associates in some states

StateWalmart OGP Salary 
Washington $14/hr
Alaska $13/hr
California $14/hr


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What does OGP stand for?

OGP stands for Online Grocery Pickup in Walmart 

What Does OGP pay? 

The salary of an OGP associate is between $12 – $18 hourly, depending on the state. 

When did Walmart start OGP?

Walmart started the OGP initiative in February 2019.


Walmart OGP allows you to buy things online and have it delivered by a Walmart OGP associate. 



What does OGP mean at Walmart?

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