What Is Big Lots Return Policy On Furniture? (In-depth Explanation!)

What Is Big Lots Return Policy On Furniture

Big Lots has an excellent return policy and the returns must be made within 30 days of the original purchase. Bring the item, along with all accessories and paperwork or order confirmation to any Big Lots store and we will do our best to take care of you. If you do not wish to return an item directly, we can always help you process a refund or exchange by phone at (888) 535-9312. The item must be in its original packaging, even for store returns.

Key Takeaways

  • All products sold by Big Lots have passed their quality control inspection procedures and are deemed safe for use
  • Big Lots’ furniture return policy allows you to get your money back if you are not happy with the product or if the furniture was flawed
  • You can return furniture at Big Lots online or in their retail locations
  • According to the Big Lots return policy, you have to return furniture to Big Lots within 30 days from the day of purchase  

What Is Big Lots’ Furniture Return Policy?

Big Lots’ Furniture Return Policy

Big Lots’ furniture return policy allows you to get your money back if the piece of furniture was flawed when you bought it. Big Lots will also do a one for one exchange! However, in compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and understand that without a receipt, the company can hold on to 15% of the original price and if your item cost more than $250 then you can only receive an in-store gift card not cash. But if you meet these criteria, there is no need to worry because we have got all of the steps needed to return a mattress from Big Lots. Ready? Let’s get into the details for returning furniture at Big Lots.

Can You Return Furniture to Big Lots If You Don’t Like It?

Fortunately, you can return your furniture to Big Lots if needed. Big Lots allows you to return items purchased at its website and in their retail locations. Regardless of what type of decor you’re shopping for your house – whether it’s office furniture, living room furnishings, or other household decorations – you can always return those items and get a refund or replacement.

The furniture return policy though, is incredibly important to take into account when returning furniture to Big Lots. The furniture return policy stipulates that customers should request to return furniture to Big Lots within 30 days from the day of purchase. As far as we know, there are other things you need to factor in too, or at least this would be ideal.

Additionally, customers must make sure that their furniture has been cleaned and is in its original packaging. And without exception, the furniture needs to be accompanied by the original paperwork from the seller. Overall though, Big Lots have full rights to refuse refunds or exchanges. The only time a refund is permitted is if Big Lots made an error when listing or selling the product or shipping something other than what was ordered. Customers will be able to exchange a product as long as they are returning it with everything intact and properly packaged in-tact. However, customers may experience a 20% restocking fee on all return merchandise that was not defective upon delivery but was later returned due to customer’s dissatisfaction with the product itself.

How Can I Return Furniture to Big Lots?

Customers can either return furniture to Big Lots via in-store returns or by mail, depending on the mode of purchase. These two methods are further explained in more detail below. 

Furniture Purchased In-Store

In regard to the furniture you purchased from your local Best Buy store, you can receive a refund or exchange it for another one directly in the store within the next 30 days. You have to have a receipt as well as return any purchase items that were kept by you. After coming into our store and getting a sales representative’s attention, they will help process and complete your request.

While returns are rare, they do understand that sometimes your furniture might get too uncomfortable to use after purchase. At Big Lots, they follow a detailed process when reviewing furniture return requests and make sure to check the reasons behind why you’d like to return your order. 

However, it’s essential to note that some products purchased at Best Buy require a different procedure for returning them. Additionally, in order for them to process any returns they expect that the customer must have the item returned within the allotted time limit for replacing or refunding the items and in working conditions. 

Furniture Purchased Online

Furniture Purchased Online

You can either return furniture to a physical Big Lots store or by mailing it back. If you choose to return the furniture via mail, you will need your order number and the complete order receipt that displays the item numbers of the things being returned.

Then, you can log into your Big Lots account and enter this information on your order history listing, which lists all of the stuff that you purchased online at any given time. You will be shown an Order Details page where you can select each item individually and a Return Item section will pop up with additional details about how to return them through mail just like in-store returns.

If you want to receive exchange or refund for furniture that you purchased in-store, Big Lots needs to get the item back on the same way you brought it in. If something went wrong with your online order and you need to come back the next day, we suggest bringing the merchandise – only if possible – to the store where it can be properly processed by their team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return Furniture to Big Lots without a Receipt?

Yes! Big Lots furniture returns are easy. If you no longer want something you bought, whether it is damaged or defective, you can return it to the store for a cash refund or credit on a gift card. If you purchased your product in-store with a Big Rewards account or credit card, they will help you locate your receipt within 30 days if they cannot find it themselves. If they still cannot find anything, and your name and address were provided at the time of purchase as proof of purchase, then your request will be processed and a gift card for in-store use will be credited to your Big Rewards account back.

In your Big Lots Account, you are able to access your receipt from past transactions, which also lists the order’s tracking number. If you ever need to do a return, reach out to their fantastic customer service reps so that they can generate the documents for you!

Can I Return Furniture to Big Lots After 30 Days?

Customers can return furniture from someplace such as Big Lots even after 30 days have gone by for a store exchange. As long as the furniture is in good condition and has all the accompanying pieces intact, it should be fine to take it back if you’ve changed your mind. Sometimes, stores like this process returns beyond 30 days but will simply give you a store merchandise credit instead of anything that gives you a refund so just keep that in mind. 

Furthermore, the merchandise credit is redeemable only for in-store purchases. Items returned after 30 days will also attract a processing fee of 20% of the original price of the furniture.

Conclusion – wrapping it up!

Big Lots accepts furniture return requests if customers are dissatisfied with the purchase or if Big Lots delivers damaged furniture. Big Lots approaches returns on a case-by-case basis, but sometimes doesn’t accept certain types of returns.



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