Where Do Lottery Money Come From? Statistics about USA Lotteries

Where Do Lottery Money Come From

You will be surprised to know that the money for the lottery comes from people who buy the lottery. For example, if the prize of a lottery is $1 million and the lottery price is $2 then about 1 million tickets are sold. So, about $2 million are raised from the ticket sales and the winner gets the $1 million prize money. The rest of the money goes to various govt. projects.

Key Takeaways

  • In many cases, people use the Lottery to make a decision or choose something
  • In the USA, the usual price of the lottery is $1, $2, or $5
  • If the winning ticket number matches your ticket number then you will be declared the winner
  • If you win a lottery then a portion of the lottery price, in most cases 12% goes to the Tax funds to cover the ‘lottery duty’ tax

What is Lottery?

A lottery is a type of process where people participate by buying tickets and the winner is selected by a random drawing of numbers. In fact, it is a very popular type of gambling where people are encouraged to spend money and buy lottery tickets at a low price and win big prizes.

Where Do Lottery Money Come From
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On many occasions, people use the Lottery to make a decision or choose something. In sports, the lottery is a very common way to make team drafts. The below table shows some lotteries and their notable prizes –

Lottery NameWinning PrizeCountryLast Date of WinRemarks
Powerball$1.586 billion pre-taxUnited States13 January 2016It is the world’s largest lottery prize
EuroMillions€185 million or £161 million       United Kingdom12 July 2011It is Europe’s largest lottery prize
China Welfare LotteryRMB¥ 570 millionChina12 June 2012Asian largest prize for a lottery
Mega-SenaR$244 millionBrazil31 December 2012South America’s largest prize
Powerball (Australia)A$150 millionAustralia19 September 2019Australia’s highest prize for a lottery

How Lottery Works

Different type of lottery has different method to pick the winner but for each type of lottery, the main process is the same. You have to buy a ticket of a particular lottery type. Usually, the price of the lottery is $1, $2, or $5. After buying a lottery ticket you have to wait for the draw. If the winning ticket number matches your ticket number then you will be declared as the winner. Then you have to submit your winning ticket with the required documents to claim the winning money.

From Where the Lottery Money Comes

The prize money of various lotteries directly comes from lottery ticket sales. It means people who buy lottery tickets actually fund the lottery. When you buy a lottery ticket the fund is split and goes to a different section. Usually, 50% to 60% of the fund goes toward the lottery prize money. A portion of the lottery ticket sale goes to the ‘Good Causes’ fund where the money is used for various local projects.

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Then a portion of the lottery price, in most cases 12% goes to the Tax funds to cover the ‘lottery duty’ tax. Some funds are used to cover the operational cost of the total lottery process and only 1% is classed as profit from the lottery ticket sales.       

Types of USA Lotteries

In the USA, there are different types of lotteries available. However, the most popular and biggest US multi-jurisdictional lotteries are –

Name of the LotteryRangeJackpot OddsDraw Time
Powerball5/69 + 1/261:292,201,338Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 22:59 ET
Mega Millions1/70 + 1/251:302,575,350Tuesday and Friday at 23:00 ET
Lotto America5/521:25,989,600Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 ET/10 p.m.
Cash4Life5/60 + 1/41:21,846,048Sunday through Saturday at 21:00 ET
Lucky for Life5/48 + 1/181:30,821,472Mondays and Thursdays at 22:38 ET
All or Nothing12/241:324,632Mondays through Saturdays at 10:00, 12:27, 18:00, and 22:12 CT

State Wise Sales of Lotteries in the USA

State NameSales (in million U.S. dollars)
Florida New York California Texas Georgia Massachusetts Ohio Pennsylvania Michigan Maryland North Carolina New Jersey Illinois Virginia South Carolina Tennessee Missouri Indiana Kentucky Connecticut Arizona Oregon West Virginia Washington Wisconsin Minnesota Colorado Rhode Island Delaware Arkansas Louisiana New Hampshire Mississippi Iowa Maine South Dakota Idaho Oklahoma Kansas District of Columbia Nebraska Vermont New Mexico Montana Wyoming North Dakota9,076.22 8,594.88 8,417.94 8,107.20 5,877.22 5,820.65 5,516.44 5,425.57 5,046.09 4,356.87 3,805.35 3,683.61 3,449.97 2,641.43 2,415.77 2,211.42 1,811.51 1,737.74 1,486.43 1,439.37 1,298.45 1,268.99 950.73 894.54 803.64 794.93 751.91 682.57 631.93 624.95 534.25 510.57 452.59 390.74 373.85 373.37 346.75 326.01 222.65 205.28 161.53 154.89 77.65 31.69 30.38 28.71

