What Stores Are Similar To Walmart? (Listed & Explained!)

What Stores Are Similar To Walmart

There are quite a few stores available that are similar to Walmart. For example Amazon, Target, Alibaba, Walgreens, Kroger, Best Buy, eBay, Ikea, Kohl’s Corp, Bj’s Wholesale Club, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon is known globally, and many people shop using the online platform and get their goods delivered to their addresses
  • Target is the 8th largest retailer in the United States and at Target, you can shop online or in-store
  • Alibaba is a Chinese company and it becomes very popular for offering high-quality products at an affordable price
  • Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy chain store in the United States and it only sales pharmaceutical products
  • Kroger has more than 2,700 department stores across the United States

Stores Similar To Walmart 

We’ve listed some of the stores that are similar to Walmart. Let’s check them out! 

1. Amazon 


Amazon is one e-commerce platform that can rival Walmart, especially as it has gotten global acceptance. However, unlike Walmart, one cannot say that Amazon has physical stores for all its products. However, you can randomly see some of its bookstores in some states. 

But, Amazon is known globally, and many people shop using the online platform and get their goods delivered to their addresses. On the other hand, we cannot say that Walmart has such a force as people may know of them worldwide, but they do not have such a high popularity status as Amazon. In addition, there is almost nothing you cannot get on Amazon, including movies. 

2. Target 

Target stands as the eighth largest retailer in the United States, making it one of Walmart’s top competitors. Similar to Walmart, you can either shop online or in-store at Target. This store promises that people can shop for less, and we see that it often plays out. Therefore, we can say that Target has a high popularity status amongst Americans. 

We love that this store also indulges in diversity like Walmart, as you can get almost anything you desire, ranging from electronics to furniture and more. Typically, Americans have this store as one of their top favorite places to shop. 

3. Alibaba 


Although it is not of American descent, allow us to tell you that Alibaba is one of Walmart’s top competitors. It is almost impossible for a regular global shopper to not know of Alibaba. This Chinese company has gotten a global reputation for being one of the e-commerce platforms that let you get things for a lesser amount, and they also deliver globally. 

We often see wholesalers getting things from Alibaba as they say that they get these things for a more favorable price. 

But, we cannot recommend getting perishable goods from Alibaba, and we even doubt that you can get them. 

4. Walgreens 

People often mistake this store for Walmart or think that there are linked somehow. However, this store specializes in pharmaceutical products, and we see that it is the second-largest pharmacy chain store in the United States. And, it stands as one o the stores similar to Walmart in the way that it operates. 

The difference between Walmart and Walgreens is the products that they sell. Walmart has a wide range of products, and you can enjoy diversity when you shop with them. However, you are stuck with only pharmaceutical products with Walgreens since it is a specialized store. 

5. Kroger 

Kroger is another store similar to Walmart as it has many stores across the United States like Walmart. The store has over 2,700 department stores across the United States. 

The difference between Kroger and Walmart is that Kroger focuses on food while Walmart has various products. So, if you are looking for a store that focuses on only food products, you can choose Kroger. However, if you are looking for a store that gives you options and choices, you can go for Walmart. 

Kroger has successfully made a name for itself as one of the world’s top food retailers. 

6. Best Buy 

We doubt anyone in the United States does not know about Best Buy. So, we can say that it is one store similar to Walmart. 

This store focuses on electronics which shows that it is one of the specialized stores in the United States. So, if you are looking to get electronics or gadgets while in the United States, you will get this store as one of the top-recommended stores. 

It is also similar to Walmart as it allows both pickup and delivery. It also has stores across the United States, which has boosted its popularity.  

7. eBay 

eBay works in an almost similar way to Amazon and Alibaba, and it is also one of the stores similar to Walmart. In addition, eBay is one of the top global e-commerce stores with an array of things for people to purchase. People say that there is almost nothing you cannot get on eBay, including cars. It is a platform that easily connects buyers and sellers. 

However, we cannot say that eBay has physical stores, which differs from Walmart. But in terms of product variety, we can say that the eBay store is similar to Walmart. 

8. Ikea 

Originally of Swedish descent, this store specializes and focuses on furniture. They promise to give the best quality furniture at the best prices, and we can say that they have been delivering on their promise as people tend to patronize them constantly. 

Interestingly, we see that they also have online and physical stores, which make similar to Walmart. The store has been in existence for about 70 years, and its popularity increases daily.  

Their dominance of the furniture industry has made them rival Walmart as Walmart’s furniture customers now go to Ikea to get furniture. 

9. Kohl’s Corp 

It is one of the departmental stores in the United States, with over 1000 stores in all the states except Hawaii. So, therefore, you can say that it is similar to Walmart as Walmart has stores in all the states. 

When shopping at Kohl’s Corp, you can get things like shoes, beauty care, and more. And, they promise that they sell at the best prices, which help people save money

We cannot talk about the popularity of this store as other stores rank higher than it. But it is one of the top stores that are similar to Walmart.

10. Bj’s Wholesale Club 

We can say that this store differs from the rest in terms of its operations as it is for only members. However, it caters to the needs of its members the same way Walmart caters to the needs of its customers.

This store requires members to pay an annual membership fee which allows them to buy things wholesale. And they have a variety of products open to their members. If you want to be a part of their members, you will need to pay a membership fee of $55 annually. 

They also promise fair prices to their members, and we see that Walmart has Sam’s Club, which operates in the same way. 

Below Is A Table Highlighting The Year These Stores Were Founded:

StoreYear Founded
Target 1902
Best Buy 1996
EBay 1995
Khol’s Corp 1962
BJ’s Wholesale Club 1984

Reasons Why People Prefer Walmart 

Below are some reasons why people prefer to shop from Walmart than at other stores:

1. Variety Of Goods: From the list of stores, we see that Walmart offers a variety of goods that may not be available in other stores. For example, some stores focus on only electronics or pharmaceutical products. However, that is not the case with Walmart, and you are sure that you can get a variety of products when you decide to shop with Walmart. So, you can pick from different alternatives and utilize your freedom of choice. 

2. It Has Many Physical Stores: Walmart has ensured that it has many physical stores in all the states. It isn’t possible to visit any state without seeing a Walmart store. Therefore, you get to enjoy online and physical shopping when you decide to use Walmart. However, other stores cannot boast of having stores and branches in all the states. Therefore, you will often see some states where you will not see their branches. But Walmart has ensured that it can get to people in different locations in the United States. 

3. 24 Working Hours: How many stores can boast of working 24 hours? Of course, you can agree that not all stores work 24 hours, even if they are similar to Walmart. However, you will see that Walmart has employees who work different shifts to ensure that they operate for 24 hours. The only exception to their working hours was during the lockdown and Covid period, limiting their opening hours. But in normal circumstances, Walmart is always open. 


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What Are Stores Like Walmart And Target Called?

Stores like Walmart and Target are called big box stores because they cater to everyone, including retailers. You can be sure to buy things in bulk from such stores without any hassle, and they have a wide variety of products. 

Who Is Walmart’s Biggest Competitor? 

It would be wrong for us to try and pick a specific store as Walmart’s biggest competitor as they are all its biggest competitors in different ways. It is why these stores always ensure to deploy the best strategies so that they do not lose their positions. 

Is Target A Competitor Of Walmart?

Yes, Target is one of Walmart’s biggest competitors as they operate in almost the same way and have stores across the United States. 


All the stores mentioned above are similar to Walmart in terms of operations, stores range, or various products. Therefore, you can also refer to them as Walmart’s competitors. 


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