What Is Old Navy Return Policy? (Explained In Details!)

What Is Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy Return and exchanges are always free. You should have up to 45 days to return items purchased from our app. Items can be returned within 60 days from purchase from Athleta. Full details of all our return policies can be found on our ‘Return Policies’ page.

Old Navy is a widely-popular American retail store that sells all kinds of clothing, from active wear to baby clothes. Customers shop at the store because it holds its own popular brand of casual and activewear. This brand has become so successful due to Old Navy’s team members who carry out their responsibilities without fail and with patience.

Old Navy operates over 810 clothing stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Old Navy offers affordable apparel for men, women, children and infants. In 2008, Old Navy sales topped the $2 billion mark in The Gap Inc.’s total of more than $15 billion.

Increased familiarity with Old Navy exchange, return and refund policy can give you an advantage in shopping for your clothes online. An understanding of how your money is protected when buying from Old navy might keep you away from nightmares. In this article, we are going to walk you through a complete guide on Old Navy Return – Refund – Exchange Policy.

What is Return Policy at Old Navy?

What is Return Policy at Old Navy

If you buy from Old Navy and choose to wear your clothing and then decide 45 days later that they’re not your style, then all you need to do is bring them back to the store. Let’s look further into Old Navy Return Policy Online and In-store. 

Old Navy Return Policy Online

Most online purchases these days can be returned by mail. Before you start your mail-in return, keep in mind that it shouldn’t take more than 3 business days for the process to finish. The steps to starting an online purchase return by mail are:

  • Log in to your account from where you made the purchase.
  • Choose the item and the quantity you wish to return.
  • You will be sent some prepaid shipping labels to ship your product to the store.
  • Pack your item in the original package if possible.
  • Do remember to include the invoice and all the tags and papers that came along with it.
  • Stick the labels and ship them to the store through the post office or maybe FedEx.

All you need to do for the old navy return policy is send the product back when it reaches the store, after which you can just sit back and relax. Once the store has verified that the returned item was theirs all along, they will initiate a refund. If you didn’t order a prepaid shipping label, this aspect of your return won’t be refunded either. The store will update you with any progress on your return transaction and you can also track how far your product has to go before reaching their location.

Old Navy Return Policy In-store

One other way of returning products would be to go into a store. All you have to do is follow the Old Navy return policy. You can also download it as an image and print it out if that makes it easier for you. To return any item, simply make sure you do so within 45 days of purchase and bring the original items back in the package if possible and without removing any tags or labels on them or the clothes themselves (except when they are supposed to be removed by washing). It’s mandatory that you carry your receipt with you when returning an item in case the staff needs proof of purchase.

Extended Holiday Return Policy

The Old Navy return policy is a little flexible during the holiday season. Although their usual terms apply to returns for most products, there are some key exceptions. Here’s what you need to know: * If you purchase from Old Navy between November 1 and December 24, you can return or exchange your item within 45 days of the purchase date * If your purchase was made between December 25 and January 15, the return policy will go back into effect on January 16

Old Navy Exchange Policy

Old Navy Exchange Policy

There are times when, despite your best efforts and thoughtfulness, you end up purchasing the wrong color or size of a product or store delivers you the wrong item. In some situations like this, the Old Navy return policy helps out by giving you the opportunity to exchange your item for one that is better suited to your needs. 

Even if it’s not your fault, an incorrect size or color product, in many cases you can simply make an exchange for another version of the same thing instead of going through the hassle of sending it back and then having to re-purchase after getting a refund. 

So whenever that happens, always know that exchanges are available should they be necessary. There may be some instances where even if what you purchased doesn’t fit right or isn’t exactly how you wanted it…you may have also made a color selection mistake on our part so we can take care of that too by exchanging it for an identical color even if they weren’t at fault!

You may need to ship the exchangeable product by mail and the store will re-ship the correct item ordered. If the price differs for both products, you may have to pay up to 100% more. New or different brands require separate packaging as well.

Exchange Period45 Days
Exchange Method1. In-store
2. Online

Old Navy Refund Policy

Should you need to make a return, an authorization will be provided. A refund will then be initiated within 10 business days and it will reflect in your account. However, no refunds for the original shipping and handling charges should be anticipated. The amount will instead automatically be reflected on your credit or debit card with which the order was initially placed. 

Please, note that according to the old navy return policy, accepted items are also not eligible for refund if they are accompanied by a receipt; however, no exceptions should apply if you happen to lose yours.

Also, remember that gift cards cannot be returned or refunded. They can only be applied towards a future purchase in your store’s store credit which you might use at another time to purchase an item during another visit to our online store.

Refund PeriodWithin 5-7 Business Days
Refund MethodOriginal Mode of Payment


We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Old Navy return policy. Check them out! 

Will Old Navy accept returns after 45 days?

Yes, however, only merchandise credit is provided when you ask for a return after 45 days without receipt. 

Can you return to Old Navy without a receipt?

No! Only gifts can be returned without a receipt.

What payment methods can I use?

Customers are allowed to use credit cards, debit cards and even gift cards to purchase.

Can I return a C.O.D purchase?

Yes, customers are allowed to return a C.O.D purchase but however, you will get a refund only after the product has been received by the store.

How Long Does It Take For Refund?

For credit card refunds, it approximately take 3 to 5 business days, however, it only takes 1 to 3 days for debit cards.

Final Words

The Old Navy returns process is designed to be fair and equal for all customers. You can return or exchange items up to 45 days from the date of purchase. The receipt you receive at time of purchase and the credit card you used must accompany your merchandise on its trip back to the store. In case of discrepancies in original price, promotional offer, manufacturer’s sale or online pricing policy, a refund will be offered based on the value charged at that time through credit to your original form of payment.



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