University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate, Eligibility, Fees, Deadlines, Application Process, etc.

University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world and it has a rich history which also makes it one of the prestigious universities. The University of Oxford is a dream university for millions of students around the world. Therefore, it is very difficult to get admitted to this university. Moreover, lots of students apply to this university so the acceptance rate of this university is also very low. Below you will find all the details of the University of Oxford including the acceptance rate, eligibility, fees, deadlines, the application process, etc. Let’s check them out!

The University of Oxford has an acceptance rate of 14%. More than 23,000 students applied for undergraduate study in 2021 while over 35,000 students applied for graduate study. The University of Oxford has accepted around 3,300 undergraduate students from the 23,000 applications. So, it is quite clear that the University of Oxford has an extremely selective admission policy. 

Overview Of Oxford University

Overview Of Oxford University

Oxford University is a renowned research university located in Oxford, England. It is the oldest university in England and it doesn’t have a known founding date. However, some evidence showed that this university started teaching in 1096. The reputation of this university started to grow rapidly from 1167 when Henry II forbade English students from visiting the University of Paris. The University of Oxford consists of a variety of institutions, including 38 constituent colleges and several university departments which are organized in four departments. All the colleges under this university are autonomous institutions and they control their own members. Moreover, these colleges have their own structures and activities. There are more than 30 universities and halls that offer a safe and supportive environment for all the students.

University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate

Day by the day the University of Oxford is becoming more selective when it comes to student admission. In 2015, the acceptance rate of this university was 17.5% and in 2021 the acceptance rate came down to 14%. However, unlike any other university in the world, Oxford University has the minimum requirements to allow you to submit an application and even to read your application. If you are not able to meet the requirements then your admission request will be returned. About 80% of undergraduates and 36% of graduate students are from the UK and the acceptance rate for international students varies slightly each year.

Most Competitive Undergraduate Programs Of University Of Oxford

Program NameAcceptance Rate
BA/MMath Mathematics and Statistics5.8%
BA Economics and Management6.7%
BA/MCompSci Computer Science7.6%
BMBCh Medicine9.5%
BA/MMathCompSci Mathematics and Computer Science10%
BA/MCompPhil Computer Science and Philosophy11%
MEng Engineering, Economics and Management (EEM)11%
BA/MPhysPhil Physics and Philosophy11%
BA History and Politics11%
BA History and Economics11%

Least Competitive Undergraduate Programs Of University Of Oxford

Program NameAcceptance Rate
BA Theology and Religion47%
BA Classics46%
BA Music45%
BA Modern Languages and Linguistics45%
BA Modern Languages44%
BA Geology / MEarthSci Earth Sciences35%
BA European and Middle Eastern Languages35%
BA Classics and English35%
MChem Chemistry35%
BA Philosophy and Modern Languages35%

Most Applications For Undergraduate Programs In University Of Oxford 

Program NameNumber of Applications
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)2338
BMBCh Medicine1795
BA/MMath Mathematics1656
BA Law1566
BA Economics and Management1529
BA/MPhys Physics1405
BA History1127
BA English Language and Literature1058
MEng Engineering Science1040
MBiochem Biochemistry752

Least Applications For Undergraduate Programs In University Of Oxford 

Program NameNumber of Applications
BA Classics and English40
BA European and Middle Eastern Languages51
BA Philosophy and Modern Languages78
BA Theology and Religion92
BA Ancient and Modern History94
BA Physiological Sciences95
BA Modern Languages and Linguistics96
BA History and Modern Languages98
MEng Engineering, Economics and Management (EEM)100
BA Archaeology and Anthropology103

University Of Oxford Admission Requirements

University Of Oxford Admission Requirements

The University of Oxford allows the students to choose which course (major) they want to study and apply only to that course via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application. Therefore, different courses in this university have different requirements including admissions exams, submission of written work, competition of required classes in high school, etc. Moreover, you will also need specific results on your A-Levels, other UK equivalent, or international equivalent. For example, if you’re a UK student and want to get admitted with a Physics major then you will need A*AA on your A-Levels, with an A* on Mathematics, Physics, or Further Mathematics. So, basically, you need three A-Levels on specific subjects to pick Physics as a major. Generally, your application requirements include the following – 

1. Personal Statement about the subject that you want to study

2. References from your recommenders – teachers, etc.

3. Standardized Test Scores – English fluency and other subject-based entrance tests

4. High grades/GPA in high school with special course grade requirements as per department you are interested

5. Examples of written work (as per various department requirements)

6. Application fee

The basic requirements for international students to apply to the University of Oxford are – 

1. Details about previous qualifications and education submitted through UCAS application (for undergraduate admission)

2. Submission of University of Oxford Graduate application (for graduate admission)

3. Official transcripts along with certified English translation (for graduate admission)

4. Country-specific academic requirement

5. Evidence of financial support for at least a year

6. SOP to study in the UK

7. Proof of proficiency in English      

University Of Oxford Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of Oxford University are low despite being one of the best universities in the world. If you are a student from UK or Ireland then you have to pay £9,250 per academic year. On the other hand, if you are an international student then you have to pay £26,770 – £37,510 per year. Students outside the EU are also classed as Overseas and you won’t be able to get a tuition fee loan from the UK government. The exact tuition fees vary depending on the major you choose. Apart from the tuition fees, the living cost can be around £10,575 – £15,390 per 9-month school year. The leaving cost includes food, accommodation, textbooks, and other costs.

