What is the Value of Old Indian Coins – The Details

What is the Value of Old Indian Coins

The value/price of old Indian coins varies depending on the rarity, metal, and condition of the coin. Considering all the factors, the value of old Indian coins can range from Rs 1K to Rs 10 Lacks or more!

Key Takeaways

  • Depending on the rarity, metal, and condition of the coin, you might be able to sell old Indian coins up to Rs 1 million or more
  • The condition of old coins is graded on a 70-point grading scale; here 1 is the worst condition and 70 is the perfect mint condition
  • The value of gold and silver coins is higher than coins made of other metals
  • The demand for the coin type also plays a vital role in the value of old Indian coins

What Factors Determine the Value of Old Indian Coins?

There are quite a few factors available that influence the value of old coins. For example –

  • The rarity of the coin
  • The condition of the coin
  • The metal of the coin
  • The demand for the coin, etc.

The rarity of the coin indicates how old the coin is as well as how many coins are currently available. If the number of coins originally produced was low then you can expect a high price for that coin. Moreover, the price of a 100-year-old coin will be higher than the price of an 80-year-old coin. Another key factor is the condition. If the coin is in mint condition then you can expect to get a higher price for the coin. Also, if the old coin has high demand among coin collectors then it can also influence the value of the coin. You also have to consider the metal of the coin. Some coins are made of Silver, while others are made of Gold, Copper, etc. So, the value of Gold and Silver coins will be higher than Copper coins.

What Factors Determine the Value of Old Indian Coins?

Where to Sell Old Indians Coins?

There are many ways you can sell old Indian coins. Usually, the collectors of old Indian coins buy and sell the coins and notes online. There are quite a few online platforms available where you can buy and sell old Indian coins. Some classified platforms where you can buy and sell Indian coins are Olx, Quikr, and Indian Coin Mill. In order to sell old Indian coins on these platforms, you have to create an account first. Then, you have to list your old coin with proper details and images. You also have to set the price for the coin.              

