What is Econometrics?

INTRODUCTION Econometrics is all about using data. It refers to the quantitative application involving statistical and mathematical models. The models rely on data to extend theories or test. In addition, the theories and presented postulations in economics, and for estimating future trends from historical data. Econometrics is related with real-world data to statistical trials. This … Read more

human skills and nature

Foundation of Human Skills│Understanding Human Nature

INTRODUCTION Human skill refers to the ability to cooperate with other people. A person with good human skills is capable of expressing good self-awareness. He/she also has a high degree of capacity for understanding the feeling of others. People who have good human skills interact well with others. They engage in productive communications, settle disagreements … Read more

business letter

Types of Business Letters in Business Communication

To preserve the communication between business parties, business letters are written, typed, and sent. Business letters are sent to recipients outside an organization in an envelope. Business people (manager, employes, entrepreneurs, directors) need to write and send business letters to carry out certain business objectives. Business Letters Business letters are a formal way to preserve … Read more

7 Effective Approach to Help First-Time Managers to Win

It is a fact that, effective management is a significant slice of any business. I will talk about today the best 7 effective approach to thrive.Once individuals are placed in a point to manage others it is typically reflective of their act, work ethic and insight for helping and leading others both indirectly and directly. … Read more


10 Time Management Tips for Busy Bloggers

Perfect time management is necessary for everyone but when it about a blogger then it’s more important to make a schedule for every single work because a blogger life is chaotic. It’s not about how hard work you are doing it’s about how smartly you are getting done your project. You do hard work but … Read more