What Stores Sell Pokemon Cards in the USA?

What Stores Sell Pokemon Cards in the USA

Some of the best stores to sell Pokemon cards in the USA are Best Buy, GameStop, Pokémon Center, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Pokemon is a very popular card game and video game franchise that has been in the business for more than 25 years
  • There are three types of Pokemon cards available: character cards, energy cards, trainer cards
  • The Pokemon center is one of the best places currently available to buy Pokemon cards in the USA
  • GameStop has a huge collection of Pokemon cards as well as a wide variety of related merchandise

What is Pokemon?

What is Pokemon

Pokemon is used short for “pocket monsters” and it exists as a TV show, a trading card game, video game, and toy. Pokemon is a type of creature that lives in the wild or with its owner which is known as a trainer. In the Pokemon game, the goal of the trainer is to catch all the Pokemon and, by all, I mean all 800+ of them. 

Different Types of Pokemon Cards

In the Pokemon universe, there are three types of Pokemon cards available. They are – 

  • Character Cards
  • Energy Cards
  • Trainer Cards    

1. Character Cards

This type of card describes the character of every Pokemon. Each Pokemon has a type like Fire, Water, Psychic, Metal, or Dragon. Character cards also indicate how “evolved” the character is. You will be able to know whether the card is in its basic form, Stage One form, or Stage Two form. You will find the information in the upper left corner of the card. The Legendary Pokemon cards are the most powerful cards in the trading card game, and they’re also only found in booster packs. 

2. Energy Cards

You will need this type of card to power your Pokémon throughout the game. You will find the basic Energy cards in any pack you buy. Apart from the basic energy cards, there are also Special Energy cards available that give a different kind of boost, depending on your type of Pokémon. 

3. Trainer Cards

You can use the Trainer cards for the items, during a battle. You will find the specialty of each card at the bottom.

List of Best Places to Buy Pokemon Cards in the USA

Best Places to Buy Pokemon Cards in the USA
  • Best Buy
  • GameStop
  • Pokémon Center
  • Sam’s Club
  • Costco
  • Walmart (Online Only)
  • Target (Online Only)
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Family Dollar
  • TCG Player

1. Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular store for electronics options but it also sells Pokemon cards. Best Buy has a huge collection of cards compared to other stores. Lots of other stores have stopped selling Pokemon cards due to the supply chain issue but Best Buy doesn’t have this type of problem. So, if you are not able to find a Pokemon card then Best Buy is the best place to look for the card. The best part is you can buy the Pokemon cards both online and offline from Bets Buy. In Best Buy you will find, Celebrations Collections Box, VSTAR Special Collection, Evolving Skies Sleeved Booster, Fusion Strikes Sleeved Booster, etc.   

2. GameStop

This is a very popular place to buy Pokemon cards. GameStop has a huge collection of Pokemon cards as well as a wide variety of related merchandise. If you like to collect the new release cards then GameStop is the place you should look for. Some of the popular online merchandise of GameStop are Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage Booster Pack, V-UNION Special Collection, Dragonite V or Hoopa V Box, etc. Like Best Buy, you will be able to buy Pokemon cards online as well as offline from GameStop! 

3. Pokémon Center

The Pokemon center is one of the best places currently available to buy Pokemon cards in the USA. In fact, it is the best place to buy Pokemon trading cards because the cards come directly from the source! Moreover, some rare items are only available exclusively at these authorized stores. For example, you will be able to buy TCG Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box and the Sword & Shield Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box from the Pokemon Center. 

4. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a popular wholesale chain in the United States that sells Pokémon cards. But there is some problem with the supply chain of Sam’s Club therefore, you won’t find the Pokemon cards 24/7. There is hardly enough stock to be available in-store therefore, you have to wait to buy the cards from Sam’s Club. You can call or directly visit the store to see if they have the collection or you can check on their website about the availability of the cards.  

5. Costco

Costco is a very renowned wholesale retailer in the USA that also sells Pokemon cards, games, and collectibles at its many locations. If you love to collect Pokemon cards then Costco will be an excellent option for you because you can find a decent selection of Pokemon cards at Costco. The only downside of this platform is, that here you only be able to buy concealed pack cards so which Pokemon card you will receive completely depends on luck. Currently, you can only buy the Pokemon cards offline by visiting the nearest Costco store.  

6. Walmart (Online Only)

Walmart is USA’s one of the largest eCommerce platforms and it sells Pokémon cards online. Currently, Walmart doesn’t sell Pokemon cards in-store which means you can only be able to buy the cards online. From Walmart, you will be able to buy packs of three random booster cards, assorted cards with a collectible tin, and any series of 50 single cards, Champions Path Charizard special gold cards, Darkness Blaze packs, and many more.    

7. Target (Online Only)

When it comes to online shopping, this is another excellent platform to buy Pokemon cards in the USA. Due to the recent controversy, Target opted to sell their Pokémon collectors cards online only, to avoid physical fights in stores! Target offers a wide variety of collections including the Leafeon VSTAR Special Collection, Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection, Chilling Reign Booster Pack Box, Vivid Voltage Pack Booster Box, etc.    

8. eBay

The Pokemon card collection on eBay completely depends on whatever individual sellers put their cards on sale. From this platform, you can expect to get a lot of exclusive, limited edition Pokemon cards. On eBay, you will be able to find a good selection of cards for really good prices from people who don’t want to keep their Pokemon Card collection. From eBay you can expect to get Pokemon cards like the Pokémon Brilliant Stars 3 Pack, Pokémon Sword and Shield Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Box, and many more.    

9. Amazon

You can find almost anything on Amazon including Pokemon cards. On Amazon, you will find a huge collection of Pokemon Cards as well as Pokémon merchandise. Here, you will be able to buy the Pokemon cards directly from Amazon or from a third-party reseller who is selling through Amazon. Amazon offers large packs of 50 Assorted Pokémon cards and this package includes two rare cards and a random Vmax card. You can also able to buy special gold foil cards from this platform. 

10. Family Dollar

This is not very popular yet an excellent place to buy Pokemon cards. Here, you will be able to buy various Pokémon trading cards. This platform is a great option for collectors who want to increase their collection at an affordable price. From this platform, you will be able to buy assorted packs at an affordable price.   

11. TCG Player     

If you are looking for high-quality collector’s Pokemon cards then TCG Player will be an excellent option for you. This is a great platform for serious players. In fact, TCGPlayer is the world’s leading online collectibles website for the gaming industry. It has buyers and sellers from around the world. In TCG Player, you will find a variety of Pokemon cards, including retired sets, single cards, limited edition booster boxes, and many more. The TCGPlayer website has a specific search option to buy a certain type of card. In fact, you can search Pokemon cards by set name, card type, rarity, energy type, price, etc. So, all these features ensure you can easily find the Pokemon card that you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

The supply chain issue thanks to the COVID pandemic situation has made it very difficult to find and buy Pokemon cards both online and offline. So, the above 11 places are the best options currently to buy Pokemon cards in the USA. If you have a further query about the places mentioned above then leave your question in the comment section. I will get to you soon!



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