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Office Supplies

Office supplies are an integral part of an office setup and no office is complete without office supplies. Whether it is a small business or a home office; there are some common office supplies like paper, pens, scissors, computers, coffee machines, etc.    

Key Takeaways

  • The range of office supplies varies but usually includes computers, pens, markers, paper clips, paper shredders, fax machines, telephones, etc.
  • Office stationery refers to writing materials that include cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, pens, markers, notebooks, etc.
  • Writing tools are the most essential office supplies and some common writing tools are pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, sharpeners, etc.
  • Cardboard boxes can be the right solution for your office to store a lot of material

What Are Office Supplies?

Office Supplies

Office supplies consist of a wide range of consumables goods and equipment which are used regularly by businesses of all sizes. The range of office supplies varies and typically includes small, medium, large items, small machines, higher-cost equipment like computers, fax machines, telephone, etc. Office supplies also include:

1. Record keeping supplies, like invoices and sales receipts

2. Janitorial and cleaning supplies

3. Bathroom tissue

4. Fixing cabinets and storage lockers

5. Paper plates, paper towels, and plastic utensils

6. Beverages for the employee break room    

Important Office Supplies For Small Business

If you want to run your small business without any hassles then below are some essential office supplies that you will need in 2021. Let’s check them out.

Writing Tools: These are the most essential office supplies that will help you take notes, modify, or erase the notes, etc. Writing tools include pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers.

Grouping Tools: It is very important to group the same documents and store them in one place so that you can easily find the document when required. Stapler, staples, stapler remover, rubber bands, and paper clips are important grouping tools.

Paper Shredder: It is mostly used for destroying sensitive office documents but you can also use it to get rid of waste paper. It will help you keep the table clean and organized.

Planner: Planner is also a very important office supply; in fact, it’s a must-have for every office. With a planner, you can easily keep the track of all work deadlines, to-do lists, and appointments. Therefore, a professional planner will help you stay on top of your busy work schedule.

Files And Folders: Files and folders are required to organize and store important documents. Moreover, it is an easy way to carry or pass around the documents.

Computers: Nowadays computers are considered the heart of an office setup. You can’t think of an office without computers. All types of official work are done by computers. A computer can be a laptop or desktop.

Printers: This is also important office equipment because every day lots of papers get printed. Moreover, printers have evolved; from black and white to colored. There are many printing machines available with features like scanning and copying.

Broadband And Wi-Fi: Nowadays, the internet is the backbone of everything. Reliable internet and Wi-Fi is very important for an office because it helps to connect all the staff and communicate with customers and others.

External Storage: External storage like HDD, USB is important to store important documents, PPTs, etc. Moreover, you can take backups of important files on external storage. External storages are very easy to use and you can connect them to many other devices.

Cardboard Boxes: Sturdy cartons are very hard to find so cardboard boxes can be the right solution for your office to store a lot of material. Moreover, they are very easy to carry and you can put them right behind your desk.

Envelopes: You must have professionally printed envelopes for your business because this type of envelope creates a good impression in the minds of your clients and associates. Envelopes are widely used office supplies even in this digital era.

Calendar: This is an indispensable visual addition to your office and it provides a professional look. Usually, a calendar is placed on the desk of the employees. It will give you everyday reminders.

Phone Systems: This is a common office supply for every office. Traditional landlines maintain the office communication needs therefore the employees don’t have to use an external phone network. It helps your workers to complete the works fast and accurately.

Glue And Tape: Many will ignore the importance of glue and tape in the daily office setup but the truth is they are very important office essentials. Glue and tape will help you seal envelopes, pasting the labels, etc.

White Board: Most of the office has a conference room and you can’t think of a conference room without a whiteboard. If you want to make your meetings successful then you must have a whiteboard in your conference room. A whiteboard is mostly used for drawing charts, diagrams, graphs, or recording the highlights of the conference.

Scissors: You can use the scissors to cut papers or size and open small boxes. Moreover, you can also use scissors to open envelopes, cut labels, tapes, and images.

Stamps: Stamps will require when you make official communication. Stamps ensure the authenticity of the business mails. Usually, the stamps show approval and stock messages like “received” or “paid” while making payments.

Desk Organizer: A desk organizer helps you keep your table/desk organized. Usually, a desk organizer saves space and keeps useless stuff away. Therefore, you don’t have to spend your valuable time searching for regular stuff like pens, markers, paper, etc.

Water Cooler And Cups: Like the coffee machine a water cooler also serves the business and pleasure. It helps your employees make their desired drinks therefore it will be a thoughtful addition to your office setup.

Sticky Notes: Sticky notes are best for visual notification. Usually, a sticky note saves time, energy, and space. A sticky note will keep the important things always within eyesight so you won’t miss any important deadlines.

