What Are The Customer Service Hours At Walmart? (Find Out Now!)

Customer Service Hours At Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retail corporations in the United States, and its customer service hours are between the hours of 8 am to 10 pm. Therefore, if you have any issues after 10 pm, you must wait until the next day.

Key Takeaways

  • The customer service number of Walmart is 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)
  • you can also reach Walmart’s customer service at [email protected]
  • It is also possible to reach Walmart’s customer service when you go to their stores from 8 am to 10 pm
  • Walmart has 90 days return policy for the purchased products

How To Reach Walmart Customer Service

How To Reach Walmart Customer Service

If you have any complaints, you can always reach Walmart customer service differently. Some of these ways include:

1. Through Calls: Is your complaint an urgent matter? Can it be resolved from your house? Or, are you trying to inquire? You can reach Walmart’s customer service through their call lines, and it is available from 8 am to 10 pm. The idea here is that the customer service staff resumes at 8 am and closes by 10 pm. So, you can get any information or resolve any issue from the comfort of your home with a call. We love that Walmart’s customer service team is always proactive, ensuring that they meet the needs of their customers. You can get them at 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART).

2. Email: Understandably, the line might be busy when you call as many people try to reach them simultaneously. So, instead of waiting while they put you on hold, you can shoot them an email. Yes, it might take longer to resolve things through email, but we assure you that you will resolve the issue according to their policy. So, you can reach Walmart’s customer service at [email protected]

3. Live Chat: Have you ever been on Walmart’s website? If yes, you would agree that there is a live chatbox. And the customer service team is also in charge of this live chatbox from 8 am to 10 pm. So, if this is your preferred option, you can use their website to reach the customer service team. There you will get someone who gives you their undivided attention as they try to resolve your issue.

4. In-Service: Some people do not like using online communication and would rather walk into Walmart’s stores. After all, it is best to go to the source when you want to resolve a complaint. So, you can also reach Walmart’s customer service when you go to their stores. They also work from 8 am to 10 pm, as do other Walmart employees.

Some Policies That Guide Walmart’s Customer Service

Some Policies That Guide Walmart's Customer Service

Of course, there would be rules and policies guiding the customer service team, ensuring they efficiently meet customers’ needs.

Some of these policies are:

Return policy: Typically, there is a 90 days return policy for Walmarts customers. So, if you are not pleased with what you got, you can return it for an exchange or get a refund. But, it must be within 90 days of purchase. In addition, there must be a receipt to show the customer service team. Some people may ask what happens if they have lost the receipt. In this case, the customer service team looks up store purchases with a debit/credit card. And if it was an online purchase, they can track it with a phone number or email. We also see that perishable online orders cannot be returned by email. Instead, you have to take it back to the store or request to start a return from the app. In a bid to keep their customers safe, Walmart’s customer service team will not replace, refund, or return some items. And these items include sex toys, ammunition, pepper spray, test kits, breast pumps, etc. 

You may sometimes get your refunds immediately, while others may take up to 10 business days. Below is a table that summarizes how the refund policy works in Walmart.

Method of payment With receipt Refund timing 
Cash or check Cash Immediate 
Credit cardSame credit card or gift card 10 business days 
Debit card w/ PINSame debit card, gift card or cash 7 business days 
Walmart gift card Walmart gift card 3 hours
EBT cardEBT card 3 hours

1. Privacy Policy:  Walmart customer service team may need to collect your personal information at some point. However, when working with Walmart’s privacy policy, they must ensure that they do not give out your details to anyone or organizations not a part of Walmart’s associates. For example, Walmart can share your information with its pharmacies and vision centers when you need any of their services. But the team cannot share your personal information with non-associates. Walmart will ask for some personal information for different reasons based on the services you need from them. For example, if you order online and need to deliver, you will need to give your home address and phone number. Of course, they will share this information with their delivery associates, but it does not give beyond there. They may also ask for your national identification number or driver’s license for verification purposes. If you need to pay for anything online through Walmart, they also need your credit or debit card details. These are personal information people share with Walmart at varying times. However, the policy states that they must not share such information with non-associates, and the customer service team abides by the policy.

2. Coupon Policy: Who doesn’t love getting coupons? Of course, people are always eager to use a coupon to buy things, even from Walmart. After all, it helps you get things cheaper. But we also see that coupon issues are some of the top issues that Walmart’s customer service team faces. Often, it is because customers do not know Walmart’s coupon policy, and the customer service team must follow this policy. For example, the customer service team cannot accept a coupon if it is blurry, does not scan, or is out of proportion. Typically, coupons must scan at the register, as the GS1 on the coupon validates to a master file.

In addition, you should not expect a coupon refund if you decide to return an item. For example, you used a coupon to buy an item, but you are not pleased with the item. So, you decide to return it during the 90 days stipulation. Yes, you have returned it during the allocated time, and you will get a refund for it. However, you will not get a refund for the coupon you used at the purchase time or period.

In addition, Walmart does not accept competitor /retailer coupons, and it also doesn’t accept vouchers or gift certificates.

1. Human Rights Statement: Although Walmart has stores in all the US states, it is also best to know that it is a global brand. Therefore, you are sure it would have policies that protect the interest of all its customers, and it should not be surprising that they are protective of human rights. Walmart’s purpose is to help people save money and make their lives better. Of course, it can only be possible by providing high-quality items to ensure that customers do not have regrets or have to repurchase their desired items from other stores. In addition, Walmart’s customer service team follows some values to ensure it protects the human rights of its customers. Therefore, the team ensures to provide top-notch service to customers. They also respect all individuals, irrespective of age, gender, or race. In addition, they strive for excellence while delivering their services and ensure to act with integrity.

2. Walmart Code of Conduct: The code of conduct policy guiding Walmart’s customer service team states that they must act with integrity. Therefore, you can be sure that no member of Walmart’s customer service team will engage in any dubious act or actions that will be at the detriment of their customer. In addition, you can also be sure that any member of the customer service team caught in compromising actions will be punished appropriately and will even be laid off. The code of conduct policy also serves as a guide towards decision-making for the team. If you ever think Walmart’s team is not sticking to their integrity policy, you can always hold them accountable since it is in their code of conduct. It is best to know that you can always bring it to their attention since they have it written in their code of conduct. And they also have a confidential and anonymous reporting system.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

Does Walmart Have Bad Customer Service?

Some people complain about Walmart’s customer service because of the long waiting hours. Understandably, Walmart does not have enough employees on the customer service team. So, one might have to wait for some time.

How Do I Get Ahold Of Customer Service At Walmart?

You can get through to the customer service team at Walmart by calling their numbers, sending emails, using the live chatbox on the website, or going to the stores.

Does Walmart Take Complaints Seriously?

Yes, Walmart takes complaints seriously as long as they are lodged through the right channels.


You can always reach the customer service team at Walmart through their dedicated channels, as mentioned in the article.

In addition, the customer service team is usually available from 8 am to 10 pm.


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