What Time Does UPS Stop Delivery? (Find Out Now!)

What Time Does UPS Stop Delivery

UPS stops delivery at 7 PM! In addition to UPS time-definite delivery option, shipments can be delivered anytime between the hours of 9:00 am and 7:00 pm through UPS off-peak service. (and sometimes later). This option is available for residential and commercial addresses alike.

Key Takeaways

  • In general, UPS packages are scheduled to arrive between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM
  • If you see a UPS driver out delivering products past the normal time of arrival then there are chances that his deliveries were damaged during transportation
  • If you check the UPS website with your consignment ID you will find the package’s whereabouts and ETA
  • You should keep in mind that UPS delivery times depend on the type of shipping option you choose

Why Does UPS Deliver So Late?

Sometimes your packages arrive late, and sometimes U.S. Postal Service fails to meet their end of the bargain meaning that the deliveries are tardy or even never get to their destination on account of some mishap along the way. Bearing in mind, then, that when you use a courier service like FedEx you do so because you’re looking for something very specific in terms of first-class service delivery, it’s essential that there are consequences if they can’t deliver what they promised, and on time at that. 

It is especially frustrating to have your intentions thwarted in this way, particularly where money is concerned not least because you have paid more than enough to ensure timely delivery (even if ‘on time is often just another way of saying ‘express!’) but also because those delivery charges represent a big part of courier services’ income – and if they aren’t reimbursed by the offending postal work professionals then no amount of alternatives will be viable either!

A similar thing happens when packages have been delivered that have been damaged or broken as well. If you see a UPS driver out and about in the community and he is past the normal time of arrival, chances are some of his deliveries were damaged during transportation.

Oftentimes, a situation that happens earlier in the day can cause a UPS delivery driver to be called into work later than they would like. For example, if the driver was in a car accident or held up at another UPS facility due to a technical issue with one of the company’s trucks, it follows that they will dedicate themselves and offer overtime hours to complete deliveries for other customers affected by their mishap as compensation for the late delivery issues.

Can I Track The UPS Truck?

Track The UPS Truck

You can always see what the shipping status of your online order is by checking on its tracking information. Most websites give you an approximate idea of when the truck will arrive so that you can make sure it’s out in time with the rest of your packages. The tracker won’t show you the exact hour, minute, or seconds, but you’ll get an estimated delivery date. 

Does “Out For Delivery” Mean I’ll Get It Today?

You expect your package to be delivered the day it says “out for delivery”. So, you check the UPS tracking status and see that it says “loaded on the truck” when will your package be delivered? Well, technically anything that’s been put onto a UPS truck is expected to be delivered (hopefully) that same day. However, if something were to happen where your package is on the wrong truck or perhaps some other kind of mix-up occurred in transit – then it may take an additional day(s) until you finally get what you ordered.

When you order something you expect it to arrive at your doorstep just as fast as the mailman takes to get through their own route. When this is not true and your package arrives late or not at all, we recommend checking the tracking of that package again later that same evening. You will find that the information on the package’s whereabouts will have been updated which will eventually give you a new estimated arrival window.

If you’re wondering when your shipment will arrive and it seems stuck in the UPS system, there are a few things you can do. The first thing you should do is call UPS to talk about the tracking – if they have it, they usually understand the situation and can provide any updates or explanations regarding the hold-up. 

However, if the tracking has been sent out to someone else along with someone else’s package instead of your own, then the best thing to do is politely ask for help from someone over at UPS – who knows? You may be lucky and at least get a reply back like “We’ll look into this as soon as possible and let you know what we find”. They have many hands-on-deck during certain times of the year, so that means lost packages are common issues they deal with often. Thankfully though, both providers are extremely professional when handling this type of situation so that customers aren’t left waiting too long!

The Table Below Contains Different UPS Services, Estimated Delivery Time, And Estimated Costs. 

ServiceEstimated Delivery TimeEstimated Cost
UPS Express Saver1 Business DayN/A
UPS Next Day Air Early8:00-9:30 AM next business day$112.25
UPS Next Day Air10:30-12:00 noon Next business day$81.05
UPS Next Day Air Saver3:00-4:30 PM next business$75.96
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M0:30 AM or 12 noon the 2nd business day$36.99
UPS 2nd Day AirEnd of the second day$36.99
UPS 3 Day Select1-3 days$28.46
UPS Ground1-5 business days$12.53

Important Things To Know About UPS Delivery Times

Preparing to send your package using the United Parcel Service, or UPS can be a bit overwhelming if you are not familiar with their rates and priority services. But you do not need to worry because we’ll guide you through the process while ensuring that your parcel reaches its destination on time. When sending a package via UPS, there are a variety of things to pay attention to. For instance:

1. UPS Holiday Schedule: When you use UPS, its estimated shipping times may change during the holidays but that is not unusual. Most US businesses close during federal holidays but UPS continues to provide a few services throughout each holiday which are available upon request. They also do not ship packages on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and this can result in shipping delays during the holidays especially around the New Year.

2. UPS Delivery Times Depend On The Type Of Shipping Option You Choose: Take, for instance, UPS’s faster shipping times can be reached by shipping with UPS Express Saver which offers same-day delivery, while the slower delivery times are offered via UPS Ground which typically takes up to 7-10 business days.

3. Shipping Cost Increases With Speed: UPS allows for some shipping options that are offered at faster speeds than others. Unfortunately, you can’t have it all and sometimes it costs a bit more with rapid shipping. It’s just something we have to accept as most businesses do. Every once in a while, or when time is of the essence, shipping services like UPS Next Day Air have their place in the office.

4. Shipping Rates Calculation: Before choosing a shipping option, it’s advisable to use the Easyship Shipping Calculator to get an estimate of different UPS estimated delivery times and rates for each type of service. This can help avoid any extra costs or delays because Easyship allows you to choose the right shipping method at an affordable rate according to your needs and budget. For instance, on the East Coast of America with an order weighing between 4 lbs. and 8 lbs. and sent in 3rd of March? The calculator will show that shipping ground will take 5 business days while air will take 2 business days.

5. Urgent Shipments: Always be on time when dealing with the UPS team as they are never late. If you have an urgent shipment that needs to get there fast, always consult with the UPS team for additional services from UPS special delivery.

Bottom Line

UPS time-definite delivery option is convenient for commercial shipments, but residential customers have the choice of selecting UPS off-peak service for deliveries throughout the day. They offer later times too! From sunup to late-night, customers will receive their packages when they want them. Now that’s ultimate flexibility!



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