What’s The Difference Between Business And Bussiness?

Difference Between Business And Bussiness

Business is a very commonly used word and there are many versions of this word available for example business. The main difference between business and business is; business is the correct word whereas “business” is the wrong word. So business is a misspelling world for business.

Key Takeaways

  • Business is the correct spelling and business is the misspelling world for business
  • Some common misspellings of the word business are Bussines, Bussiness, Busines, Business, etc.
  • A business can be divided into two basic types: for-profit and non-profit
  • You can use the word “business” as plural noun and also as a non-count noun

Definition Of Business

Definition Of Business

Business is a commercial, industrial, or professional activity or it is defined as an organizational entity or legal entity that is engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. A business can provide goods and services for human needs. A business can be for-profit as well as non-profit. Usually, a business can be scaled from a sole proprietorship to an international corporation.  A business starts with a business concept/idea and a name. Depending on the type of business it might require market research or not. It is also important to determine the legal structure of the business. Depending on the structure a business can be – 

1. Sole Proprietorship

2. Partnership

a) General partnership

b) Limited partnership

3. Corporation

4. S Corporation

5. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Singular And Plural Of The Word Business

The word business can be a singular or plural noun as well as a non-count noun. When we are talking about count nouns, businesses with “es” at the end of the word business are considered as a plural noun of this word. As a count noun (singular or plural) Business refers to an individual organization or organization that produces goods or provides a service. On the other hand, as a non-count noun business has a more abstract meaning; usually, it refers to the situation of the commerce – 

1. Business is bad these days.

2. Shanon majored in business.

3. Stevenson Smith studied business at Harvard, etc.

Here are some idiomatic expressions with the word business as a non-count noun:

1. Now we’re in business.

2. Don’t fool around with him—he means business.

3. You should make it your business to find out what really happened.

4. A lot of dot.com companies went out of business.

5. I didn’t ask him because it’s none of my business.

Some Common Misspelling Of Word Business

There are many misspellings available that people frequently use instead of the word “Business.” They are – 

1. Bussines – 10.8%

2. Bussiness – 8.8%

3. Business – 7.8%

4. Busines – 6%

5. Biasness – 4.1%

6. Business – 3.6%

7. Business – 2%

8. Other – 56.84%

FAQs About The Difference Between Business And Bussiness

1. How Many Ways Can You Spell Business?

There is only one right way to spell the word business and its “business.”

2. How Do You Spell Business?

According to the IPA phonetic alphabet, the spelling of business is [bˈɪznəs], [bˈɪznəs], or [b_ˈɪ_z_n_ə_s].

3. Are There Two Ways To Spell Business?

No, there is only one way to spell the word business. Though, the plural form of the word business has “es” at the end of it.

4. Are Businesses Possessive?

No, businesses are not possessive; it the plural of Business. The possessive form of singular noun business is business’s and the possessive form of plural noun business is businesses’.

5. Is It Business Or Business?

If you want to use the possessive form of the word then you have to use businesses. But if the sentence requires a singular noun then you have to use “business”.

6. Where Does The Apostrophe Go In Business?

If the possessive noun is singular then you have to add the apostrophe + s at the end like businesses. But, if the possessive noun is plural then you have to add the apostrophe + s like this, businesses’.

7. Do Business Names Need An Apostrophe?

Usually, a business name doesn’t require an apostrophe. However, if the business name indicates a family business then you have to add an apostrophe to the business name, for example, Macdonald’s, Harker’s, etc.

8. What Is A Plural Possessive?

In plural possessive words, if the word ends with an “s” then you just have to add the apostrophe at the end of the word. However, if the plural possessive word doesn’t end with an “s” then you have to add an “s” at the end of that word and then you have to add the apostrophe.

9. What Is The Plural Possessive Of Business?

The plural noun of business is businesses, so the plural possessive of Business is businesses’.

10. What Is Another Word For Business?

There are many words available that you can use instead of the word business. For example:

1. Company
2. Enterprise
3. Firm
4. Organization
5. Corporation, etc.

11. What Is A Short Word For Business?

There are two short words/abbreviations available for the word business and they are “bus.” and “biz.”               


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