Best Practices in Hotel Financial Management

Do you want to lead your hotel to the paramount of success? Are you managing your asset efficiently? To found any successful business, financial management policies play the most vital role. Sound financial management lays the foundation of a successful business. Similarly, fundamental financial management is an important factor for most hotels. They rely heavily … Read more

How to get more guest reviews for hotel

Proven Tips to Increase Guests Reviews for Your Hotel

Do you want to get more guest reviews? Are you looking for the most effective ways to improve your hotel reviews as well? Online reputation is the key for any hotel trying to attract more guests. And, guest reviews play an important role in your online success. As a result, the majority of hotel owners … Read more

bad hotel reviews

How to Respond to Negative Hotel Reviews

Do you want to respond to negative reviews without losing a customer? Are you looking for the best ways to respond to guest reviews? Most of the hoteliers now receive their bookings through online channels. Therefore, online reputation has now become more important. Statistics also confirm this: 148.3 million travel bookings are made online each … Read more

Luxury Hotel General Manager Salary

If you want to build a career with solid growth, but don’t have a four-year college degree, then there aren’t many positions as the job of a luxury hotel general manager. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, lodging and hotel general managers held 51,400 jobs in the US in 2010. And, the number is … Read more

Ecole Hôtelière De Lausanne (EHL)

Ecole Hôtelière De Lausanne (EHL)

What would the first hotel management school look like? It would look like EHL? Yes, today the article I’m writing concerns the school, which is the first hotel school to be founded in the world. The school was established in 1893. And, it is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Boasting a remarkable heritage of top-notch hospitality … Read more