What Position is Higher than CEO?

What Position is Higher than CEO?

A Chief Executive Officer, most known as CEO is the highest ranked employee in an organization. A CEO is the face of the company and most of the major decisions are made by a CEO. But that doesn’t mean that CEO is the most powerful person in the company. In an organization, there are quite a few positions available that are higher than CEO. For example, the Chairman, as well as the members of the board of directors, have more power over the CEO.

What is a CEO?

CEO is the short abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer. According to cambridge.org

“Chief Executive Officer is the main person responsible for managing a company, who is sometimes also the company’s president or chairman of the board”

A CEO is known by many names like a central executive officer (CEO), chief administrative officer (CAO), chief executive (CE), etc. Usually, the CEO is the top position in an organization and he/she is responsible for forming and implementing new plans and making critical decisions. It is the main duty of a CEO to improve the financial condition of the company as well as support the transformation of the company. Generally, the CEO looks after various functions of a company including operations, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, legal, compliance, etc. The CEO work as a bridge between employees, customers, investors, and shareholders.       

Who is Higher than the CEO?

Well, the CEO is the highest ranked employee of a company but the CEO also has to answer someone. Usually, the Chairman of the Board of Directors (BoD) appoints a CEO. So, the Chairman or the members of the BoD have more power than a CEO and their position is also higher than a CEO. The Board of Directors members are elected by the company’s shareholders and these members have ultimate governing authority within the management structure. The core responsibility of a BoD is to select and appoint a CEO, review the CEO’s performance, support the CEO, as well as review and approve major policies and decisions.

Responsibilities of a CEO

A CEO plays a very important role in a company. Some key roles and responsibilities of a CEO are –

  • A CEO develops strategic objectives and provides direction to bring their visions to reality
  • CEO helps the employees and the BoDs to foresee the outcome of the business growth
  • It is a very important responsibility of a CEO to implement the proposed plans that are linked with short-term and long-term projects
  • A CEO should communicate with all the employees and ensure that the project is running according to the overarching strategy
  • A CEO passes the financial responsibility to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) but closely monitors the budgeting and forecasting of the organization
  • A CEO must analyze the industry fluctuation, past revenue, and current financial condition to give an idea about the profitability for the upcoming year
  • The CEO is considered the public face of a company; so they are used as an obligatory marketing tool
  • The CEO work as the communicator between the BoDs and the employees of the company
  • Another key role of a CEO is to review the company’s performance and compare it with the other competitors
  • A CEO decides on the potential acquisitions or significant regulatory developments in the industry
Responsibilities of a CEO