Rules and Regulations for State-Run Lotteries in the USA

In the USA, there are lots of multi-state lotteries available like Powerball, Mega Millions, etc. but every state has its own rules and regulations regarding various lotteries. Below I have listed all the websites of every state in the USA where you will find all the rules and regulations for various lotteries –

Arizona – arizonalottery.com      Arkansas – myarkansaslottery.com          California – calottery.com            Colorado – coloradolottery.com Connecticut – ctlottery.org          Delaware – delottery.com           District of Columbia – dclottery.com        Florida – flalottery.com Georgia – galottery.com               Idaho – idaholottery.com             Illinois – illinoislottery.com           Indiana – hoosierlottery.com      Iowa – ialottery.com       Kansas – kslottery.com  Kentucky – kylottery.com             Louisiana – louisianalottery.com               Maine – mainelottery.com          Maryland – mdlottery.com          Massachusetts – masslottery.com            Michigan – michiganlottery.com               Minnesota – mnlottery.com        Missouri – molottery.comMontana – montanalottery.com              Nebraska – nelottery.comNew Hampshire – nhlottery.org New Jersey – njlottery.net           New Mexico – nmlottery.com    New York – nylottery.org              North Carolina – nc-educationlottery.orgNorth Dakota – ndlottery.org     Ohio – ohiolottery.com Oklahoma – lottery.ok.gov          Oregon – oregonlottery.org        Pennsylvania – palottery.com     Puerto Rico – loteriasdepuertorico.com Rhode Island – rilot.com                South Carolina – sceducationlottery.comSouth Dakota – sdlottery.org      Tennessee – tnlottery.com          US Virgin Islands – winusvilottery.com   Vermont – vtlottery.com              Virginia – valottery.com Washington – walottery.com      West Virginia – wvlottery.com   Wisconsin – wilottery.com          

Taxation Rules for Different American Lotteries

Lottery NameTax BandRules
  PowerballTax Band 1Tax-free up to $599.99
Tax Band 2Between $600 and $1,499.99; 30% tax rate
Tax Band 3Above $1,500; 38% tax rate
  Mega MillionsTax Band 1Tax-free up to $599.99
Tax Band 2Between $600 and $4,999.99; 30% tax rate
Tax Band 3Above $5,000; 38.82% tax rate
  Cash4LifeTax Band 1Tax-free up to $600.
Tax Band 2Between $600.01 and $5,000; 30% tax rate
Tax Band 3Above $5,000; 36% tax rate
Texas LotteriesTax Band 1Tax-free up to $599.99
Tax Band 2Above $600; 30% tax rate

FAQs about Where Do Lottery Money Come From

Who pays out the lottery winnings in the USA?

If the winning amount of the lottery is $500 or below then you can withdraw the winnings from the same retail locations where you have bought the lottery ticket.

How big is the lottery industry in the USA?

The lottery industry in the USA is valued at USD 228.43 Billion. According to Finance.Yahoo.Com, the lottery industry in the USA will have a growth rate of 11.11% from 2021 to 2026.

What USA states have the most Powerball winners?

Below is a list of 10 USA states with the most Powerball winners –

  1. Indiana (39)
  2. Missouri (31)
  3. Minnesota (22)
  4. Kentucky (18)
  5. Pennsylvania (18)
  6. Louisiana (17)
  7. Wisconsin (17)
  8. Arizona (13)
  9. Florida (13)
  10. Kansas (11)           

Which USA lottery has the best odds to win?

In the USA, Mega Millions has the best odds to win. The winning odds of Mega Millions is 1 in 24.



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