Einthusan Business Model: How They Are Making Money

Einthusan Business Model

The main income source of Einthusan is Advertisements and premium membership fees. The business model of Einthusan consists of premium membership and free members. Premium members have a one-time charge of $25 and free members enjoy the service with ads. So, these are the two main income sources of Einthusan.

Key Takeaways

  • Einthusan is a very renowned South Asian digital streaming content provider of full-length feature films in on-demand superior HD
  • Einthusan streams licensed feature films from nine regional languages of India including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, etc.
  • Einthusan allows the members to watch full movies, listen to movie songs, enjoy short movie clips and so much more
  • Einthusan offers a lifetime subscription for only $25 that you can subscribe to when registering your account
  • With the premium account, you will be able to enjoy an Ultra HD streaming experience with 16:9 wide angle ratio screen

What Is Einthusan?


Einthusan is a south Asian movie website or portal that runs globally and allows users to stream free online movies that are not available widely. Einthusan allows the members to watch full movies, listen to movie songs, enjoy short movie clips and so much more. Einthusan is different from other movie sites because Einthusan not only features famous Indian movies but also has a collection of movies in different languages. This portal has a huge collection of over 4000+ movies in 9 different regional languages of India. Some key features of Einthusan are – 

You can watch high-quality full-length movies, video songs, movie clips, images, and many more on the website

1. Einthusan is a legal website with more than 4000 movies on it

2. Einthusan supports 9 languages: 

a. Tamil

b. Hindi

c. Malayalam

d. Telugu

e. Kannada

f. Bengali

g. Marathi

h. Punjabi

i. Chinese

3. There is a premium membership plan available in Einthusan that ensure a smooth watching experience

4. Einthusan provides the best servers for streaming movies and video clips online

Einthusan Business Model

The main two sources of income for Einthusan are premium membership fees and ads. Einthusan has minimized the cost by creating its website with open-source technology. It uses something like a JW player that doesn’t cost much. Here the main cost of Einthusan is the bandwidth cost that a site will incur regularly. Einthusan made most of its profits from video and banner ads that they have put across the site. Moreover, most of the contents of Einthusan are pirated hence there is no cost to acquire legal content! So Einthusan basically has a business model that keeps the cost down to a minimum and gains maximum profit from video ads, banner ads, and membership fees.

What Is Einthusan Premium Account?

Einthusan offers premium account service just like any other entertainment website. The key part of the Einthusan premium account is unlike other entertainment websites, this one doesn’t charge regular monthly subscription fees. Einthusan offers a lifetime subscription for only $25 that users can avail themselves of at the beginning. Here, you only have to pay once and get to enjoy the premium services for a lifetime. Some main features of the Einthusan premium account are – 

1. UltraHD Movies (1080p)

2. Enhanced Video Streaming

3. Extended Movie Collection

4. Download movies

5. Offline Movie Support

6. Wide Angle Ratio Screen .16:9

7. Highlighted Comments

8. 24/7 Email support

With the premium account, you will be able to enjoy an Ultra HD streaming experience at your home on your laptops, smart TVs, home theaters, etc.

Is Einthusan Legal?

Einthusan on their website declares that they only have legally licensed content on their website. But according to many online websites, Einthusan is openly hosting pirated content. The thousands of films they host are all copyrighted content. Moreover, Einthusan is banned in many countries around the world because of streaming pirated content on their website. But Einthusan advertises themselves are totally legal. So, whether Einthusan is legal or illegal can’t be answered directly.

How To Download Einthusan Movies

You can download Einthusan movies on your devices. Follow the below steps accordingly – 

1. First copy the required movie URL from the Einthusan website

2. Next enter the Video URL in the field given in any online Einthusan downloader website

3. Now click on the “Download Video” button

4. After that select, the format/quality, and your download starts

5. Once you have completed the above steps your video will start downloading

FAQs About Einthusan Business Model: How They Are Making Money

Is It Legal To Watch Einthusan?

Einthusan claims on their website that they have over 4000 legally permitted content from up to 9 local languages of India. So according to Einthusan’s statement, it is legal to watch Einthusan.

Is Einthusan A Good Website?

Yes, Einthusan is a good website for entertainment. If you want to watch Indian movies as well as various movies of 9 languages for free then Einthusan will be a great option for you.

Does Apple TV Have Einthusan?

No, Apple TV doesn’t have Einthusan.

How Do I Get Rid Of Einthusan Ads?

The cost-free way of stopping the Einthusan ads is to use the AdBlock plugin on your browser. If this trick doesn’t work then you have to buy the premium membership plan of Einthusan to get rid of Einthusan ads.

Can Einthusan Be Chromecast?

Yes, Einthusan can be Chromecast because the Einthusan app is Chromecast ready!                          


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