What Does “Minding Your Own Business” Mean?

Minding Your Own Business Mean

Minding your own business is a very widely used phrase and it means keeping to yourself, and not bothering other people. On many occasions, this phrase is used to ask for respect for other people’s privacy. Moreover, “minding your own business” also suggests that the person should stop interfering in what does not affect themselves

Definition Of “Minding Your Own Business” From Various Dictionaries

Definition Of Minding your Own Business From Various Dictionaries

According To The Free Dictionary – 

“To not interfere in someone else’s affairs; to not pry or be nosy”

“An answer to a greeting inquiry asking what one is doing”

According To The Idioms – 

“Avoid taking interest in someone else’s matter”

“Refrain from interfering in other people’s affairs”

“Do not show any concern about the matters of others”

According To Cambridge.org – 

“Tell someone in a rude way that you do not want them to ask about something private”

According To Ldoceonline.com – 

“Informal to not ask questions about a situation that does not involve you”

According To Macmillan Dictionary – 

“Used for telling someone rudely that you are not going to tell them about something because it does not affect or involve them”

“Ways of telling someone to stop talking or to be quiet”

“To be doing the things you normally do, without affecting what other people are doing”

According To Urban Dictionary – 

“Stop worrying about stuff you don’t come up in. Stop being nosy about everything”

According To English Club – 

“Telling someone to stop interfering in things that don’t concern them, or to stop asking personal questions.”

Example Of “Minding Your Own Business” In Sentences

Example Of Minding Your Own Business In Sentences

1. I would like you to mind your own business and stop telling me what to do.

2. Please keep your kind suggestions to yourself and mind your own business.

3. My engagement is none of her concern; ask her to mind her own business.

4. I know how to deal with my problems. You better mind your own business.

5. It would be better if you guys leave me alone now and mind your own business instead.

6. For me, it’s always good to mind my own business. I don’t waste my time arguing with others in college.

7. I wish you’d stop interfering and mind your own business.

8. He also fired his lawyer and told civil libertarians to mind their own business.

9. His life had been well-ordered and reasonably happy, he thought, by minding his own business.

10. I asked her if he’d returned home and she told me to mind my own business.

11. She hoped he didn’t interpret them as telling him to mind his own business.

12. Then I felt a fool and decided to leave it and mind my own business.

13. He had not minded his own business as a man of seventy in New York should do.

14. Folks in Montana tend to value their privacy, to the point that minding your own business is considered a virtue.

15. I was minding my own business, sleeping when I heard something.

16. It has nothing to do with you and it was a private phone call so please mind your own business.

17. Harry really needs to learn to mind his own business.

18. Other than that, mind your own business, let me worry about my own safety 

19. Mind your own business and let others eat what they want

20. When in doubt mind your own business, don’t get involved in local drama

21. People really need to mind their own business or be more open-minded about the world around them

22. I think that if people would just mind their own business this world would be a better place

23. I was told to mind my own business and not to be concerned with the business of others

24. Do you think that I should confront them or mind my own business because they are friends and people are beginning to talk



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