Can I Use A Debit Card As A Security Deposit For Hertz Car Rental?

Use A Debit Card As A Security Deposit For Hertz Car Rental

The Hertz car rental is a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. and it is an American car rental company based in Estero, Florida. This company operates approximately 12,000 corporate and franchisee locations, both domestically and internationally. If you are wondering whether you can use a debit card as a security deposit for Hertz car rental then keep reading the article. 

If you closely check Hertz’s rental policy then you will see that Hertz accepts both credit and debit cards as a security deposit. At the time of renting a Hertz car, you have to present a current driver’s license and a valid major credit card or debit card that has the renter’s own name and available credit. Hertz Car Rental accepts debit cards under a VISA, MasterCard, and Discover logo, and the debit card must draw funds directly from the cardholder’s account.

How Much Does Hertz Hold As A Security Deposit?

When you use your debit or credit card to book Hertz rental card, then your card will be charged a hold of up to $200 plus estimated rental charges. The total amount will be frozen until your credit card company returns it. Once you return the car to Hertz, the company will charge your card for the total amount due. After that, the credit card company will release that authorization hold. Moreover, Hertz might put an additional hold on your card if you don’t return the car on time. Usually, the deposit held in your credit/debit card will be the total estimated rental expenses plus the following amounts:

Vehicle GroupDeposit
Nissan March or similarUSD 900.00
Hyundai i20 or similarUSD 900.00
Toyota Corolla or similarUSD 900.00
Nissan Kicks or similarUSD 2,000.00
Toyota Camry or similarUSD 2,000.00
Toyota Innova or similarUSD 2,000.00
Chrysler 300USD 3,000.00
Toyota Hiace High Roof or similarUSD 2,000.00
Nissan NV2500 or similarUSD 2,000.00
Toyota Hiace Low Roof or similarUSD 2,000.00
Jeep Wrangler 4DR HardtopUSD 2,000.00
Toyota RAV4 or similarUSD 2,000.00
Toyota Hilux Pick Up or similarUSD 2,000.00
Toyota 4Runner or similarUSD 2,000.00
Ford Bronco or similarUSD 2,000.00
Jeep Wrangler or similarUSD 2,000.00

When Does Hertz Return The Security Deposit?

After returning the car, Hertz will refund your security deposit in full depending on the condition of the car, return time, and the appropriate amount of fuel. Moreover, when you will receive the security deposit also depends on how you have paid the deposit money. Here, Hertz has nothing to do with the length of returning the security deposit.

If you rent with a credit card then Hertz will put a hold on your account for the full cost of the rental plus the security deposit. Once you return the car, Hertz will charge the full amount of the rental and will release the hold on the deposit within 24 hours. For example, if you rent a car that will cost you $300 and the security deposit is $100 then hertz will put a hold of $400 on your credit card. When you return the car, your credit card will be billed $300 and you would receive the $100 back within a day.

On the other hand, if you use your debit card for renting cars from Hertz then Hertz will put a hold on your bank account which is tied to the debit card. When you sign the agreement paper, it gives the rental car company the right to withdraw the amount of the security deposit from your bank account to cover late fees or damage repair. Renting with a debit card is quite similar to renting with a credit card but you have to go through some extra steps. If you want to rent a car with a debit card then you have to provide two forms of identification, and airport rentals require you to show a return airline ticket.

Moreover, you won’t be able to use a debit card to secure a rental reservation in certain cities unless it is already tied to the renter’s Hertz Gold Plus Rewards profile or an insurance replacement rental. These restrictions are available in the New York City metropolitan tri-state area, Atlanta, and certain areas of Philadelphia, Hartford, Connecticut, Baltimore, Boston, and Manchester, New Hampshire. You must have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the rental and additional deposit required for renting a car. Once you return the card, the deposit usually takes at least 24-hours to return to the account. However, you should know that depending on the bank it might take 5 to 10 days for the funds to become available in your bank account.

You can also rent a car with cash but you will need extra paperwork and advance planning in addition to the upfront deposit of $500. If you made the deposit with cash then you will get your deposit back instantly if the counter has cash available.

Requirements To Use Debit Cards To Qualify For A Rental

If you have a VISA, MasterCard, and Discover logo debit card, then you have to fulfill some requirements and they are – 

1. At the Hertz Airport locations, you have to provide proof of a return airline flight to coincide with the rental and present two (2) valid forms of identification

2. At the corporate-owned Hertz Local Edition locations, you can use the debit card at the start of a rental. In order to qualify for a rental using a debit card, you have to make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance of the rental pick up date

3. You must be at least 25 years old and should have a Corporate Discount Plan (CDP) number listed in the reservation

Moreover, you have to meet all age, driver, and credit requirements but there are some exceptions – 

1. You can use a Debit Card if it is already included in your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards profile

2. Debit cards are not accepted for premium cars like Tesla, Dream Cars, and Adrenaline Cars

3. Debit cards are not accepted for Prepaid rentals, so you have to use a major credit card

FAQs About Can I Use A Debit Card As A Security Deposit For Hertz Car Rental

Debit Card As A Security Deposit For Hertz Car Rental

What Car Rental Companies Accept Debit Cards For Deposits?

There are many car rental companies available that accept debit cards. They are – 

1. Enterprise

2. Dollar

3. Alamo

4. Hertz

5. Avis

6. Budget

7. Sixt

8. National

Does Hertz Always Charge A Deposit?

Hertz always charges a deposit. When you rent a car, Hertz puts a hold on your account for the full cost of the rental plus the security deposit. After returning the car, Hertz will release your deposit amount and you will get it within 24 hours.

Can I Pick Up A Rental Car With A Debit Card?

The answer to this question depends on the company where you are renting the car. For example, Hertz allows debit cards that have American Express, Visa, or Mastercard logos on them. Moreover, the debit card must link with a bank account that is associated with the renter.

Does Hertz Allow Miscellaneous Charge Orders?

No, Hertz doesn’t accept miscellaneous charge orders. It only accepts credit cards, debit cards, and some types of vouchers.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Credit Card To Rent A Car, Hertz?

No, you can not use someone else’s credit card to rent a car at Hertz. You have to provide your own credit card at the time of pick up. Hertz doesn’t accept a credit or debit card belonging to someone else for renting the car.

Does Hertz Take Chime?

No, Hertz doesn’t accept Chime cards of any kind. Hertz only accepts credit cards and some selective types of debit cards.



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