What Is Home Depot Policy On Returning Plants? (In-depth Explanation!)

What Is Home Depot Policy On Returning Plants

Home Depot Customers can return potted plants of all kinds to the store within 90 days of purchase, and after one year if they’re defective. They can also bring in dead plants, as long as they have proof of purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • The Home Depot store is basically the home for plants, flowers, broken shrubbery, and plants without dirt
  • Home Depot has a 90-day return policy and you can return a product within 90 days from the purchase date
  • If you submit a return request after 90 days from the purchase date then Home Depot will reject your request
  • You will have to show your valid photo ID to verify that you are the same person who made the original purchase while returning a plant at the Home Depot

Home Depot Plant Return Policy In 2022

Home Depot Plant Return Policy

Home Depot will take back any plant, whether it be a shrub such as a hibiscus or lavender, or a perennial like a rose or hydrangea, if you are not satisfied within ninety days of your purchase. The same policy applies to trees, as well as bulk orders for landscaping and ground cover.

If your order consists of smaller house plants like tulips, you have a 30-day return policy window during which you can return the item. For example, if you order three tulip bulbs on January 1, 2022 and decide that you would like to return them on February 2nd in 2022, your option will expire on February 3rd as the return policy is only valid for 30 days after purchase. If Home Depot receives your request past the policy time window, they will reject your request. However, if you contact them before or within the expiration date of your order with proof that says otherwise (such as a doctor’s note or an invoice), then they may be willing to make an exception in some cases depending on the situation and their ability to verify that what you’re saying is actually true.

How Long Do You Have To Return Plants At Home Depot?

Home Depot’s specifications include a 90 day guarantee, so if customers decide to return something within this window, they can return their possessions as long as it is free from signs of damage and wear/tear. Often times companies have flexible periods for returns because this gives them enough wiggle room for people who might happen to order things online or in store at a time when one is out of town. There are also different types of plants that fall under the “regular plant” category like flower blossoms, succulents and houseplants. 

If you do not exercise the privilege to return an item and satisfy the requirements by missing the given timeline then you cannot expect to receive any reimbursement or refund in regards to your purchases. You can request your money back but if we find out that we took full responsibility for these mistakes or absentmindedness on your behalf we will seek legal action against you. On the other hand, shrubs and perennials can be brought back to stores any time during their growing season. Additionally, you will have an extended period of 365 days to bring back plants purchased with a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, Commercial Revolving card or Commercial Accounts.

Can You Return Plants To Home Depot Without A Receipt?

Home Depot manages their returns or refund requests for items within 30-90 days depending on their specific in store policies. Home Depot tracks their return transactions like any other purchase made at a register with a credit/debit card. This transaction tracking is handled through the VeriReturn system. You will have to show your valid photo ID such as a passport or state issued identification card to verify that you are the same person who made the original purchase and needs the money back when going to make the return request at Home Depot’s customer service desk.

Additionally, returns on plants bought using Home Depot plastic will be tracked for a full year if needed. If a return is proved legit, you can receive a full refund onto the card you originally paid with, and cash refunds will be given out as store credit or gift cards. On the other hand, associates may offer store credit at the lowest sale price of their product if the purchase turns out to be sketchy.

Can You Return Dead Plants To Home Depot?

Home Depot does accept the return of dead plants, but in order to do so you’ll need to provide proof of purchase such as a store receipt or an online invoice. If you can verify your purchase, then there’s a chance you’ll be able to switch out the deceased plant for a new, living one. However, if neither of those options apply to you and there is no proof of purchase, then Home Depot might only be able to give you store credit instead.

If a customer decides to order live plants online from Home Depot, then they have three days from the date of arrival where they can claim that their goods were damaged or dead. Plants such as houseplants, perennials, trees, holiday trees, wreaths and garlands are affected by this policy.

Does Home Depot Offer A Plant Guarantee?

Does Home Depot Offer A Plant Guarantee

Home Depot’s Grow a Garden Guarantee covers Bonnie plants with Miracle-Gro soil. These Bonnie plants include:

  • Green sweet bell pepper plant
  • Jalapeño hot pepper plant
  • Sweet basil plant
  • Sweet mini plant

Although Home Depot guarantees a Bonnie harvest, you will be entitled to a full refund covering the price of your Bonnie as long as it fails to produce during the season of March through October. Here’s how: get your receipt and go back into any store. Tell them you bought your Bonnie in a previous year from [Store Name] but its not producing anymore, and that you want a replacement or refund for this plant. The original receipt can be used for either follow-up actions (replacement or refunds) if it is presented within 3-days of purchase. Additionally, refunds are only issued if the purchase was made within 12 months ago, otherwise the Customer Service representative cannot issue a refund due in part to excessive theft and fraud abuse cases associated with these departments throughout Home Depot stores nationwide.”

Can You Return Christmas Trees To Home Depot?

Home Depot allows customers to return both real and artificial Christmas trees within the conventional 90-day return period. However, the Home Depot’s Holiday Decor Protection Plan helps prevent you from having to make a return. The warranty may provide for repairs, and those repairs taking care of electrical or mechanical failures as well as power surge protection, without time limits. Customers returning for service for their damaged lighting are eligible for replacement or full refund based on purchase price.

What Are The Exceptions To Home Depot’s Plant Return Policy?

As explained by the Home Depot’s online return policy, cut flowers and floral arrangements are non-refundable and non-returnable under any circumstances. If you purchased flowers from the Home Depot and they were not delivered, were damaged, or were unsatisfactory in any way, you may need to contact Customer Support before returning them. Note that you will not be charged regardless of whether or not you receive a replacement as part of your customer service interaction with the business.

How Do You Return Plants Purchased Online?

Plants purchased online can be returned at any Home Depot location. The store will accept the plant’s packaging or the shipping box the plant came in. Customers will do best to return the plant with their receipt or online invoice, but they may also present identifying information if they don’t have either of these. If you are exchanging your plant for another, more expensive item, there might need to be extra funds on hand depending upon how much it costs as opposed to what you originally spent for your original purchase.

The amount of plants you can return is dependent upon how large the order was in the first place and whether it’s still within the vendor’s return window. If by chance the store has already closed for the day, don’t worry. The policy is literally though fair since it does provide less time to make use of the guarantee from proximity if you live far away from a Home Depot location. Thankfully, this policy doesn’t apply to indoor plants or trees! In addition, check out our other related guide posts on whether or not Home Depot delivers plants/flowers, if they repair lawn mowers and if they sell Husqvarna lawn mowers.


Plants such as flowers, houseplants, and succulents are amongst the many different types of plants available for purchase at The Home Depot. All plants that grow from seedlings can be returned for up to 3 years from the date of purchase. This 90-day guarantee is offered on all plants with Miracle-Gro soil with the exception of Bonnie Plants which provide returns with a 1-year warranty. All other gardening plants also carry this hassle-free guarantee so long as care instructions are followed and plants are not dead on arrival!



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