What Is Best Buy Open Box Return Policy? (All You Need To Know!)

What Is Best Buy Open Box Return Policy

Best Buy’s return policy for open-box items allows you to return an item under 45 days from the day of purchase in 2022. For open-box items, you must have proof of purchase and a valid ID to return them if you do not wish to keep them.

Key Takeaways

  • Buy accepts the return of most items that are unsatisfactory to customers, except for open-box items
  • The Best Buy return policy also allows customers to request a return of an open-box item nad in that case you have to submit the receipt
  • Best Buy allows customers to return open-box items within 15-30 and 45 calendar days
  • Best Buy will deny your request for a return if there is no proof of purchase/receipt

Best Buy Open Box Return Policy In 2022

Best Buy Open Box Return Policy

Best Buy has a highly flexible return policy which provides customers with an array of options when it comes to returning their purchases for one reason or another. If you don’t feel satisfied by an open box item, you will need to provide the indication that you are indeed the rightful owner of the item in question. Along with this task, said individual is required to provide photo identification as well as the receipt from his or her purchase; these actions let Best Buy understand they are dealing with a customer who is indeed looking to receive a refund and should be not mistaken for someone whom is trying to steal what is rightfully theirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Best Buy’s Return Policy On Open Box Items Works?

The Best Buy return policy allows customers to request for a return of an open box item. However, it is necessary to provide proof of purchase such as original receipts, packing slips, gift receipts or credit card statements when requesting the return of an open box item from Best Buy.

Best Buy allows customers to return nearly all open-box items as long as they make their returns within the applicable return and exchange periods. These periods are between 15-30 and 45 calendar days when it comes to standard, Elite, and Elite Plus membership status, respectively.

Additionally, retailers like Best Buy will require that you present the original packaging and accessories with your return request because they need to validate that items are genuine. If an item is missing its original packaging or any of its accessories — a Best Buy employee may refuse to accept it as a return even if the item itself has a valid association for its return. What’s more, it’s important to note that Best Buy may deny your request for return if there is no proof of purchase, valid photo identification or if the product is damaged, defective or dented.

Can I Return An Item To Best Buy With a Box Or Original Packaging?

It is a surprise to us that Best Buy allows customers to return electronics to them without the original box or packaging! As written on their website:

“If you do not have all the original packaging or accessories, that’s okay too. We can process a return with a non-refundable deduction on your refund for what is missing.”

Although all returns at Best Buy require a receipt to receive credit, the retailer can provide cash in most instances on orders purchased inside its stores. Best Buy will also accept items purchased online up to 45 days after they’ve been shipped. If an item is deemed defective, the device will either be replaced or repaired at no charge during this time frame so long as a proof of purchase is provided.

Is Open Box Worth It At Best Buy?

Open-box items can be enticing to consumers looking to save money off their purchase. But these items aren’t always a deal – as in many cases, they are only good for temporary use. When shopping, make sure you consider the quality and original price of an open-box item before taking the plunge!

If you notice an item that is labeled as an ‘open box,’ it simply means the packaging has been opened previously but the actual product is undamaged due to testing. For example, a buyer could have returned a mobile phone because of size or color issues but didn’t have time to return the box. Just denote if something comes across something they know they won’t like before taking delivery, and make sure you thoroughly test out all features once received so there are no unwanted problems with the functionality of the product.

Does Best Buy Open Box Have Warranty?

According to the Best Buy Outlet Guide, when it comes down to open-box items, it just depends entirely on the product type whether or not there is a warranty. Most open-box products at Best Buy are covered under warranty and will continue to be covered by a 1 year factory warranty from the day of purchase unless stated otherwise. If the manufacturer’s warranty on an open box item has ended, the local Best Buy store can still help you with any concerns you might have with your device but only if it isn’t already under warranty through Best Buy. For instance, if you purchased a MacBook Pro during an open-box sale and want to return it later after realizing it needs repairs, then as long as your original receipt is present then we’d be happy to honor that form of proof.

What Does Best Buy Open Box Excellent Mean?

The Open Box Excellent tag on an item describes the working conditions of the specified open box item and if it’s accompanied by any included accessories. Once an item is returned to a Best Buy Store, it is inspected and tested to verify the physical appearance and if it’s in working condition. If these criteria are met and verified, then the item receives an certification from our employees according to the working condition tag attached to each product which reads as Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory or Fair.

When you’re buying a used or refurbished product from Best Buy, you have the option of an extra level of protection in the form of an extended warranty. With an open box purchase, items are restocked and shipped directly to the customer. They undergo a rigorous inspection process ensuring that they function as intended and haven’t been damaged since their return date. The company takes great care to ensure that these products are at least restored to their previous specifications. Open box is good – but using a best buy protection plan means you’ll never be surprised with any nasty surprises later on down the line!


Best Buy’s return policy offers big rewards for their customers. A customer should have the right to return a product if he/she is not satisfied with it or something about it does not work for them. Some products are opened and we would like people to feel comfortable returning these items, even if they’re a bit worn down from having been used in the store. Like we said earlier, Best Buy’s return policy for open-box items let you return the item at any time in 2022 with proof of purchase and valid ID. If you decide not to keep an open box item, it must be returned within 45 days from the date of purchase.



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