First-Aid Supplies: Many people don’t consider them as office supplies but trust me they will be very handy in medical emergencies. Therefore, every workplace should have basic first-aid supplies at its disposal.

Category Wise Complete Office Supplies List            

Category Wise Complete Office Supplies List            

Paper Items

1. Printer paper

2.. Three-hole punched paper

3. Graph paper

4. Tracing paper

5. Carbon paper

6. Color card stock

7. Heavy-duty card stock

8. Wrapping paper

9. Greeting cards and envelopes

10. Business cards

11. Letterhead

Envelopes And Boxes

1. 10 regular envelopes (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches)

2. Legal envelopes

3. Padded legal envelope mailers

4. Postage stamps

5. Envelope sealer

6. Packaging bubble

7. Cardboard boxes (small, medium, large)

Notebooks And Notepads

1. Composition notebooks

2. Spiral-bound notebooks

3. Legal pads

4. Steno pads

Binder Items

1. Binders

2. Binder tabs

3. Binder pockets

4. Clear binder document holders

5. Hole puncher

6. Three-hole puncher

Filing Cabinet

1. Manila folders

2. Hanging folders

3. Folder tabs

Small Office Supplies

1. Stapler

2. Staples

3. Stapler remover

4. Scissors

5 Box cutter

6. Paperclips (small, medium, large)

7. Binder clips (small, medium, large)

8. Clear cellophane tape dispenser

9. Clear cellophane tape

10. Masking tape

11 Packing tape

12. Duct tape

13. Sticky notes (small, medium, large)

14. Bookmark sticky flags (small, medium, large)


16. White glue

17. Rubber cement

18. Tacky wall mount gum

19. Hanging hooks

20. Magnifying glass

Writing Implements

1. Pencils

2. Pencil sharpener

3. Mechanical pencils

4. Mechanical pencil lead refills

5. Erasers

6. Pens

7. Black all-purpose markers

8. Highlighters

9. Rubber stamps

10. Inkpad

11. Correction fluid

12. Dry/Wet erase board

13. Dry/Wet erase markers

14. Dry/Wet erase spray

15. Ruler

16. Protractor

17. Compass

18. T-square

Office Storage

1. Bookends

2. Paperweight

3. Magazine holders

4. Bulletin board

5. Pushpins

6. Letter opener

7. Pen holder

8. In/Outbox

9. Document sorter/holder

10. Supply trays and containers

Electrical Items

1. Computer and monitor

2. Keyboard

3. Mouse

4. Printer

5. Toner or print cartridges

6. Telephone

7. Speakerphone

8. Headset

9. Postage meter

10. Projection device

11. Photocopier

12. Digital camera

13. Lamps

14. Label maker

15. Laminating machine

16. Scanner

17. Fax machine

18. Shredder

19. Extension cords

20. Surge protectors


1. Desk

2. Chairs

3. Filing cabinets

4. Tables

5. Bookcases

6. Shelves

7. Safe

8. Wastebasket

9. Recycling bin


1. First-aid kit

2. Flashlight

3. Fire extinguisher

4. Disinfectant wipes

5. Hand sanitizer

6. Window cleaner

7. Paper toweling

8. Facial tissues

9. Broom

10. Dustpan

11. Vacuum cleaner

12. Garbage bags

13. Twine

14. Batteries

15. Shredder oil

16. Computer screen and keyboard cleaner

17. Pressured air (to clean keyboard)

18. “Open/Closed” sign to hang on exterior door

FAQs About Office Supplies

1. How Do I Create An Office Supply List?

You can easily make an office supply list. Check your whole office for various office supplies on hand. Then write down how many of each item you have and how many you need. It will give you an idea of the amount of each item is required for your office. You can also create a category list to keep your office supplies organized. 

2. What Every Office Must Have?

There are few office supplies that every office must-have. They are:

1. Desk 
2. Chairs
3. Proper Lighting
4. Telephone
5. Computer
6. Internet connection
7. Printer
8. PowerPoint Projector
9. Power backup
10. Surge protectors

3. What Is Basic Office Equipment?

Some of the basic office equipment is a computer, printer, scanner, fax machine, telephone, coffee machine, projector, Wi-Fi router, etc.

4. What Is The Difference Between Office Expenses And Supplies?

Office expenses are the daily cost of running an office. On the other hand office supplies are items that help you run your office smoothly. Office expanse includes cleaning service, cloud services, website maintenance, web-hosting fees, software fees, etc. Examples of office supplies are pens, envelopes, coffee machines, desks, computers, printers, telephones, etc.

5. What Is Office Stationery?

Many people think that office stationery and office supplies refer to the same things. But the truth is office stationery is a type of office supply. Office stationery refers to writing materials that include cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, pens, markers, notebooks, pencils, white papers, staplers, paper clips, etc.


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