Which Is The Best Australian Business Database Provider?

Best Australian Business Database Provider

There are many Australian business database providers available from where you can collect information about local businesses as well as international businesses. Some of the best Australian business database providers are Datajet, Listbroker, GlobalDatabase, LatestDatabase, DatabaSeserviceProvider, LeadFunction, MatchBoard, GetMailDatabase, GlobalB2BContacts, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • A business database contains information that includes business names, addresses, phone numbers, fax, email address, web address, etc.
  • If you are a business owner and have the right business database then you can easily target the right customer base and boost your business
  • Datajet is a very renowned business database where you will find the Australian business data list as well as the Australian residential data list
  • Listbroker is another popular Australian business database where you will find information about pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, residential Email database, trades persons database and many more

List Of Best Australian Business Database Provider

 Best Australian Business Database Provider

1. Datajet

2. Listbroker

3. Global Database

4. Latest Database

5. Database Service Provider

6. LeadFunction

7. MatchBoard

8. GetMailDatabase

9. GlobalB2BContacts

10. CoreList        

1. Datajet


Datajet is a very renowned marketing data provider where you will find the Australian business data list as well as the Australian residential data list. The business data list has over 1.7 million records and the residential data list has over 2.3 million fixed and mobile numbers. The residential data list is the perfect resource to target consumers either by phone or mail because this database contains information that includes phone numbers (landline/mobile), name, address, etc. The Australian business data list is available in two editions, standard, and premium. The standard version will cost you $350.00 and the premium edition will cost you $695.00.

Standard Edition Database          

1. 1,409,000+ Addresses

2. 901,000+ fixed phone numbers

3. 372,000+ Mobile phone numbers

4. 57,000+ Free call numbers

5. 59,000+ Fax numbers

6. 436,000+ Email addresses

7. 333,000+ Web addresses

8. 540,000+ Est. number of employees

9. 442,000+ Date business commenced

Premium Edition Database

Everything in standard edition and:

1. 404,000+ Contact names

2. 354,000+ Job descriptions

3. 504,000+ ABN details

4. 425,000+ Facebook addresses

5. 183,000+ Twitter addresses

6. 136,000+ Linkedin addresses

7. 141,000+ Instagram addresses

2. Listbroker


If you are looking for the best Australian business database then you can put your trust in Listbroker. This database is quite comprehensive as it contains names of the companies, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and website addresses. So with this database, you can easily offer your services via mail address, phone, fax, physically face to face. All the data are in the spreadsheet so you can access the data from your computer and modify it according to your requirement. Moreover, you can also use Microsoft Excel to organize all the information. This database contains information about:

1. Pharmaceutical Database

2. Advertising Agencies

3. Australian Consumer Survey Database

4. Residential Email Database

5. Trades Persons Database

6. Australian Investment Responders

7. Australian MIS/IT Managers

8. Australian Pool Owners Database

9. Australian Residential Directory

10. Australian Super Profile

11. Book Buyers – Phone/Mail/Internet

12. Business and Consumer Lead Generation

13. Australian Corporate Database

14. Agricultural Database

15. Accountants & Financial Planners

16. Pharmacists & Chemists

17. Phone Directory Consumer List

18. Business Data File Matching

19. Business Email Database

20. National Franchise Database

21. Occupational Health & Safety Decision Makers

22. B2B Email Database

23. Business Opportunity Seekers 

3. Global Database

Global Database

Global Database is a leading business database provider that is providing company information through their integrated workflow solutions. If you are looking for business leads, company information, financial information, credit risk, etc. then Global Database will be the unified platform to cover everything for you. From Global Database you can collect different types of data. They are:

Financial Information   

1. Up to 10 years Financial History

2. Profit & Loss

3. Balance Sheet

4. Company Debt

5. Mortgages

6. Auditors

Company Information

1. Company Type

2. Legal Status

3. Incorporation Date

4. Shareholder

5. Industry Classification

6. Registered Address

7. Country Origin

8. Trading Address

9. Industry classification

10. Registered Address

11. Country Origin

12. Company Phone

13. Company URL

Employees Information

1. Job Title

2. Seniority

3. Job Function

4. Date of Birth

5. Country of Residence

6. Nationality

7. Genders

8. First & Last Name

9. Employment

10. Work Email

11. Work Phone

12. Phone First & Last Name

Digital Insights Information

1. Website Traffic

2. Traffic Source

3. Top Keywords

4. Top Referral Links

5. Who is Information

6. Web Technologies

4. Latest Database

Latest Database

Latest Database is another leading marketing data provider and they have more than 300 million business (B2B) email lists and 400 million consumer (B2C) email databases from the worldwide country. You can buy an Australian email list from Latest Database because this database includes business and consumer email addresses of Australia. You can expect more than 95% accurate data from this list which is very high compared to other data providers. This email list includes business person and consumer person contact information.

