What Is The Best Business Minors?

Best Business Minors

There are quite a few options available when it comes to minors for a business degree. You can choose Advertising, Management Information System, Environmental Science, Social Media Analytics, Organizational Communication, Non-Profit Administration, International Development, Computer Science, Media Arts, Economics, Business Analytics, International Business, Foreign Language, Political Science, etc. These minors will make you view business from a different perspective with creativity and innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • A minor for business majors will add depth to the academic program and help you differentiate yourself from other students
  • Management information system is the most popular business minor among the business students
  • Management information system identify, analyze, and solve various business problems
  • Organizational Communication is another demanding business minor and it is closely related to public relations

List Of Best Business Minors

List Of Best Business Minors

1. Management Information System

2. Environmental Science

3. Advertising

4. Social Media Analytics

5. Organizational Communication          

6. Economics

7. Business Analytics

8. International Business

9. Foreign Language

10. Computer Science

11. Consumer psychology

12. Media Arts

13. Graphic Design

Management Information System

This minor is a classic option for business degree students because Management Information Systems generally uses information technology to identify, analyze, and solve business problems. This subject extends the skills of the students beyond mere administration. It will help the student to equip themselves with the technical knowledge needed to precisely align IT solutions with administrative goals to overcome business challenges. The straight approach to strategic management usually creates a competitive advantage for the company. Moreover, nowadays most companies often prefer candidates’ skills on MIS over those with general business degrees.

Environmental Science

For business, the environment plays a very important role because environmental issues have brought many changes to how traditional businesses operate as well as companies that are environmentally responsible always seek policies that are sustainable for the environment. Therefore, many companies hire professionals with environmental science minors or hire environmental consulting firms to help them. So, it is quite clear that a business degree holder who has a minor in environmental science has an edge over other students. Though a business degree consists of accounting, finance, human resources, and management a person with a minor in environmental science brings the right perspective to the company.



Business is all about winning the competition and advertising plays a very important role in any business success. When creating an advertisement you have to make sure that it is catchy, informative, and enticing. So if you have advertised as a minor with a business major then you will have an added advantage to your professional life. From this course, you will be able to learn how to create a campaign concept and promote products and services. You will also be equipped with specialized skills that will help you deal with the clients professionally. Many businesses look for professionals with advertising skills because having an employee with excellent advertising skills will be perfect for any company.      

Social Media Analytics

Nowadays social media plays a very important role in the development of a business and different types of businesses use social media to create or increase brand value. The different company uses various types of social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Moreover, many companies now have a firm conviction that social media platforms have a huge impact on the B2B business model. So they are now looking for professionals with social media analytics skills. This course will enable a business student to learn digital media returns on investment (RIO). So the student will understand how to optimize an online business presence to increase web traffic.

Organizational Communication          

This topic is closely related to public relations. However, organizational relation deals more with encouraging a business student with assertiveness skills. If you want to be a leader of a team then you should have should possess positive organizational communication skills. Clients will communicate with the leader, not with the team; moreover, clients prefer a leader that uses body language as a tool of communication. So this course will cover fields like conflict resolution, group dynamics, team-building, corporate culture, and debate. All these knowledge and skills will help a student stand out in so many areas.


This subject has huge demand and it will help a student understand various theories related to the business world. Once you complete your graduation, you will be able to analyze and explain economic issues on a national and global scale quite easily. This course will open the mind of a student and give a broad perspective of business and economics. The knowledge and skills will help you analyze the effects of economics on a business. So if you want a career in business analysis then you should opt for economics as a minor for your business majors.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

If you want to be a business advisor then you should choose business analytics as a minor. This subject will equip you with statistical, quantitative, and computational knowledge of business data. Moreover, with knowledge and skill, you will be able to predict the future of a business. We all know that companies keep the record/data of their business. This is because it enables the business analytics professionals to predict their future and the fate of the institution. Moreover, the demand for business analytics is very high in the job market because an employee with business analytics skills can make critical decisions that would bring positive results to the company.

International Business

Globalization has changed the definition of business and now the business world has gone global. Now every business thinks of how they can offer their products and services to the worldwide market. If you research the world’s most successful businesses then you will see they operate the business in several countries. Therefore, taking a minor in international business will give a student an insight into the marketing and management of such companies. Moreover, it will help a student understand the economic and financial differences among countries. This course will cover various topics that include global trade, economics, international finance, operations management, and emerging markets.

Foreign Language

Nowadays the demand for foreign languages is very high thanks to the globalization of business. A study shows more than 35% of businesses have a branch in several countries. Therefore, knowledge of one or more foreign languages will help your professional career a lot. It will enable you to communicate with clients and colleagues in foreign countries conveniently. So if you pick a foreign language as a minor then you should try to familiarize yourself with languages such as Hindu, Chinese, or other foreign languages. Because these languages will give you some survival skills before you learn the language of the country where you are working.

Computer Science

Technology is taking over everything in the modern business world. So, knowledge of computer science will boost your career in this industry. Moreover, it is impossible to separate technology from business so if you pick computer science as the minor for your business major then it will give an edge over other students. Nowadays, everything has become automated including product purchase and service delivery. So the knowledge and skills of computer science will help the employee develop websites and programs that will boost the business. This course covers topics that include computer programming and related skills, applications, word processors, spreadsheets, and databases in the management, etc.

Consumer psychology

In general, psychology means understanding the behavior of humans and animals but in business, it means understanding the behavior of clients. This course will allow you to view business slogans with the eyes of a consumer. Psychological knowledge and skills are very important because they will allow you to design business slogans with consumer feelings and reactions in mind. Moreover, it will give you insights into consumer buying habits which will help the manager to take important business decisions. Any business strategy that touches the feelings of consumers positively will result in higher profit margins.

Media Arts

This minor program offers an integrated curriculum that emphasizes digital technology as a storytelling medium. It will supplement the work of business students and their major area of study can be enhanced through the application of Media Arts principles and develop sustainable business strategies. Nowadays, many companies look for professionals with business majors as well as media arts skills to boost business growth through different multimedia platforms. Moreover, if you are interested in pursuing a B.A. then you should consider this minor.

Graphic Design

If you want to promote your business online then you will need the skills of a graphic designer. Nowadays, online platforms and social media platforms are playing a vital role in the development of a business and to make a successful online campaign many companies look for professionals with a business major and graphic design minor. Graphic design is an art that will bring together illustrations, photographs, and text to create an advertisement that is suitable for a specific target market. This program will cover multimedia programming, interactive media, 2D design, and drawing.     


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