Recurly VS Stripe | Which Is Better For Subscription Business

Recurly VS Stripe

Over the years, online shopping has become more popular and the COVID-19 situation has forced people to do their shopping online. Therefore, the number of online shops and e-commerce websites has increased a lot. In order to process online payments smoothly and in an organized way, e-commerce websites and online business owners require a subscription billing solution. There are many subscription billing solutions available. Today we will discuss Recurly and Stripe; their features, pricing, compatibility, and which one is the best option for a subscription business.

What Is Recurly?

What Is Recurly

Recurly is one of the best pay-as-you-go recurring billing options for merchants. This recurring billing service is very easy to set up, integrations are quick and it is the best solution for mid-size and large subscription-style businesses. Moreover, it is a good option for businesses that are unable to buy a high-priced and feature-rich recurring billing solution for their existing customers. Recurly has only one pricing model and that’s the monthly payment. Recurly offers an enterprise-level platform for recurring billing management that is designed especially for subscription-based SaaS, Web 2.0, and Mobile businesses.  

Features Of Recurly

1. Connect Gateways and Merchant Accounts

2. Build Recurly Integrations

3. Import Current Subscribers

4. Plan Management

5. Trials and Setup Fees

6. Add-Ons

7. Multi-Subscription Support

8. Virtual terminal

9. Automated Communications

10. Coupons and Discounts

11. One-Time Transactions

12. Taxes

13. Invoicing

14. Metered billing

15. Intelligent Payment Routing

16. Recover Lost Revenue

17. Rich Reporting Data

18. Dunning management

19. Account Updater

Integrations Of Recurly

Recurly supports integrations with the below business systems and applications:

1. Webhooks

2. MailChimp Integration

3. User Roles

4. Salesforce

Pricing Of Recurly

Recurly has three pricing options. They are:

Core Package: The fee of this package is $99/month. This package is best for businesses that have only credit card-based subscriptions.

Enterprise Package: The fee of this package is $299/month. If your business has multiple payment options like a credit card, checks, and international currencies then this package will be a good option.

Custom Package: You have to contact the Recurly support team for this package. This package is the best option for businesses that process more than $500,000/month.

What Is Stripe?

What Is Stripe

Stripe is an online payment processing platform and one of the best credit card processors for online businesses. Strip allows its users to send and receive payments over the internet in a convenient way. Stripe is very easy to use and you can easily connect it to your existing e-commerce stores and websites. Moreover, Stripe supports ready-to-go integrations and prebuilt checkout forms so you can customize Stripe according to your requirements. It supports two types of payment, monthly and quote-based. Stripe is an end-to-end recurring billing service provider that is designed to accept payment online and on mobile apps. Stripe comes with other software that prevents fraud transections, manages revenue, and helps grow your business internationally.

Features Of Stripe

1. Embeddable checkout Add

2. Invoice support

3. Custom UI toolkit

4. 135+ currencies

5. Local payment methods

6. Global support

7. Secure payment info collection

8. Data security and encryption

9. Secure Dashboard access

10. Control payout timing

11. Like-for-like settlement

12. Transparent payouts

13. Real-time reporting

14. QuickBooks + NetSuite support

15. 24×7 support

16. Technical support over IRC

17. World-class documentation

18. Direct integration to card networks

19. Monitor and measure disputes

20. iOS and Android Dashboard apps

21. Roles and permissions

22. Client libraries and SDKs

23. Comprehensive testing tools        

Integrations Of Stripe

Stripe supports lots of pre-built tools, products, and extensions. They are:

1. Ronin

2. InviteRobot

3. Taxamo

4. Attribution

5. Sage Business Cloud

6. Amex Express Checkout

7. Visa Checkout

8. Masterpass by MasterCard

9. Revenue Recognition from ChartMogul


11. Plum Voice

12. ShipStation

13. ShippingEasy

14. SumAll

15. Pay with Bolt

16. LessChurn

17. Ramp Receipts

18. Zoho Reports

19. Thyngs

20. Raklet

21. Tactill

22. Easyship

23. Hall Monitor

24. Swiftype Enterprise Search

25. Chatfuel

26. Compass

27. Excel Rescue

28. Xplenty

29. Due Mobile Payments

30. AccountsPortal

31. Databox Analytics

32. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

Pricing Of Stripe

The pricing of Stripe will suit businesses of all sizes. It has a simple pay-as-you-go pricing scheme. Stripe doesn’t have any setup or monthly fees. You only have to pay when you will use the service. The pricing is reasonable; it’s a 2.9% + 30c charge per successful credit and debit card transaction. For other payment methods, you have to choose the vendor’s pricing list. Stripe also supports customized packages for businesses. You have to contact the Stripe support/Sales team for customized pricing.     

Which Is Better? Recurly Or Stripe

This is a bit tricky question to answer because both Recurly and Stripe are two different platforms. Here, Recurly is a tool for managing subscription billing, on the other hand; Stripe is a payment getaway. So which one you should choose totally depends on your business. You should compare the features, pricing, pros, cons of Recurly and Stripe and then choose the best one. Moreover, the price of Recurly is a bit high and it’s really more of an enterprise-level platform. So if you are just starting your business then Stripe will be a better option for you.



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