Australian B2B Email Database 

  • Amount of Records: 1.5 Million
  • Listing Include:
    • Business name
    • Contact name
    • Address
    • City Zipcode
    • Business category
    • State
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • Website address

Australian Consumer Email Lists

  • Amount of Records: 7.6 Million
  • Listing Include:
    • First Name
    • Contact Name
    • Age
    • Address
    • Email Address
    • IP address
    • Phone number

Australia B2B Mailing Lists By State

1. New South Wales Business Email Lists

2. Northern Territory B2B Mailing Lists

3. Queensland Business Database

4. South Australia Business Database

5. Tasmania (TAS), Australian Business Email Lists

6. Victoria (VIC) Business Email Lists

7. Western Australia (WA) Business Database

5. Database Service Provider

Database Service Provider

If you are looking for an Australian company database, business database, consumer database, then you should check what Database Service Provider offers. This database is one of the most genuine data lists and with it, you can easily reach the top influencer of your industry. That means you can easily reach your targeted audience and offer your service. This is a great way to boost your sale and increase business profit. You can get the best quality mobile databases and email databases. All these data are categorized based on area, category, state, pin code, and city wise. Moreover, the database is in CSV, Excel, and Text formats so that you can easily access the database from anywhere at any time. Database Service Provider offers different types of databases including:

1. Mobile number database

2. International database

3. Email database

4. Salaried database

5. Job seekers database

6. E-commerce shoppers

7. Car owner’s database

8. Businessman database

6. LeadFunction

With the development of online marketing, nowadays businesses require a proper database to target the right audience and LeadFunction can provide you that perfect database. This is a leading database and digital marketing service provider which was established in 2016. In fact, it is one of the most accredited database provider companies in Australia. LeadFunction offers a wide array of email databases of various Australian cities including:

1. Sydney Corporate Email Database list

2. Brisbane Corporate Email Database list  

3. Perth Corporate Email Database list

4. Adelaide Corporate Email Database list  

5. Canberra Corporate Email Database list

6. Hobart Corporate Email Database list

7. Melbourne Corporate Email Database list

8. Port Augusta Corporate Email Database list

9. Emerald Corporate Email Database list

10. Swan Hill Corporate Email Database list

11. Mangalore Companies Email Database list

12. Kingaroy Corporate Email Database list    

7. MatchBoard

MatchBoard offers a solution for business problems by providing accurate business data and helps companies find new suppliers and clients. MatchBoard is a multi-award winner business database provider. Some of the awards they have won are:

1. #1 of Australia’s “200 Businesses of Tomorrow” by Westpac

2. Australia’s “Business of the Year” in the prestigious Optus My Business awards program in 2018

3. APAC Insider’s 2018 APAC Excellence Awards

4. One of Australia’s 100 Coolest Companies by Anthill

5. Finalist in the Innovation (SME) category in the prestigious ACOMMS awards in 2020

You can use the MatchBoard database to find suppliers to meet your business requirements by sourcing phone numbers, email addresses, business addresses, employee numbers, etc. MatchBoard offers category-wise B2B lists. For example:

1. Construction companies email list

2. Doctors email list

3. Real estate agent email list

4. Importer and exporter email list

5. Corporate business email list

6. Consumer email list  

8. GetMailDatabase

If you are looking for an Australian email database then you won’t find a better database provider than GetMailDatabase. You can take your business to the next level with this mail database. You can easily identify the right company/ person for your service and directly offer them your service via email. GetMailDatabase offers various types of Australian email database. For example:

Australian Designations Email Database   

1. Chief Technology Officer

2. Human Resource

3. Lawyer

4. Account Payable

5. Doctor

6. Engineer

7. Executive

8. Founder

9. Controller

10. Coordinator

11. Owner

12. Partner

13. Lecturer

14. Manager

15. Accountant

16. Marketing Officer

17. Administrative

Australian Companies Email Database

1. Business Services

2. Small Business

3. Advertising

4. Agriculture

5. Education

6. Construction

7. Accounting

8. Energy

9. Hospitality

10. Insurance

11. Banking 

12. Finance

13. Government

14. Manufacturing

15. Law Firm

16. Internet Service

17. Organization

18. Media

19. Software

20. Real Estate

21. Telecommunication

22. Retail

23. Supply Chain

24. Travel Agency

25. Mining


9. GlobalB2BContacts

GlobalB2BContacts is a renowned and trustworthy B2B email database provider from where you can collect Australian business databases of various categories. The database of GlobalB2BContacts will help you reach the proper B2B target audiences for your business. The Australian mailing database contains lots of information including first name, last name, contact title, email address, phone number, fax number, company name, web address, business address, state, postal address, zip code, employee size, revenue size, and many more. You can find different databases based on the Australian executive industry types. They are:

1. Banking & Finance

2. Computer Services

3. Telecommunications

4. Education Industry

5. Architecture

6. Electronics Industry

7. Chemical Industry

8. Agriculture

9. Food and Beverage

10. Environmental Services

11. Construction Industry

12. Automotive

13. Real Estate Industry

14. Pharmaceutical Industry

15. Law Firms

16. Utilities

17. Transportation

18. Software Services

19. Media Industry

10. CoreList

CoreList is renowned for supplying the most comprehensive list of Businesses in Australia and if you have an existing business then you can use their database to increase your company’s market share by targeting the right audience. CoreList provides a well-organized database so you don’t have to face the hustle of searching for new contacts and prospects. This database includes 581,741 contacts with email addresses so you can easily reach out to your potential customer via email. You will find various Australian database based on different industries including – 

1. Job Placement Agencies

2. Health and Safety Officers and Inspectors

3. Lawyers

4. Office Furniture Companies

5. Finance and Banking

6. Accountant Firms

7. Advertising Providers

8. Computer Stores

9. Stationary and Printer Supplies

10. Industry-Specific Computer Program Developers

11. Insurance Agents


1. https://www.leadfunction.com/australia.php
2. https://www.databaseserviceprovider.com/australian-business-database/

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