How Does An OnlyFans Bank Statement Appear On Credit Card Statement?

OnlyFans Bank Statement

The thing is that OnlyFans only let customers willing to pay with credit card use their services. So when you have the OnlyFans app on your phone and you have used your payment card to pay for one of their services, then when your statement arrives the name OnlyFans would be written there to show you want you used your money for.

Key Takeaways

  • OnlyFans is a platform where people are allowed to share videos and photos with others
  • This platform has more than 50 million user profile and 450,000 creators profiles
  • If you use your credit card to make payments on OnlyFans then it will appear on your credit card statement and you won’t be able to remove it
  •  You still have to provide your credit card information to register an account with OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans have two types of accounts: creator’s account and the user’s account

OnlyFans Appearance In Your Credit Card Statement

OnlyFans Appearance In Your Credit Card Statement

At the end of every month, a bank user is supposed to receive an email that entails the statement of that account for the month, the statement would show every transaction that you have made for the month. When you receive your statement and you find an OnlyFans bill there, you shouldn’t be surprised because that is what you used the money for. The bill cannot be deleted from your statement because it is a part of it. So yes when you purchase a subscription on OnlyFans it will surely show in your bank account statement. Removing or deleting it from your statement isn’t an option. 

Fees On OnlyFans

The OnlyFans platform doesn’t allow you to enjoy their services for free so after you create your account on their platform, you are asked to put in your card details for payment purposes. Although some creators on the site allow free subscriptions, you still have to put in the card details for the registration to be complete. 

How Your OnlyFans Payment Appear On Your Bank Account

Your credit card statement given to you by your bank is supposed to show you the details of every possible transaction that you made for a particular period. The credit card statement would show all of them to you. Many people don’t feel good about the subscription because of this issue, but the subscription to this website is mandatory and your bank is supposed to tell you your transactions. There is no other method that can be used to hide the transactions from your bank. Every statement you receive is created using the signal you get from the company you are buying things from online. 

People shouldn’t be ashamed of showing their credit card statements to anyone because of this. Although it depends on the kind of family members you have because the OnlyFans platform is mainly for adult entertainment, this would raise some eyebrows. But there are also writers and influencers on the platform so many people could say that this is the reason they use this platform. 

Only Fans Users

The major OnlyFans users are the models, musicians, actors, physical fitness professionals, and influencers who make use of this platform so they could get paid. It is an entertainment site. Sometimes they receive money from their supporters each month or maybe get tips from their supporters every month. Also, there is a pay-per-view feature that gets them extra money. They do this by posting photos or videos of themselves on other platforms like Instagram and the rest. 

The money the creator is supposed to earn is completely disturbed because of the famous people joining the platform. For instance, they say that their money or earnings in 2021 reduced because most users subscribed to the account of famous people they know. The stars are at advantage here because they already have enough fans on their different social media platforms. They have more advantages because they do not have to hustle like the smaller celebrities for fans on OnlyFans. 

Joining OnlyFans 

Do you want to be part of the OnlyFans family? Well, you just have to go to their website and sign up. You can try signing up as a first-timer or you can just join the platform using Twitter or a Google account. Ass soon as the account is created, you would be taken straight to the account setting page.

Types Of OnlyFans Account 

There are majorly two kinds of OnlyFans account available for people. The creator’s account and the user’s account. The creator’s account is used by people who are only on the platform to showcase their talent to others on the platform. You can showcase your art and let people know the things that you can do. 

The OnlyFans Users are the subscribers on the platform. The creators make the users subscribe to their page so that they can see or enjoy the show that they are willing to let you see. While creating this account, you would need to give your payment details because OnlyFans require a subscription for users to enjoy. Your ID card also needs to be updated, all of these are done within 24 hours before the account gets approved and free for the user to enjoy. 

How To Hide The Only Fans From Your Statement

One hard truth is that you can never hide anything on your statement, whatever you do with your bank card would always appear on your statement. This isn’t something that can be deleted because the bank itself is enforced by the law to give out these details to every client. As soon as the signal is gotten from the site where you purchased from, they have no other choice but to have a statement of the transaction ready. It is like an automatic reaction. 

Some tips could help you avoid getting statements of OnlyFans sent to you, these tips don’t involve deleting the transaction or anything, but they might be helpful. 

A table showing the tips useful for hiding statements of OnlyFans

Cards How They Can Help
Virtual Credit CardIt is just like the normal credit card but this one allows you to buy the subscription by logging into the account. With this card, you don’t have to provide a merchant for your credit card details. 
Vanilla gift cardThe vanilla gift card might be something that you have never thought about but it is definitely a good idea for hiding purchases and transactions. It is made by Visa company and is just like every other gift card or debit card. It can be used for everyday spending. 
Gift cardBuying a gift card can also change the way you purchase your goods and services. All that needs to be done is to load the card with money and then continue using it. 
Prepaid cardsPrepaid cards are used just like ATM cards because you can use the number on them to purchase items and also when you slot them into an ATM, you can withdraw cash from the card account. 

You can get one free virtual card from most banks. They are mostly gotten via the app or mobile wallet. Virtual cards can help you buy a subscription or specific content from OnlyFans without getting your credit card charged. You can create your virtual credit card from a particular website. Some websites can help you get a virtual card for free that would help you buy subscriptions from OnlyFans without a charge on your credit card. 

The other method is by making use of a prepaid visa card. OnlyFans allow their users to subscribe with this prepaid card without having to add a credit card detail. Using the prepaid card gives you the confidentiality of your purchase. 

Does Free OnlyFans Subscription Appear On Your Bank Statement?

No, there aren’t any statements on your bank account that would show an OnlyFans transaction if there was no charge for the purchase. When you subscribe to a person’s page for free OnlyFans doesn’t charge you so the bank does not have any business with what you are doing on OnlyFans. Although you might be required to verify your credit card which will show on your statement because the bank is now involved. Although, some banks don’t show the verification of the credit card on their statement because there is no charge for the transaction. 

How Does The OnlyFans Charge Appear On Your Statement?

The credit card statement might write out OnlyFans or Fenix international. Several variations of things could be stated there but there will always be a description that says OnlyFans or OF on it. There is no transaction on the website that would not show on your credit card and indicate it as an OnlyFans transaction. 


Many people don’t like the fact that their OnlyFans transactions appear on their statement because sometimes they live with their families and just anyone can see the transaction details which is sometimes embarrassing because the site is filled with 18+ contents. 



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