Commerce & Hindrances

What Is Commerce? 7 Hindrances of Commerce!

What is Commerce? All goods and services produced are to be made available by those who need them This involves a number of additional activities. For example, when somebody produces bread, he has to make it available at convenient locations at right time. This involves activities like making people aware of the product, storing the … Read more

What is business

What is Business?

Business is a term with a very wide meaning. Simply, business is an activity of people directed towards satisfying human wants at a profit in a valid way. A business, also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers. Today, the business … Read more


10 Time Management Tips for Busy Bloggers

Perfect time management is necessary for everyone but when it about a blogger then it’s more important to make a schedule for every single work because a blogger life is chaotic. It’s not about how hard work you are doing it’s about how smartly you are getting done your project. You do hard work but … Read more

Business Management

International Business Management

International Business Management is the practice of managing economies, leading change in international corporations and making business strategies to manage business operations in more than one country. International Management professionals are conscious of the different type of language, culture, global economics and political environment, and multicultural business practices of countries in which multinational organizations actively … Read more