What Is Whole Food Return Policy (Well Explained!)

What Is Whole Food Return Policy

Whole Foods Market allows returns for products purchased with a receipt within 90 days of purchase. If the item is returned in the same condition you received it, and you used multiple forms of payment to buy it, your refund may be issued across all payment methods you used.

Key Takeaways

  • All the purchased products from Whole Food has a 90-day return policy except for perishable items
  • All apparel and shoes should be unworn with tags attached to be eligible for an approved return on Whole Foods
  • There are two ways you can return purchased products on Whole Food: online and in-store
  • You can use any major courier service such as US postal service, FedEx, UPS, or DHL to return a product at Whole Food

What is Whole Foods Return Policy?

What is Whole Foods Return Policy

Whole Foods offers a 90-day return policy on all purchases. This means that you will have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to make a return or exchange. Any apparel and shoes should be unworn with tags attached to be eligible for an approved return. Certain items, as stated earlier in this article, are forbidden from being returned under Whole Foods’ policy since they were perishable when purchased.

How to return At Whole Foods?

There are two ways to return products you purchase online: returning it in-store and returning it online. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to start with our online return procedure here. For store purchases, please visit your nearest Best Buy location to initiate a return or exchange.

Return in-store

You can return anything bought at the Whole Foods store by taking them to any of their stores. As long as you have your receipts so they can verify your purchases and it’s within the return policy period, you’re fine to bring back your own items.

Return Store Purchases Via Mail

Whole Foods have a fantastic return policy. Whether it’s a compliment or concern about the item, you can return it back to the store where you bought it from just as easily as you picked up your item in the first place. You can use any major courier service such as US postal service, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. If you want to save yourself some money on shipping fees, we recommend that you bring these items back with you the next time you visit our store.

Return Online Purchases from the Whole Foods Website

Follow the steps below if you want to return an item you bought from the Whole Foods online store

Step 1: Launch the Whole Foods website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Go to the order section, then select the item you wish to return.

Step 3: Whole Foods will make a shipping label for your return.

Step 4: Pack the item appropriately, put the shipping label on the package, and send it back to Whole Foods.

Step 5: The tags and bills must be kept with the package. Also, you should keep a copy of the bill for yourself. 

Whole Foods Return Policy Exceptions

  • Fresh produce including fruits, veggies, and flowers are not eligible for return. 
  • You can exchange your perishable product (meat, seafood, and prepared meals) if it gets spoiled before the expiration date or you simply don’t like the way it smells; but some Whole Foods grocery stores do not have a formal policy in place because perishables are different to other non-perishables such as dry goods like canned products.
  • All apparel must have the tags attached
  • Electronic products have to be returned within 30 days of purchase in mint condition.

Can You Return Items Without A Receipt?

If you lost your receipt for a purchase you recently made and want to get a refund then bring the item that you bought with its credit card receipt or otherwise any form of payment method that the store accepted. If they happen to be able to find your lost receipt, then they’ll be able to give you a refund in the same form of payment as when you made your original purchase.

If you have a gift card from Whole Foods and have a product that fails to meet your expectations or got damaged, the customer support staff at the store may instead choose to give you a refund or credit on the gift card. As per their policy, Whole Foods limits these sorts of returns per customer and they reserve every right to refuse your refund if the receipt is not available.

Whole Foods Exchange Policy

Whole Foods Exchange Policy

If you purchased a non-perishable product from Whole Foods that goes bad, has a manufacturer defect, or isn’t what you were led to believe you’ve purchased (e.g. if it looks different than the label or description led you to believe), then only then can it be returned for an exchange. To process the exchange, visit either store in person with your original bill and tags still in place on the product. The product can’t have been opened/used by you, so make sure you have proof of purchase as well as item tags still attached to it (this is crucial). 

Upon arriving at the store, ask a Whole Foods team member for an exchange. Choose any similar item that they can get into the system electronically (don’t worry; nearly everything is on the computer). The key factor that enables exchanges at Whole Foods is that the product can’t have exceeded its expiration date.

Whole Foods Refund Policy

If you return an item or items within your allotted timeframe, Whole Foods will make the necessary refund in the same form in which the payment was made. So if you use a credit card to pay for your items then they will deduct the money from your account. However; it may take up to 10 business days to reflect on your account so be patient and check back further just in case! If the value returned is comparatively less than $10 then you can ask for it in cash too! Make sure that upon returning an item, you have all of your receipts and invoices handy as Whole Foods need these accounts to verify a return.

Can You Return Liquor at Whole Foods?

You may not return alcoholic beverages nor may you get a refund for them. If you feel that you were the victim of fraudulent or misleading marketing practices or that a beverage was damaged, defective or otherwise compromised then we want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that your feedback is very important to our company’s success as we are always striving to improve our products as well as our customer service in order to better satisfy the needs of our valued customers.

Final Words

In summary, customers are allowed to return any unopened, non-perishable products to Whole Foods within 90 days of their purchase. If a receipt is not available the recipient of your gift card will receive a paper version of our eGift card by mail. If you purchased your wine online or at our Amazon store, then you may contact us for a full refund. We have set up an easy returns guide so you may familiarize yourself with the process:



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