What is the Best Clothing Supplier, You Know From Alibaba? (All You Need To Know!)

What is the Best Clothing Supplier, You Know From Alibaba

In the global marketplace, the position of Alibaba as the largest and the biggest Business to Business e-commerce platform is undisputed. There are thousands of suppliers available on the platform to choose from and finding the right supplier to trade with can be overwhelming. In recent years, clothing suppliers have been on the increase among other products available on Alibaba and finding a reliable supplier can be somewhat tricky. However, a certain platform called FashionTIY has been a major standout and has maintained a good reputation as a reliable clothing supplier since its establishment in 2016.

Generally speaking, prospective individuals with the intention of venturing into clothing business would naturally want a platform that is reliable and guarantees timely customer service, skilled packaging, budget-friendly prices as well as fast delivery. Considering the above narratives as an essential requirement a reliable clothing supply must possess, it is safe to recommend FashionTIY as they offer reliability and runs a cost-effective procurement platform for its potential buyers. Clothing products on this platform are relatively cheap and the quality is always top-notch. FashionTIY is arguably the most suitable platform for clothing wholesalers and retailers in terms of price and quality of service. In addition to that, the platform is updated daily to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion world.

Further in this article, relatable questions on how reliable the FashionTIY platform is as a clothing supplier will be discussed in detail. Let’s proceed!

What is FashionTIY?

What is FashionTIY

FashionTIY is a popular clothing supplier that operates in an operational model suitable for wholesalers and retailers. This legitimate platform has been in operation since 2016 and has proven to be one of the easiest and most reliable online multi-category clothing websites for small and medium enterprises. FashionTIY offers its users a wide range of clothing products that guarantee standard quality at affordable wholesale prices. In addition to that, a series of tailored fashioned clothing, plus-sized clothing, swimwear, pajamas, t-shirts, maternity wears, underwear, suit jackets, wedding dresses, casual wear, and children’s clothing among other products is available on FashionTIY at a relatively cheaper price with the lowest Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

How does FashionTIY operate?

As a reliable clothing supplier, one of the most interesting features of FashionTIY is its mode of operation which enables the platform users to buy quality clothing at discounted prices. The operational strategy of this platform makes procurement easy for wholesalers and retailers. This is achieved by direct cooperation between FashionTIY and the production factory to reduce the price cost. However, Freight will not be added to the product but be charged according to the weight. Compared to other clothing suppliers, FashionTIY offers a huge price advantage to both wholesalers and retailers with a one-time transportation cost, on-time delivery, and one-stop purchases with a relatively low Minimum Order quantity.

Is FashionTIY legit?

Yes! The legitimacy of this platform is never in doubt since its inception in 2016. For more six years of operation, the platform is renowned for its quality of service, fast delivery and have constantly generated positive reviews from its users worldwide. In addition, the platform is designed to ensure strict quality control and a thirty days after-sales service support to provide timely intervention to product procurements issues. They offer a secured payment system and has grown to become a trusted and reliable wholesale platform for more than 50,000   wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

What services does FashionTIY provide?

Established in 2016, FashionTIY has been a globally recognized Business to the Business platform for men women, and children’s clothing, bags shoes, jewelry, and other, accessories. This platform serves as a procurement medium both online and offline for wholesalers and retailers across the globe and also provide dropshipping services.

Why should I choose FashionTIY?

Why should I choose FashionTIY

Through the years of constant upgrades and development, FashionTIY has revolutionized the process of product procurerement with a series of exciting features for its users. The platform offers a wide range of quality products and delivers to deliver them n 200 countries in the world. However, the online marketplace is constantly improving with varieties of suppliers to choose from with varying degrees of Minimum Order Quantities and different requirements for buyers. Below is a series of services offered by the FashionTIY platform which might influence your decision to choose them as your preferred supplier.

All services are free of charge?

Interestingly, the only expenses for procurement of products on FashionTIY are the actual cost of the product purchased and the shipping cost. Addition services like quality inspection, packaging, pre-sales, and post-sales as well as negotiations with suppliers are free.

Standard shipping and priority

The platform enables tracking status of all ordered products available for easy tracking of their products in most countries and regions.

Self operated products

This platform consist of up to over a  100,000 products available for sales at factory wholesales prices. This amazing feature is achieved by a signed agreement between FashionTIY and thousands of factory in China and India for direct sales. Procurements process are easy and strict quality inspection is ensured before all purchased products are shipped from the warehouse to their various destinations.

Non-repeating products

Available product on FashionTIY are of the same quality and price irrespective of the store it is purchased from. Ranging from clothing, jewelries and other accessories, there are above a 100,000+ exciting products on the platform to select from.

Timely customer service and customize service

This is another interesting feature that stood out FashionTIY among other suppliers. The platform is designed to provide a one step solution to all inquiries and complaints. They have a live chat on App and PC to get timely feedback from users and provide a one-to-one services in cases where customers were unable to find a particular product on its platform.


We have a complied list of frequently asked questions on why FashionTIY is recommended as the best clothing supplier on Alibaba. Let’s have a look at them!

Who need the FashionTIY platform?

As a direct sales a platform that specializes in product supplies, FashionTIY is suitable for buyers who have no purchasing experience and small and medium wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

What is the top 10 e-commerce platform for wholesalers?

In this regard, Alibaba tops the ladder followed by the likes of Amazon business, FashionTIY, Indiamart, Made in China, Global sources, and DHGate. Others on the list include Kinnek, trade key, and e world trade which China is the largest growing, platform in Pakistan.

How much does FashionTIY charge?

Aside from the cost of ordered products and shipping costs, all other additional services on FashionTIY are free of charge.

Final words

FashionTIY is a reliable e-commerce platform with a complete range of products in clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories. This platform was established in 2016 and duly registered with Delaware as a legally operated trading platform. Products are relatively cheap on this platform and they offer good quality services and fast delivery.

With the resources provided in this article, we deem it good enough to recommend FashionTIY as the best clothing supplier on Alibaba. If you have more questions or inquiries to make in this regard, kindly reach out to us through the comment section.




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