Will Bank Of America Provide Free Notary Service? (All You Need To Know!)

Will Bank Of America Notary Service

Yes! The bank of America is a financial and banking institution, so the notary services in this institution are mandatory and are major requirements. For this reason, many banks like the bank of America and others always possess notary services. 

Key Takeaways

  • Not all the Bank of America branches have notary service, therefore you should contact with the nearest Bank of America branch to find out whether they provide the service or not
  • A non-customer can avail the notary service from a Bank of America branch with a small fee
  • You need notary public stamps on documents for loans, trusts, real estate papers, etc.
  • If you want to change the bank account information then you might need to provide notary

How The Bank Of America Branch With Notary Services Are Found

In most places where the bank of America is located, something called a notary public is present in that location. Not all locations of the bank of America have this notary public. Here is something you have to do, before going to the bank of America in your area, call the customer care service and figure out if the notary public is present in that particular branch. If you don’t know the number to call, just Go to the bank of America website and from there you can figure out if your branch has a notary public. 

In many instances, the notary public in the bank would have its office and desk, sometimes the notary public gets involved with other issues that the bank has. Although, the services of a notary public have to be outlined and drafted out to be followed severely. If that branch in question doesn’t possess a notary public, the next branch with a notary public would be allocated to you. 

Notary Services For Non-Customers Of The Bank Of America

For those who are not customers, a fee might be incurred, most times the bank doesn’t even offer the service to non-customers at all. All of this just depends on the branch management. A person might either pay a fee for the notary service from the bank of America or not receive the service at all. Each location and branch has its rules set for this kind of service. These rules decide if fees are meant to be paid for the services or they are not to be rendered at all. 

You have to check the bank and figure out if the bank you plan on getting this service from is ready to render, also ask if they have the notary public. As a non-customer, you should also figure out if the notary service requires a fee for you. 

The Kind Of Documents That Bank Of America Notary Will Sign. 

Some people go by the feeling that every document would need a notary stamp or signature, well those people are wrong. It isn’t bad to be wrong though, this is why calling the bank first is very necessary, the bank would always ask you when you call them about the documents you wish to sign. If these documents do not need a notary service stamp or signature, they will tell you and save you the trouble of coming to the bank. 

The documents that would require the stamp and signature of a notary public as listed below. 

You need notary public stamps on documents for;

1. Loans

2. Trusts

3. Real estate papers

4. Car ownership change 

5. Affidavits. 

Every document of this nature that requires stamps and signatures of a notary public would have a space reserved for it on the document. Although, outside these documents listed here, some other types of documents could need a notary public stamp on them to be valid. Also, the service here for these extra documents is done solely by the notary public, no management would have a hand in this. 

What we are saying in essence is that the bank of America notary public can sign any document that needs a third party confirmation. Sometimes when the document has some kind of mistake or maybe the notary public noticed something, the document is rejected and will not be stamped by them. 

A Table Showing Some Type Of Notary Services Offered By The Bank Of America 

Notary servicesHow notary services help
Estate servicesThe estate services are all about you losing someone and getting to handle his or her financial liaisons. Losing someone is bad we know but getting to handle the finance of the deceased is even harder, the bank of America makes this possible for you
Elderly’s FinanceIn America today, they have been able to figure out that most people get their hands on the possessions of most elderly people and tend to abuse this money. This could be the worst thing you could do to an elderly person. Bank of America notary service is here to stop things like this from occurring 
Account changeThis is a problem whereby there is a need to change the details in an account. The details to be precise are only the personal details. Maybe trying to change the ownership of an account, is almost an impossible task but with the help of the bank of America notary service, the whole process is said to be easier. 

Does The Bank Of America Have Notary Service?

Yes, they do. The bank of America is known to give free notary services to people who have an activated account with them. Although before going in to get that notary service, you need to confirm from that branch how available their notary service is before you go to get it. 

What needs to be done here is that the documents that require signing or notary services would be brought alongside you as you visit because you would have to make the appointment that you must have booked for the notary public. To get this service, there is no fee attached to it but this is as long as you follow the rules and guidelines of the bank. 

People who have accounts with the bank of America have to book an appoint meant and ensure that a means to properly identify him or she is available to recognize the person. While booking your appointment, the requirements would be given to you so you don’t come in vain. 

How Can I Explain The Bank Of America Notary Public?

The bank of America is an institution whereby many documents have to be notarized. Notarization in this concept is said to be a third-party witness or someone who can stand and be your guarantor. This is what notarization stands for. 

The notary public can now be said to be a person who is in the bank of America and in charge or has a hand in the transaction, contracts, and other things in the bank. They have legalized witnesses that give out documentation. If a document needs to be signed and backed up, then the notary public can do this job and be the witness to back up the document. 


The notary public in the bank of America is a very strong and important department, they are mostly. Available for the customers and their services are top-notch. Most of the branches of the bank of America have this notary service to render.


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