What Time Does Chase Bank Open? (Fun Facts!)

What Time Does Chase Bank Open

Chase bank opening time is 9 am. Chase bank opens every weekday at the same time, 9 am. Monday through to Friday are the weekdays, this bank is opened on those days from 9 in the morning and closes around 6 pm in the evening. Chase bank also remains open on Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Key Takeaways

  • Chase bank have at least 50 million customers, approximately 35 million of them are using their banking app
  • Chase is one of the few banks in the USA that operate on Saturdays
  • During the holidays, some of the banks in the USA remains open for business
  • The New York branch of Chase Bank remain open on Sunday for private clients from 10 am to 2 pm

Normal Day Operational Hours For Chase Bank

Normal Day Operational Hours For Chase Bank

Every chase bank branch has its opening hours, this all depends on the management of each branch. Based on this information, the best thing to do before going to a Chase bank branch for any business transaction, checks and verify online to see what time the bank operates. The opening and closing hours of every chase bank branch are posted on their website. 

One thing that is common amongst all the Chase bank branches is that they always open every weekday by 9 am. Even on Saturdays, the managers get to decide if Saturdays are also included as working days, the usual time is mostly 9 am. On Saturday, some branches close by 4 pm or sometimes by 1 pm. This all depends on the branch. For some branches of Chase bank, they don’t open on Saturdays but the ATM is usually there for 24hours. 

Holiday Banking Hours For Chase Bank

Chase is one of the few banks that operate on Saturdays, not all branches do that but most of them do it. Just like other banks and offices, chase bank also observes some of these holidays especially the federal holidays, no one is allowed to open on federal holidays.

Chase bank has a very special holiday schedule for workers and clients, although every federal holiday is honored, the others have specific hours. Let us explain. There are some instances where a bank would have to close up for a public holiday. Some holidays are declared by state governments and financial institutions are affected. 

During some of these holidays, some credit unions and banks open up the doors of their offices during some of this holidays. This holiday schedule is what makes chase different from most banks because they don’t open up for business during some of these holidays, especially the ones which involves celebration. Chase bank would allow the workers to enjoy the time with family. 

HolidayHours Of Operation 
New year dayClosed
Martin Luther King dayClosed
Valentine’s dayOpen
President’s dayClosed
St Patrick’s dayOpen
Memorial dayClosed
Independence DayClosed
Labor dayClosed
Columbus dayClosed
Halloween Open 
Veterans dayClosed
Thanksgiving DayClosed
Black FridayOpen
Christmas eveOpen 
Christmas dayClosed

These holidays are placed on the table according to their occurrence. If you are not satisfied, calling the bank is an option, they would list out their holiday schedule for you without stress. It is best to call the bank because every region has its schedule, although very similar but might have a few changes. Chase’s bank schedules state that whenever a holiday falls on a Sunday, the bank would close the Monday after it just to honor that holiday. Of course, this is only if the bank closes on this holiday normally.

Holiday Hours For Chase Bank. Customers Must Know About These Things

Firstly, it isn’t an easy job to just closer a bank and reopen it after a day or two. This is something that should be on every customer’s mind. While a bank is preparing to close for a holiday or weekend, some transactions might experience a delay because of the rush in the bank. Most people want to either deposit or withdraw before the holiday comes. 

Now, after the holiday, the bank also experiences some of these delays. This is for the customers to know that this isn’t the fault of the bank but some technical issues usually come up when days like this approach. The bank would resolve every issue in a space of some days. During the holidays, you would notice that some of the banks are opened for business and crowded. This is why issues like these delays come up. Something we all know for sure is that during the holiday, chase bank has ATMs open. Transactions are being performed on these ATMs, although they are basic, they could do a lot of good. 

Transactions like money deposition and withdrawal, account check, and transfer are all performed on an ATM. 

Is Chase Bank Open Every Day Of The Week?

No. Most times, chase bank opens up only for six days of the week, some branches open only for five days. The only day of the week exempted in the chase bank schedule is Sunday. The ATMs work on Sundays and the mobile app on your phone also works perfectly on Sunday. 

Does Chase Bank Work On Weekends?

It has been established that many chase bank branches open up on Saturday but not on Sunday. The option to call their customer service to find out is also there. There is never a time when the chase bank is open on Sunday, only the ATMs work on Sundays. The only way you can get attended to on a Sunday is when you are a private client of the bank. The private client thing would favor you when you are in New York because the branch there is open for private clients from 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday. Most times, the headquarters don’t open on Saturdays, and their weekday activities start by 8:30 am. 

Can I Perform Transactions Outside Business Hours With Chase Bank?

This is possible, but you cannot go into the bank for any of these transactions. The ATM basic transactions are what is available for you outside of their business hours. Some basic transactions are done on the ATM as it is now an advanced machine. Many other methods are other like the mobile app. 


So far so good we have been able to let you know of all the business hours opening hours and everything concerning time in chase bank. These should help both clients and those looking for a job with this bank to understand how they operate. 


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