What Is The Return Policy Of Warby Parker (Detailed Explanation!)

What Is The Return Policy Of Warby Parker

Customers will get a full refund or exchange within 30 days but that is only if they’re not satisfied with their new Warby Parker glasses. If there are any scratches, messed-up hinges, or whatever else you can think of then we can give you a full refund or an exchange at any time giving them a distance of 365 days to get it right. Aside from their return policy, they also have a scratch-free lens warranty that doesn’t end within 30 days but is actually good for the whole year 100%.

Key Takeaways

  • At Warby Parker, you can still get a full refund within 30 days after the purchase
  • Warby Parker has 365 days of lens repair coverage which is very convenient
  • Warby Parker offers 180 days to return any scratched eyeglasses and sunglass lenses and get a free replacement or reimbursement
  • You can exchange all products within 30 days from the purchase date but in that case, the product must be unused and in fresh condition

What is Warby Parker’s Return Policy?

What is Warby Parker Return Policy

It’s pretty obvious: you’ll either happy or unhappy with your glasses from Warby Parker. If there are scratches on them, or if the hinges don’t work properly, it’s your choice whether to keep or return them. But aside from these basic conditions, you can still get a full refund within 30 days after purchase. And for something like this, we’ve got great news for you…There are two things that make people feel more confident about their consumer choices: the ability to try products out before they invest money in them AND guarantees! This is why Warby Parker have 365 days of lens repair coverage and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Similar to our previous point, if you’re not entirely happy with your Warby Parker order within the first 30 days of purchase, they will provide a full refund so that you can purchase something else. This policy applies to all prescription eyewear products, accessories, and non-eyewear objects. You also have 180 days to return any scratched eyeglass and sunglass lenses and get a free replacement or reimbursement! As long as your contact lenses are unopened in their original box and NOT damaged out of the box, they may be returned or exchanged within 30 days as well. Any damaged or undesirable contacts may be returned or exchanged with new ones during this time.

How To Return At Warby Parker?

Warby Parker offers customers a thirty-day returns policy on all sales, whether they are doing their shopping online or in-store. To avoid the spread of germs returning defective frames by mail (although it is safe to return them to any Warby Parker location via store personnel), the company encourages customers to coordinate an exchange of their defective frames with customer service by email or through their proprietary “RX Home” microsite. They then will send out another pair free of charge. Warby Parker will ensure that any pair sent is going to match your first order using our proprietary 3D Lens Matcher technology.

Returns By Mail

For mail returns, you’ll need to obtain a return label from Warby Parker. To ensure a smooth and efficient mail return experience, it is best practice to take advantage of the Warby Parker return policy and follow our tips:

Step 1: Head to the Warby Parker return page and fill out your order number and the zip code where you received your item.

Step 2: They’ll provide you with a return label. Print it.

Step 3: It’s important not to forget that your glasses are fragile and therefore need to be packed carefully. You might’ve kept the receipt for your order so make sure you use it again if you’re returning your item, in case it gets damaged during transit.

Step 4: Once you’ve taken the steps to put your package into a box, wrap it up securely and pay the necessary fees required by the carrier to ship it back in order to return it to its original seller we recommend that you send that package through US postal service or any other reliable shipping service. We want you to know that when they receive your package at their end, they’ll need to process (conduct an inspection of your returned product) before getting into business of refunding your money.

In-Store Returns

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply take the item (with proof of purchase) and the matching receipt to their store or return it by mail within 30 days. You should have noticed from your emails from Warby Parker that they also have a number of other things you can choose to spend money on. Their website has a store locator where you can find your nearest one. Any items returned to them are eligible for an exchange or refund as soon as possible, but there’s always a small waiting period before anything is mailed back out in order to be quality checked and make sure nothing has been damaged while being returned beneath anything else during this busy return season.

Warby Parker Exchange Policy

Warby Parker Exchange Policy

At Warby Parker, exchanges are just as easy and straightforward as their refund policy. All products (including contact lenses) may be exchanged within 30 days of purchase if they’ve been unused and still have the other original items included in the box. In order to exchange any item, you must contact their customer service department. The team can be reached either by phone at 888-492-7279 or through email at [email protected]. They also offer a 180-day lifetime scratch guarantee on eyeglass and sunglass lenses which makes them eligible for a free replacement with new pair if the item gets scratched anytime within 180 days of initial purchases.

Warby Parker Refund Policy

If you receive your order and feel the need to return it, Warby Parker’s returns policy page states that you’ll receive a refund. However, there’s no specific information on how long it will take before it is reimbursed in your original form of payment, so we suggest contacting them directly for clarification on this point.

Return Period30 Days
Return MethodOnline or by Mail
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange MethodOnline or by Mail
Refund PeriodWithin 14 Business Days
Refund MethodOriginal payment method


After extensive research, we’ve made a list of frequently asked questions and answers on Werby Parker return policy. 

Does Warby Parker accept returns on contact lenses?

Contact lenses are items that need to be handled with care, but if used properly and stored the way they should be, you can be sure that there should not be a need to return them. Return your contact lenses within 30 days if they arrive defective or damaged.

Can I return or replace scratched glasses at Warby Parker?

Yes. And the best thing about the company is that it offers a 180-day no-scratch guarantee on all their prescription glasses lenses. That’s right, if their lenses do get scratched up within that time period, they will replace them for you at no cost to you as long as they have a consistent inventory of your prescription in stock or are able to order another pair and send them out to you rapidly!

How will I get my refund from Warby Parker?

To receive a refund, they’ll credit your original form of payment. If by mail, they do not mention how soon you will get it. We assume that’s intentional because they want to make sure that the individual who receives their merchandise is a legitimate customer before sending out those promised funds! Please, contact the company to ask questions about our rewriting policy.


If you’re used to wearing glasses and discontinued the idea after you learned about Warby Parker , it’s time to reconsider once again. The return policy at this company is hassle-free – but just one thing: you have to act fast! This policy is made in the interest of your comfort, so that you may have the best experience ever. The team over at Warby Parker knows how important and valuable your time is. That’s why they are ready to get back in touch with you as soon as possible, so that they can provide assistance before it’s too late . Make sure to reach out if something goes wrong! We think this article provided some insightful information.



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