What Is Amazon Business Account? Pros And Cons Of Amazon Business Account

Amazon Business Account

Recently Amazon has introduced Amazon Business and it allows the business owners to access the huge network of retail providers for easy ordering and numerous appealing discounts. Moreover, you will be a part of Amazon Business Prime and receive additional deals and unique features as well as manage the cash flow and expenses of your business. If you want to learn more about the Amazon Business account then keep reading the article.

Amazon business account offers its users a buying solution for all types of registered businesses. In the Amazon business account, you can assign an individual who can enter and buy business supplies on Amazon on your behalf. Some of the common advantages of an Amazon business account are convenient business shipping, fast and free delivery, cashback offer, etc.

What Is Amazon Business Account?

What Is Amazon Business Account

Amazon business account is a type of purchasing solution for registered businesses of any size. Amazon business account works for sole proprietors with only one account but this account can be used by large businesses. Large businesses can use the approval processes to keep spending in check. In the Amazon business account, you can create more user accounts so that employers can make purchases for the company. If you have an individual Amazon Prime subscription then you can use it with Amazon Business, or you can buy an Amazon Business Prime account that starts at $179 a year. The Amazon Business Prime account can have up to three users and scales to enterprise level.

Amazon Business Account Fees

Opening an Amazon business account is completely free. You don’t have to pay any fees to shop on Amazon Business but if you want to access to Business Prime Shipping then you have to pay a fee based on the number of users. Below is the pricing structure of the Amazon business account – 

1. Essentials: $179 per year for up to 3 users (max 3 users)

2. Small: $499 per year for up to 10 users (max 10 users)

3. Medium: $1,299 per year for up to 100 users (max 100 users)

4. Enterprise: $10,099 per year for over 100 users

Amazon allows the uses to share their personal Amazon Prime membership with your business account but you cannot use the Amazon business account for personal purchases. Moreover, you can use the Amazon business account to resell products that you have shipped directly to another customer using Amazon Business prime shipping.

Pros And Cons Of Amazon Business Account

Pros of Amazon Business AccountCons of Amazon Business Account
Price savings and shipping choicesExcessive fees decrease the product margin 
Payment optionsProduct differentiation is more difficult for the seller
Progressive DiscountsBuyers become Amazon’s customers, not yours
Free Survey and Analytics ToolsYou can’t add packaging inserts and other marketing content to the product box
5% Back or 90 Day TermsHard to insert product data into Amazon Business
Spend Visibility
Amazon Work Docs
Extended terms for Pay by Invoice
Optimal visibility and policy settings
Get access to deals and offers on products and services

How To Create An Amazon Business Account

How To Create An Amazon Business Account

Creating a business account is quite simple. You just have to follow some steps to open a business account. Below are all the details!

1. First, open a browser on your computer

2. Next visit the Amazon Business Membership Page

3. Now from the top right corner click on the “Create a free account” button

4. When the new page loads, first type a valid email address 

5. Then provide your full name and choose your business password

6. Next, verify your email address

7. After verifying your email address, you have to provide the business name, business phone number, etc. 

8. Finally, it might take a day or two for Amazon to verify your business account

How To Switch Amazon.com Account Into An Amazon Business Account

If you have an Amazon.Com account then you don’t have to open a business account. You can easily switch your Amazon.Com account into an Amazon business account. Just follow the below steps – 

1. First login to your Amazon.Com account

2. Then go to your account drop-down menu

3. Now from the available options click on the “Switch Accounts”

4. A new window will appear, select or add your Amazon Business account

5. Now your Amazon.com account will be converted into an Amazon business account

Benefits Of Using Amazon Business Account

Benefits Of Using Amazon Business Account

1. You can do personalized browsing and search according to your type of business 

2. Amazon uses an AI to customize your shopping experience and find the products that will fit your business type

3. You can get the Amazon business card to get rewards or pay zero interest on US purchases as Amazon Business

4. Amazon business account offers Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Delivery for free on various products for your business

5. With an Amazon business account, you can get exclusive business pricing. You can easily choose prices and bulk discounts on eligible products for your business

6. If you have an Amazon business account then you will get more discount compared to a normal account

7. You can access exclusive products with your Amazon business account. This type of product includes industrial deep fryers, dent pullers, antibodies, etc.

8. Provide access to a company credit card to certain users

9. Set certain qualifying purchases for consolidated delivery on a pallet to your dock or doorstep

10. You can build approval workflows to allow better spending controls

11. You can use the analytics and report tools to manage spending activity and total costs on purchases which is very convenient

12. Amazon business account allows you to Place tax-exempt purchases and handles tax exemption permissions across an organization

13. With an Amazon business account, you can use the purchase order or reference numbers to purchases to support reporting and account reconciliation

14. You can able to purchase products with a credit line

FAQs About What Is Amazon Business Account? Pros And Cons Of Amazon Business Account

Is A Business Amazon Account Free?

Amazon business account is free to create. If you are a verified business owner then you can easily open an Amazon business account. However, if you want to access to Business Prime Shipping then you have to pay a fee based on the number of users.

Is There A Monthly Fee For Amazon Business?

If you are an Amazon seller then there are two subscription options available for you, they are Individual plan and a professional plan. The individual plan is free of charge every month and the professional plan is $39.99 per month.

Is It Good To Have An Amazon Business Account?

If you consider the perks that you will get with the Amazon business account compared with the personal account then it is worth buying a business account. A business account will help you save money by offering various facilities.

Can I Use My Amazon Business Account For Personal Use?

No, you can’t use your Amazon business account for personal use. You can share your personal Amazon Prime membership with your business account but it is not possible for the business account.

Do You Get Prime TV With Amazon Business?

NO, you won’t get prime TV with Amazon business. Moreover, Prime Music is also excluded from the Amazon Business account.         


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