List of Chief Officer (CO) Titles

Chief academic officerCAOThis type of chief officer is responsible for academic administration at universities and other higher education institutions
Chief accessibility officerCAOThey work with senior and disabled people and oversee accessibility and inclusion
Chief accounting officerCAOKeep track of all types of account and bookkeeping activities
Chief administrative officerCAOExecute various plans and control business operations
Chief analytics officerCAODoes various types of data analysis and provide key information to a business
Chief ArchitectCAWorks in technical companies and designs various types of systems for high availability and scalability
Chief artificial intelligence officerCAIOHead of AI research department
Chief audit executiveCAEPerform various audits inside a company 
Chief brand officerCBOPromote a brand and also be responsible for the brand’s image, experience, and promise
Chief business officerCBOComplete various deals on behalf of the company and give various dealing strategies
Chief business development officerCBDOOffers various business development plans, design and implementation of processes to support business growth
Chief commercial officerCCOThey provide commercial strategy and development for a company
Chief communications officerCCOThey communicate with the company’s employees, shareholders, media, bloggers, influencers, etc. and bring a balance to the business operation
Chief compliance officerCCOThey oversee and manage regulatory compliance
Chief content officerCCOThey create content for broadcasting channels and multimedia exploitation
Chief creative officerCCOThey are responsible for the marketing, media, and branding of a company
Chief customer officerCCOTheir main responsibility is to maintain the customer relationship
Chief data officerCDOThey are responsible for data processing, data analysis, data mining, information trading, etc.
Chief delivery officerCDOThey coordinate various parts of a project to ensure the project reaches its goal as well as delivers products worldwide
Chief design officerCDODesign all the products of a company as well as give insights into possible aspects of advertising, marketing, and engineering
Chief development officerCDOThey are responsible for the development of a business
Chief digital officerCDOThey  introduce various digital technologies to a company
Chief diversity officerCDOThey are responsible for diversity and inclusion
Chief engineering officerCEOTheir main duty is to identify manufacturing issues and reduce the production cost
Chief executive officerCEOThey are responsible for the overall vision and direction of an organization,
Chief experience officerCEOThey are responsible for the user experience design of a company and maintaining a high user experience
Chief financial officerCFOLook after all the financial aspects of a company
Chief gaming officerCGOThe main responsibility of a CGO is to develop various games and create a marketing policy 
Chief government relations officerCGROThey maintain all aspects of government relations and lobbying
Chief human resources officerCHROThe main duty is to take care of human resource management and industrial relations
Chief information officerCIOThis role is very common in IT companies and the main responsibility is to take care of IT infrastructure
Chief information security officerCIOResponsible for information security
Chief information technology officerCITOResponsible for information technology
Chief innovation officerCIOResponsible for innovation
Chief investment officerCIOThey are responsible for the asset liability management
Chief knowledge officerCKOThey manage intellectual capital and knowledge management
Chief learning officerCLOThey offer various learning and training programs
Chief legal officerCLOThey identify legal issues as well as take care of corporate governance and business policy
Chief marketing officerCMOTheir main job is marketing and it includes sales, management, distribution of products, etc.
Chief medical officerCMOThis role is very common in pharmaceutical companies, health systems, hospitals, etc.
Chief networking officerCNOThey maintain proper networking between the company and its partners
Chief nursing officerCNOResponsible for nursing
Chief operating officerCOOThey supervise office administration as well as business operations
Chief privacy officerCPOThey create and implement privacy policy within a company and maintain the privacy of the information of a company
Chief process officerCPOThey are responsible for business processes, applied process theory, guidelines, etc.
Chief procurement officerCPOThey are responsible for sourcing goods and services and negotiating prices and contracts
Chief product officerCPOThey are responsible for all types of product-related matters including product vision, product strategy, user experience, product design, development, and marketing
Chief quality officerCQOThey are responsible for the quality and quality assurance
Chief research officerCROResponsible for research
Chief research and development officerCRDOResponsible for research and development
Chief revenue officerCROThey measure and maximize revenue
Chief risk officerCROThey manage the risk factors of a company
Chief sales officerCSOThey are responsible for sales
Chief science officerCSOThey are responsible for applied science, research, and development of new technologies
Chief security officerCSOThey are responsible for both physical and networking security
Chief software officerCSOResponsible for the overall software strategy
Chief solutions officerCSOThey are responsible for providing various solutions for a company
Chief strategy officerCSOThey provide various strategic planning solutions like portfolio management, etc.
Chief sustainability officerCSOResponsible for sustainability programs
Chief system engineerCSOThey look after the whole system of a company including system specification, validation, and verification
Chief technical officerCTOLook after all the technical aspects of an organization
Chief technology officerCTOThey are responsible for technology, research, and development
Chief value officerCVOThey ensure all the projects of a company capture customer value
Chief visionary officerCVOThey are responsible for the business strategy, and working plans of a company
Chief web officerCWOResponsible for the web presence of the company

State-wise Average Salary of CEO in the USA

Name of the StateAverage Salary
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
212,000 USD
187,000 USD
224,000 USD
210,000 USD
241,000 USD
220,000 USD
215,000 USD
202,000 USD
199,000 USD
250,000 USD
248,000 USD
193,000 USD
195,000 USD
233,000 USD
224,000 USD
209,000 USD
211,000 USD
219,000 USD
221,000 USD
206,000 USD
234,000 USD
236,000 USD
224,000 USD
214,000 USD
203,000 USD
220,000 USD
196,000 USD
204,000 USD
211,000 USD
204,000 USD
239,000 USD
214,000 USD
252,000 USD
224,000 USD
184,000 USD
230,000 USD
211,000 USD
213,000 USD
239,000 USD
197,000 USD
223,000 USD
201,000 USD
236,000 USD
254,000 USD
218,000 USD
184,000 USD
226,000 USD
226,000 USD
202,000 USD
223,000 USD
191,000 USD




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