How To Close Ally Bank Account?

Close Ally Bank Account

Ally bank is a part of Ally Financial Inc. and it is a full-service online bank that offers competitive rates, low fees, no minimum balance requirements, and 24/7 customer service. The USA is a country with lots of banking options therefore American people often change their bank account if they don’t like the service of the bank. 

If you have an Ally bank account and you want to close the account then you have two options. You can either close your Ally bank account by calling the Ally bank customer care or you can close your Ally bank account by sending a written request.    

Methods To Close Ally Bank Account

By Calling The Customer Care Of Ally Bank

 Customer Care Of Ally Bank

1. First, you have to call the customer care of the Ally Bank on 1-877 247 2559

2. Wait few seconds and your call will be connected to one of the customer care executives of the Ally bank

3. Now tell the executive that you want to close the account you have with the Ally Bank

4. The bank executive will ask you some verification questions about the account to verify if you are the real owner of the bank account or not

5. You have to answer all the questions correctly

6. Once you answer all the questions, the executive will ask you the reason why you want to close the bank account

7. Tell the bank executive why you are closing your Ally bank account

8. After hearing your reasons, the executive will accept your request to close the bank account and he/she will take the necessary steps to close your Ally bank account

By Sending A Written Request

Written Request

1. First, you have to write a request letter to the Ally Bank

2. The subject of the request letter should be “Account Closure”

3. Include your name, account number, and the reason why you want to close the account on the request letter

4. Check all the information to see if all the information is correct and then Sign the request letter

5. Finally, mail the request letter to Ally Bank Customer Care, P.O. Box 951, Horsham, PA 19044

What To Consider While Closing A Bank Account

1. If you are planning to close your bank account then you should keep in mind the bank rules like if there are any closing fees, minimum balance requirements, etc.

2. If you have a certificate of deposit and if you want to withdraw the amount then you have to pay the withdrawal fees before the maturity date.

3. Before closing the bank account make sure you cancel all the automatic deposits with your old bank

4. If there is any automatic bill payment or other withdrawals connected to your current account then you should transfer all these transactions to a different account before closing the bank account

5. Depending on the bank where your account is, you can close the account online, over the phone, or by going to the local branch

6. After closing your bank account, get written proof of the bank account closure as well as all other necessary details from the bank

7. After receiving the confirmation letter makes sure you call the bank and double-check if all the processes are completed properly

FAQs About How To Close Ally Bank Account

1. Does Ally charge To Close An Account?

If you have a basic savings account in Ally bank then you won’t be charged to close the account. However, Ally bank might charge you for other types of bank accounts like money market accounts. Moreover, if you want to withdraw all the funds from a certificate of deposit (CD) before its maturity date then you also have to pay an early withdrawal penalty.

2. Can I Close My Ally Bank Account Online?

Yes, you can close your Ally bank account online. You can easily close your Ally bank account online or in-person at a local branch or over the phone; the choice is yours.

3. Does Closing An Ally Bank Account Hurt Your Credit Score?

The calculation of credit score depends on the information that is included in your credit report. So opening or closing a bank account won’t affect your credit score. It means you can easily close your Ally bank account without hurting your credit score.

4. Is There A Minimum For Ally’s Saving Account?

There is no minimum balance and no monthly fee for Ally’s saving account.

5. What Are The Contact Details Of Ally Bank?

The contact details of Ally bank are:
Phone Number: 1-877 247 2559

6. What Are The Fees To Close The Ally Account?

There are no fees to close an Ally saving account. But for other types of accounts, you have to pay fees. The IRA account closure fee at Ally bank is $25. You will be charged this fee when all the funds are removed. This fee is also known as the termination fee. If you transfer your partial funds at the time of closing the Ally account you will be charged $50 as a partial account outgoing transfer fee. On the other hand, if you transfer your full funds then you will be charged $75 as a full account outgoing transfer fee.   



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