The University Of Oxford Admission To Top Programs

Program NameFees Per Annum (USD)DeadlinesScores Accepted
M.Sc in Advanced Computer Science33,000September 1Undergraduate honors in computer science or mathematics
No Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or GMAT scores are sought.
M.B.A65,489September 12 Years Full-Time Work ExperienceMedian GMAT score of 690
Median GRE score of 160 verbal & quantitative
M.Sc Financial Economics56,200Starting on August 2021GMAT/GRE: 85th Percentile & Verbal Scores in 80th Percentile
MSc Software EngineeringRegistration: 20,515Per Module: 2,900January 8Undergraduate in computer science, informatics, or engineering
No GMAT or GRE Scores Required
MSc Social Data Science35,246November 13 and January 22First-class undergraduate degree with honors in any subject
No GMAT or GRE Scores RequiredProgramming Skills in Python
M.Phil International Relations37,651January 8Research or working experience
Peer-Reviewed Publication
BA English Language and Literature40,480October 15English Literature ELAT
B.Sc Medicine45,411October 15BMATChemistry with either Maths, Further Maths, Biology or Physics
Bachelor Engineering Science48,155October 15Physics and MathematicsPAT
BA Biological Sciences38,211October 15Two from Biology, Chemistry, Maths or PhysicsBMAT
BA Human Sciences38,020October 15Biology or MathematicsTSA

English Proficiency Requirements For International Students

Test NameStandard Level ScoreHigher Level Score
OverallPer SectionOverallPer Section
TOEFL100Listening: 22Reading: 24Speaking: 25Writing: 24110Listening: 22Reading: 24Speaking: 25Writing: 24
Cambridge Certificate (CAE and CPE)185176191185
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English185176191185

English Language Test Score Exemptions

ProgramMinimum Score Required
English level GCSEGrade B or Grade 6
English level O-levelGrade B
International Baccalaureate Standard LevelScore of 5 in English (as Language A or B)
European BaccalaureateScore of 70% in English

University Of Oxford Undergraduate Admission Tests

TestQuestion TypeTimeSectionRequired for
Thinking Skill Assessment (TSA)MCQ, Long Answer90 minutes30 minutesThinking Skill Assessment Writing testEconomics and Management, Experimental Psychology, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics, Chemistry, History, and Economics
Physics Aptitude Test (PAT)MCQ2hrs.Physics, MathEngineering, Materials Science, Physics, Physics and Philosophy
Classics Admission Test (CAT)Long Answer1 hr./sectionLatin Translation, Greek Translation,Classics Language Aptitude TestClassics, Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages, Classics, and Oriental Studies.
Mathematics Admission Test (MAT)MCQ, Long Answer2 hrs. 30 minutesMathematicsComputer Science, Computer Science, and Philosophy, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics
History Aptitude Test (HAT)Long Answer1 hr.Based on a paragraphHistory, History (Ancient and Modern), History and Economics, History and English, History and Modern Languages, History, and Politics
Modern Language Admission Test (MLAT)MCQ, Long Answer30 minutes60 minutesCzech, French, German, Italian, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, Linguistics, Language Aptitude Test, PhilosophyEuropean and Middle Eastern Languages, Classics and Modern Languages, English and Modern Languages, History and Modern Languages, Philosophy and Modern Languages
English Literature Admission Test (ELAT)Long Answer90 minutesEnglishEnglish Language and Literature, Classics and English, English and Modern Languages

FAQs About University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate, Eligibility, Fees, Deadlines, Application Process, etc.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into Oxford University As A US Student?

If you are a US student then the minimum GPA requirement is 3.7. Moreover, if you want to enroll in more competitive courses then you will need a higher GPA than the 3.7.

Is Oxford University Better Than Harvard University?

Oxford university has a better world ranking than Harvard university. According to the “Times Higher Education” website, Oxford University ranked 1st overall while Harvard ranked 3rd in that list. So, according to the world ranking, Oxford University is better than Harvard University.

Is Oxford An Ivy League?

Oxford University is not an Ivy league because this university is located in England and not a part of the Ivy League athletic conference. But Oxford University is of the same caliber as Harvard, Princeton, or Yale.

Is Oxford Prestigious?

Yes, Oxford University is prestigious. In fact, it is the highest-ranked UK university. At least 30 world leaders, 28 British prime ministers, 55 Nobel prize winners, and more than 120 Olympic medalists have studied in this University.

When Can I Apply For Graduate Courses Starting In The Academic Year 2022/23?

The new admissions cycle for Oxford’s graduate courses, for 2022/23 entry, opens on 1 September.



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