What is Econometrics?

INTRODUCTION Econometrics is all about using data. It refers to the quantitative application involving statistical and mathematical models. The models rely on data to extend theories or test. In addition, the theories and presented postulations in economics, and for estimating future trends from historical data. Econometrics is related with real-world data to statistical trials. This … Read more

project work in management

Project Work In Business | How To Get Most of It?

What is the Aim of doing Project Work in Business Management Sector? Learning through experience is the best learning method. Project Work emphasizes on experience for learning. This learning method aims to offer students the chance to earn knowledge from various areas of learning. Once learned through project work, students feel confident to critically and … Read more

business law

Introduction to Business Law

INTRODUCTION   Business law is the collection of laws that govern the dealings between people and commercial matters. Business law is referred to as mercantile law or commercial law. The business law concerns two distinct areas of businesses. One of two areas is regulation of commercial entities; the regulation is done through laws of partnership, … Read more

human skills and nature

Foundation of Human Skills│Understanding Human Nature

INTRODUCTION Human skill refers to the ability to cooperate with other people. A person with good human skills is capable of expressing good self-awareness. He/she also has a high degree of capacity for understanding the feeling of others. People who have good human skills interact well with others. They engage in productive communications, settle disagreements … Read more