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What Is Business Communication? [Updated For 2018]

Business Communication plays an important role for the function of any enterprise. A member of an organization should be able to express himself or herself in an effective manner, and share their ideas toward a company-related topic. What Is Business Communication? Business Communication involves the sharing of information within an enterprise. The sharing of ideas … Read more


Types of Communication in Organization

For an organization to function properly, communication plays an important role. Communication establishes relationships among business entities and various groups of employees. An organization requires buyers, sellers, service providers, clients, prospective buyers to function. And, communication takes place among them and ensures they interact with themselves effortlessly. Therefore, for an organization to work properly, communication … Read more

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Forms of Communication In Business & Management

Communication involves the process of sending information one to another by any means. Communication takes place at various levels like intrapersonal level, interpersonal level, group level, and mass level. Of all these communication levels, mass communication is further branched into two forms; one is media communication, and another one is interpersonal communication. Forms of Communication … Read more