Price of Various Old Indian Coins

Name of the CoinPrice
Itawa Mint Aurangzeb One Rupee Silver Mughal Coin₹2,500.00
1087 Travancore One Fanam Rama Varma Vi Silver Coin₹3,000.00
Zafarabad Mint Aurangzeb One Rupee Silver Coin₹4,200.00
1894 Set Of 2 Coins 1/4 Rupee & Two Annas Victoria Empress Silver Coin₹4,000.00
Paramara Dynasty, Malwa Gadhaiya Paisa Billon Drachma₹1,400.00
Aurangzeb Lahore Mint One Rupee Silver Coin, Mughal Emperor₹1,650.00
Bengal Presidency Murshidabad Mint One Rupee Silver Coin₹2,500.00
Ahmad Shah Ii Gani Sultanate Of Bahmani Copper Coin₹1,100.00
Afghanistan Countermarked Silver Coin₹1,500.00
Baroda 2 Annas, Sayaji Rao Iii Portrait Issue Silver Coin₹1,400.00
Anteen Token Khandesh Mills Jalgaon₹350.00
1936 George V King 1/2 Pice – British India Coinage₹550.00
Gwalior State One Rupee Bajranggarh Mint Ajit Singh Silver Coin₹2,100.00
1/2 Pice 1887 Dhar Anand Rao Iii Victoria Empress Coin₹6,500.00
1835 Wrong Urdu William Iiii 1/4th (Quarter) Rupee Silver Coin₹10,000.00
Hyderabad State Silver 4 Annas Mir Usman Ali Khan₹1,200.00
Sikh One Rupee Leaf Mintmark – Ranjit Singh – Silver Coin₹5,000.00
Mewar State One Rupee Udaipur Mint Silver Coin₹1,300.00
Maitrakas Of Valabhi Billon Drachm₹500.00
Muhammad Shah, Shahjahanabad Mint, One Rupee Silver Coin₹1,600.00
Chhatarpur One Rupee Silver Coin₹2,600.00
1906 Certified Quarter Rupee Silver Coin Edward Vii King – British India₹5,000.00
1890 Portugal 5 Reis Carlos I Bronze Coin₹550.00
Half (1/2) Rupee Baroda State Anand Rao Silver Coin₹2,500.00
1917 Two Annas George V, British India Silver Coin₹900.00
1883 One Quarter Anna Victoria Empress British India Coin₹900.00
Bengal Sultanate Certified Jalal Shah One Rupee Silver Coin₹4,000.00
1915 One Rupee Silver Coin – George V King British India₹1,800.00
Jodhpur State 1215 Nagaur Mint One Rupee Silver Coin₹7,000.00
1938 Unc Half Rupee George Vi King British India Coin₹3,500.00
Indore State 1/2 Rupee Malharnagar Sunface With Dot On Forehead₹2,400.00
Gwalior State Half (1/2) Rupee Jayaji Rao Silver Coin₹2,500.00
1892 C Incuse Victoria Empress One Rupee – Silver Coin₹2,000.00
1862 Two Annas Victoria Queen Silver Coin British India₹1,200.00
Patiala Mahindar Singh One Rupee Silver Coin₹2,600.00
Travancore 1103 One Fanam Rama Varma Vi Silver Coin₹3,000.00
Bombay Presidency Ahmedabad Mint Akbar One Rupee Silver Coin₹1,350.00
Vijayanagara Empire Krishnadevaraya Copper Coin₹1,100.00
1928 Half (1/2) Rupee George V British India Silver Coin₹2,200.00
Baroda One Rupee With Full Sword Anand Rao Silver Coin₹2,800.00
Gwalior Daulat Rao One Rupee Silver Coin₹1,400.00
Full Set 1889 Victoria Empress Silver Coins British India₹22,800.00
Aurangzeb 1/2 Rupee (Half Rupee) Silver Coin – Mughal Emperor₹1,500.00
1910 One Quarter Anna Edward Vii British India Coin₹650.00
Jodhpur State 1/4 Anna, Edward Viii And Umaid Singh, Copper Coin₹1,200.00
Silver Portrait Issue Coin Sultan Ahmad Shah₹2,000.00
1938 Half Rupee George Vi King British India Coin₹2,000.00
Indore State 1/2 (Half) Anna, Bull Coin, Shivaji Rao₹1,100.00
Jaipur State One Anna, Sawai Jaipur, Jhar, Brass Coin₹650.00
1921 Unc 50 Cents Straits Settlements George V King Silver Coin₹2,000.00
Orchha Vikramajit Mahendra Silver Coin₹2,200.00
Jaisalmer State Bird & Umbrella Variety One Rupee Silver Coin₹2,700.00
1948 Two Annas Government Of Pakistan Coin₹500.00
Nawanagar State One Kori Jamji Silver Coin₹950.00
Shah Jahan Silver One Rupee Coin, Mughal Emperor₹4,300.00
1891 Alwar State One Rupee Silver Coin – Victoria Empress₹5,800.00
Jahangir Burhanpur Mint One Rupee Silver Coin₹4,500.00
Malwa Sultanate 1/2 Falus Copper Square Shaped Coin₹1,200.00
Mewar State Error Half Rupee Udaipur Mint Crude Silver Coin₹3,000.00
Akbar Dam Dogaon Mint Copper Coin – Mughal Coinage₹650.00
1834 Half (1/2) Anna Tarazu Coin East India Company Copper Coin₹3,200.00
1973 Certified Proof 20 Rs Coin, Grow More Food, Bombay Mint₹7,000.00
Nagas Of Padmavati Bull Copper Coin₹250.00
1900 Victoria Empress One Rupee Silver Coin British India₹1,400.00
1938 One Anna George Vi King, British India Coin₹1,700.00
Jaipur Nazarana Rupee Madho Singh I Mughal Issue Silver Coin₹50,000.00
Magadha / Mauryan Punchmarked Silver Ancient India Coin₹750.00
Copperoon Bombay Presidency East India Company Coin₹15,000.00




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