What Services are in Demand Right Now? (100+ Service Business Ideas)

What Services are in Demand Right Now? (100+ Service Business Ideas)

If you are planning to start a business then “service business” would be an excellent option for you. There is a huge demand for service business and the on-demand economy is rapidly changing the traditional business models. So, picking the right service for your business could boost your business a lot. In 2022, high demanding business services are food delivery service, grocery delivery service, transportation service, healthcare service, personal care service, accounting service, etc.

List of Best Service Business Ideas of 2022     

  • Transportation Service
  • Auto Repair Service
  • Food Delivery Service
  • Grocery Delivery Service
  • Accounting Service
  • Legal Service
  • Cleaning Service

1. Transportation Service

The transportation and tourism service is dominating the current service business industry. Some common examples of transportation service companies are Uber and Airbnb. According to some recent data, the global transportation industry will grow at a CAGR of 3.4% through 2027. Moreover, the rise of digital technology has changed the whole concept of the transport industry. You can start an app-based transportation service business like Uber. Though Uber is dominating the 75% transportation service in the USA but there is no competition in this sector. So, as a startup business, you will have an excellent opportunity to grow your business despite Uber being your main competitor.

2. Auto Repair Service

If the transportation service business is growing rapidly then it means the demand for auto repair services is also increasing. So, if you have some knowledge and experience in auto repair then it will be an excellent service business idea in 2022. The number of vehicle users is raising rapidly so this business will have an excellent future. The main thing about auto repair service is picking the right location for the business. Moreover, if you can offer the best repair service at an affordable price then your customer list will grow rapidly. Another great thing about this service business is you won’t need a huge investment. You can start with a small shop and then gradually extend the business.

3. Food Delivery Service

In the last few years, this business industry is growing rapidly. In fact, due to the COVID – 19 pandemic people are now ordering foods via various food delivery services to avoid physical contact. Some popular food delivery service providers in the USA are Zomato, UberEats, FoodPanda, Swiggy, Grubhub, Deliveroo, Domino’s Pizza, etc. According to recent statistics, online food delivery sales are expected to reach $220 billion by 2023. So, it is a good indication of the bright future of the food delivery service business. If you want to establish this type of business then you have to provide delivery service from stores, curbside pickup, robotic warehouse deliveries, etc.

4. Grocery Delivery Service

Like the food delivery service, the demand for grocery delivery service is also increasing rapidly. Moreover, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, people now are more dependent on this type of service to shop for their daily grocery items. In order to maintain the physical distance, people are avoiding supermarkets and ordering grocery products via various grocery delivery services. If you are planning to establish a grocery delivery service business then you have to offer services like same-hour, same-day, and next-day delivery, single and multi-fleet, in-house delivery, etc. The best part of this type of service is, that you don’t need a huge investment to start a business.

5. Accounting Service

If you have knowledge and experience in accounting and other financial aspects then the Accounting service business will be an excellent option for you in 2022. You can open an accounting firm and provide bookkeeping and accounting service to individuals and various businesses. Bookkeeping and account are must-have elements for every business. So, this sector has huge demand and this sector is expected to grow at least 31% within 2024. So, if you are a licensed CPA or just a QuickBooks wizard then it will be the perfect business idea for you. This industry has a net profit margin of 19.8%. Therefore, bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, or any other services related to accounting can be some of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs.

6. Legal Service

If you have experience in legal service then you can consider opening a legal service business. This type of business has huge demand because individuals and businesses often require various legal help. Therefore, opening a legal service firm could be a very rewarding business idea for you in 2022 and in the coming years. Businesses require various legal services like drafting wills and contracts, providing legal research information, notary availability, and many more. So, if you have proper knowledge and credentials then you can open your own legal service farm.

7. Cleaning Service

It might seem like a new business concept to you but you will be surprised to know how big the cleaning service industry in the USA is. More than three million people are working in this industry in the USA and 1,063,988 licensed janitorial services businesses are in the USA. That being said the demand for cleaning services is increasing every day in the USA. The number of offices and commercial places are increasing in the USA and so does the demand for cleaning service. Moreover, many people look for cleaning services e to clean their house, garden, etc. regularly. People are now more conscious about hygiene thanks to the current pandemic situation. The great thing about the cleaning service business is you don’t need a huge investment to run this business. You can start small and then gradually expand your business.

Comprehensive List of Service Business Ideas for 2022

Personal fitness trainer
Meditation instructor
Private yoga instructor
In-home masseuse
Nutrition consultant
Meal delivery service
Personal chef
Grocery shopping and delivery
Dry-cleaning delivery and pick-up
Seamstress or tailor services
Window washing
Home cleaning service
Private car service
Makeup artist
In-home hair stylist
Personal wardrobe stylist
Life coach
Online dating consultant/profile editor
Doula and birth coaching services
Birth photographer
Overnight doula service
Lactation consultant
On-demand babysitter
Home baby proofing consultant
Nanny and au pair placement service
Private music teacher
Children’s party planner
Birthday party character appearances
Children’s entertainment services
Private school application consultant
Homeschool teacher
Academic tutoring
Online English tutor
SAT tutoring and preparation
GED test preparation
College application consultant
College essay editor
Cover letter and resume writer
Elder companion and care provider
In-home physical therapist
Private nursing service
Pet Sitting
Dog Walking
Mobile veterinary services
Mobile pet grooming
Handyman service
Pool servicing and maintenance
Lawn care
Locksmith services
Home entertainment installation
Home-inspection services
Interior painting service
Wallpaper installation service
Power washing service
Carpet installation service
Air conditioning installation and maintenance
Plumbing service
Appliance Repair
Porcelain Repair
Home maintenance equipment rental
Mobile car wash and car detailing
Mobile car mechanic
Vehicle inspection service
Windshield repair service
Virtual Assistant
Executive headhunting
Language Translation
Project manager
Certified professional accountant
Payroll processing service
Financial auditor
Business plan consultant
Office support services
Data analysis
Online course consultant
Freelance researcher
Online business coach
Customer service phone operator
Live chat customer support service
Graphic designer
Website designer
Marketing Copywriter
Content writer
Editing and proofreading service
E-book ghostwriter
Facebook ads strategist
Instagram marketing strategist
Social media manager
Content marketing strategist
SEO strategist
Email marketing manager
Affiliate sales and marketing consultant
Brand photographer
Marketing video producer
Podcast producer
Presentation and proposal designer
Public relations consultant
Brand Ambassador
IT systems consultant
Computer repair service
Printer and copy machine maintenance
Software installation service
Mobile IT support service
App Developer
Online network installation and maintenance
Online security consultant
Data management consultant
Mobile notary public
Legal process server
Paralegal services
Private investigator
Contract drafting and review service
Rental property management
Local tour guide
Adventure tours
Travel agent
Corporate retreat coordinator
Cruise booking agent
Travel concierge services
Ski or snowboarding instructor
SCUBA diving instructor
Beach equipment rentals
Corporate event planner
Fundraising event coordinator
Trade show producer
Wedding planner
Conference marketing manager
Event Photographer
Event videographer
Audio visual technician
Lighting designer
Live video producer
Bartending services
Event catering services
Custom baking
Event DJ
Photo booth rental service
Reunion coordinator
Valet parking service
Event furniture and equipment rental
Personal Chef
Online Education
Meditation and Mindfulness Training
Employee Monitoring Service
Environmental Consultant
Virtual Assistant
Bounce House Rentals
Investments and Trust Assistance
Healthcare Consulting
Image Consultant
Messenger service



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