How a Technical Fest in a College is Organized? What is the Role of an Event Management Team?

What is the Role of an Event Management Team

Technical fest gives college students an opportunity to showcase their interest, talent as well as knowledge in the Technology sector. If you are an engineering student then you will be very familiar with the technical fest. Most technical fests are hosted with support from the college and sponsorship from various organizations. There will be a fest organizing committee which is known as the event management team to successfully organize the technical fest.

Importance of Technical Fest in a College

  • Technical fest allows the students to participate and compete with their fellow students and gain real-life experience.
  • It allows the students to learn various engineering techniques as well as shape their careers for the upcoming years.
  • Usually, companies look for extracurricular activities in the resume of an engineering student like participating in the technical fest, cultural activities, etc. So, a college technical fest will provide educational benefits.
  • Organizing a technical fest offers opportunities for students to interact with other students and share ideas and thoughts.
  • For top engineering colleges, the technical fest offers a platform to showcase their technical skills and get national recognition.
  • Technical fest helps the student learn and feel inspired as well as develop various soft skills.

Detail Steps of Organizing a Technical Fest in a College

1. Get Permission and Support from the College

The first step of organizing a technical fest is to get approval of the fest from the college. You should keep in mind that without the proper support from the college you won’t be able to organize a fest. Therefore, you should get the approval of your professors, because if the professor aggresses then it will be easier to get permission from the college.

2. Form the Fest Management Team

If the college gives permission to organize a technical fest then your next step should be to form a fest management team. This is the most important part because the success of a technical fest mostly depends on how the fest management team organizes the fest. While picking the team members, you have to pick students who are willing to go an extra mile for the technical fest. You can seek help from the professor to form the fest management team. Once you pick the students, the next step is to select the fest coordinator. The fest coordinator is the main person who will lead the team and is responsible for all the decisions.

3. Responsibilities of the Fest Management Team

After forming the team, the team members should form a roadmap of the fest and assign responsibilities to the team members. There should be an agenda for the college fest. Moreover, the management team should take some important decisions like –

  • How to execute the plans
  • How to get the sponsorship and required funds
  • Implementation ideas for the technical fest
  • How to promote the fest and gain the publicity
  • Logistics regarding the fest

4. Pick the Theme and Fest Activities

Every college fest has a theme. Therefore, you have to pick a fest theme that suits the college tradition. You have to pick the theme as early as possible because all the plans for the fest will depend on the fest theme. You can check the previous fests of the college to generate some ideas for the theme. You can replicate the previous fest or try something new and innovative. Or, you can also consult with the professors and pick a theme. Once, the theme is picked, next, you have to announce the theme so that the students can prepare themselves for the technical fest. Finally, name the college fest according to the theme. You should keep in mind that a successful fest largely depends on the theme of the fest; so choose the fest wisely.

5. Budget and Logistics

This is a very important part of organizing a technical fest in a college. You have to look for sponsorship for your fest. Then you have to set the budget for the fest and maintain an excel sheet of the expenses. It will help you make the final balance sheet. While forming the budget for the feast, you should keep in mind about the sponsorship, ticker price, and various logistics. Moreover, you have to be careful about the price of the ticket. You should set a reasonable ticket price that will be affordable for the students.          

6. Select the Venue and Food Menu

Once the budget is fixed, next you have to think about the venue and food menu. If you are planning to host the fest outdoor then you have to pick an open place where you can do various activities. Or, you can plan to do some activities inside the college auditorium and some activities on the outdoor grounds at night. Another key part of a college fest is the food. According to the budget, you should try to book a food vendor that will meet the requirements of your cuisines and dishes. While creating the food menu you should keep all the people’s choices like pizza, burgers, and other fast foods.

7. Post-Event Activities   

Hosting a technical fest successfully is not the end of the job for the fest management team. There are lots of post-event activities that the team has to complete. You can arrange a post-review session and discuss everything related to the money, and the overall program. Take note of the key points so that you can use them in the next fest and make it even better.

FAQs about How a Technical Fest in a College is Organized

What are the roles and responsibilities of the fest management team?

The main roles and responsibilities of the fest management team are to manage the event budget, create an event plan, manage the event team, and finally host the technical fest successfully.

What are the 5 responsibilities of an event management team?

The five important responsibilities of an event management team are –

  1. Create and manage the budget
  2. Create a winning event marketing outline
  3. Select the best venue for the event
  4. Manage the team members
  5. Finally, Analyze the outcome of the event        

What is a technical fest?

A technical fest is very common in engineering colleges and universities. A technical fest is like an annual science fair or competition where students participate and share their creative ideas with other students.

What are some event ideas for a technical college fest?

  • LAN Gaming
  • Robo Games
  • Debugging
  • Young Scientists and Innovation
  • Online Event
  • Fun games
  • IT Quiz
  • Engineering Field-based events
  • Technical projects, etc.     


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